Tuesday, April 27, 2010

when the clouds are in the sky, know that they are just passing by

Got to love that song, "Clouds" as mentioned in my previous post. Wah, are you surprised to see me blogging again? One day just after my last post? Tee-hee.

Because I had to settled repairs on my car, today is an "off-day" for me, because I had to sit at home whole day and wait for the mechanic to come. All alone at home. Not that I am not used to it, because some of you may know, I come from a super small family so I am always home alone (not Macaulay Culkin). But it is atypical because in Setapak, I live in a house with nine other girls, so yeah, for me to be all alone at home, is pretty unusual and out-of-the-ordinary.

The reason being? Four girls went back to hometown, three more went out shopping and one more little piggie went to lab to work on her "liposome". Lol.

Due to the current absence of my car, I had to take public transportation (bus) to my campus this morning (at freakin' 7am) to meet with my supervisor. It has been a while since I took the bus on my own. Felt a little lost, like a little lamb. Through this short "adventure" of mine, I realized how truly ugly Malaysians are, or more specifically, maybe just the KL-people.

Damn that lady. How dare she put her arm across me and block me from entering the bus just so she can enter the bus first? WTF? There were only 2 people waiting to get on the bus - her and me. She was before me, I know but she was busy enquiring with the bus driver. Common sense would tell you that of course I will walk past her and enter the bus first, right? I mean, c'mon. When I am asking something with the bus driver, I also will allowed others to get on the bus, not let the whole world wait on me. It seems like I am making a big deal out of something small. Well, maybe. But it is because everyone always tends to close eyes on rudeness like this, that everyone end up being oblivious and even more ignorant than before. Why not bring up this issue so more people are aware or know about it?

I know I am not perfect, sometimes I procrastinate on my work and come up with some lame excuse to cover it up. I know, but when I am aware, I try not to do it. Excuses are just another lame way to avoid taking responsibility for your actions. So imagine my fury when someone cancels on a pre-planned (mind you, we all plan this trip ages ago) trip because of the much overused excuse - no money. One more time I hear this excuse, I am going to explode. So if you know me, don't repeat this two words to me unless you are being humorous or sarcastic.

Yes, there it goes again. My procrastination. After meeting with my supervisor, I realized I have a lot in my hands right now. And I want to make it right before I begin my survey officially. They are all nagging me in my head, as I chose to blog rather than do my thesis. This is one bad habit of mine - procrastination. I must must must must must learn to SAY NO to this bad habit of mine. Clara is going to scold me for not doing on my thesis when she comes back. Although she is a year younger than me, I swear her actual age is about 50 years old. From her clothes and music sense, to her constant nagging. Lol.


yS said...

a kl people who is nt used to kl people...sounds weird...lol

FIFIONA said...

aiya, kl people are not perfect, just like malacca people also...



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