Saturday, May 01, 2010

when you are now officially over your third year in pharmacy…

boo-hoo. i realized so some of my friends are graduating this year. and no, that does not include me. sad, but true. however, i am already done with 75% of my journey, one more year. i wondered how will that time be (?).

thank you for my 3rd year in ukm. first time being part of organizing committee not only for “tung fang zhi ye” (sorry if my pinyin is wrong) and also “night of the venenum”, the only two dinner parties i ever go to every year. also, most memorable this year is the start of our thesis year. really appreciate prof thomas being my supervisor, despite me knowing what a busy man he is and that i really should not bother him with every little detail. also thanks to anyone who have listened to me ‘whine & complain’ about my research project.

anyway, thesis is one big fan nou thing that i won’t speak of here. let’s just say previously i took things too lightly without considering a lot of aspects as well as consequences :(

9 weeks of holidays = 3 weeks of doing work in hukm + 6 weeks of industrial training at natural wellness. haih, and you call this holiday?

well, my post-finals activities ain’t so sweet like previous times anymore due to the burden of THESIS. the only time we are free to go out is evening time, after we come back home from doing our respective work. sad, okay?


my roommate suzane’s bday is approaching soon – 7th May. couldn’t have a nice bday dinner with housemates only due to one go back home, and two busy with work, plus three busy with their own entertainment. this was a present from her lil buddy, lelia.

a2 a3

babi sia and i decided to have something nice to eat for dinner. it was so depressing seeing everyone going out to have fun to celebrate the end of finals whilst both of us end up cooping with our research projects. thanks to her indecisiveness (which she constantly blames it on her star sign again and again), i finally chose “sakura” restaurant at imbi.

a4 the only thing i always order here is either nasi lemak or nasi bojari. love the various choices of chicken, beef and prawns.

a5 a6

us with our meals. the portion is enormous.

a7 for RM23, it also comes with dessert – cendol with lots of brown sugar syrup. reminded me of jonker street ;)

a8 first time for kapit-ian to come here.


on the way to sg wang, we came across this shop and realized that one of our coursemates own a dobby shop. lmao :P

a9 en route to pavilion, we came across this well-known erm…i forgot what you called this kind of street performers already. can anyone help refresh my memory?

a10 a11

i forced babi to accompany me to forever 21 and cotton on, the only two shops i ever go to in pavilion. but there weren’t anything that really caught my eye. instead, we just cam-whore in the shop. rofl.

oh, but i did get a pair of feather earrings from f21. will post in the other blog;)

a12 a13

we had such limited time for shopping. traffic was horrible, took us forever to get to the city. when the shops closed, we had to leave.

a15 a16

the next day, again, after babi sia and carolyn lee finished lab, as well as myself finishing my work in hukm, we went to times sq. sorry we had to leave later than expected. i keep getting frequent headaches these days so i had to sleep after coming back. jam was horrible, as usual.

we had dinner at sek hou but not before buying some munchies at taiwan shihlin snacks as well;)

a17 carolyn got duped by sia to take this photo. kekekeke. we were at the sunglasses booth because i bought a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses. i wanted those i saw online, kononnya f21 was selling them but i could not find any when i went the day before. maybe sold out kua.

besides that, sia also went on shoes spree. i guess that is what happened when three pairs of your shoes get worn out at the same time.

i copped 2PM’s latest CD, “don’t stop can’t stop”. super chio okay? love my boys :D

also bought a pair of shoes. tee-hee. in my defense, two of my shoes were also worn out, the soles are practically coming out.


the next day, friday. after eating dinner with “seven dwarves” at setapak, maknae aili baybeh came over to plaza to ‘steal’ kpop songs from me. had to tease her with rain’s performance of “love song”. if anyone watched it, will know about the climax part of the perf.

poor sia, always left out whenever aili and i start gabbing about kpop. don’t worry sia, you are much more knowledgable compared to before.

these photos are proof that girls will not always be girls when they are at home with other girls. kekekeke :)

anyway, sia cannot go back to kapit this holidays because she had to do her industrial training here in good ol’ KL. don’t worry sia, i trust you will be able to survive this hardship time. i have more faith in you than you have in yourself. and don’t paiseh paiseh if you wanna come my house. my mom has already invited you already.


cLaRa said...

remove that photo la~ i have no image liao la~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

FIFIONA said...

ok boss....but u mmg gt x image pun lar...kekeke

Aili said...

oi, remove tat pic la...... ugly posture.... n can see clearly my hair is damaged teruk oo....

FIFIONA said...

ish dun wan la....ur posture not bad monk posture....ur hair not that bad la, i jz like teasing u about it...kekeke



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