Sunday, July 25, 2010


Yes, another exhausting week has passed by. The highlight of this week is probably meeting the 1st years. This is the last year for us to meet the freshies already. Very glad that they have a system this year whereby the juniors themselves come to meet us so we can get to know them. The boys, especially, stand out for me just because they are so "sporting" and so funny, albeit few of them are so "blur" they mistaken me for another senior.

The best part? One of the juniors asked me if I have a blog. Omg, imagine my shock that actually one of them had came across my blog whilst researching about UKM KKL, no doubt.

I also went out a few times this week. First time on a Tuesday. Went to Jusco Wangsa Maju with Clara to buy some presents. For who, I will rather not reveal until the recipients get their presents.

Then on Wednesday, went to Times Sq / Sg Wang / Pavilion. At first went there
with Ai Li baybeh to buy shoes. OMG, she was like a small kid when she could not find shoes. Kekekeke. But luckily, she finally did. After that, Clara joined us later after she finished her lab work. We walked to Pavilion to watch "Knight and Day" as well as have dinner at Dragon-i because Clara was insistent on trying the "siu long bao".

The movie was not bad. A little slow in the beginning but then halfway and towards the end, it was really funny and exciting.

On Thursday, all the juniors and us seniors gather to meet the 1st years. The juniors, this year, I must admit, are better than last year's. At least they knew our names quite well and they are really friendly. The boys are also very sporting and talented. A few stood out for the wrong reasons as well. A little stuck-up. All I can say is be careful what you say or write, you never know who will find out. I think it was a little stupid for the girl to post her resentment towards the seniors on Facebook. I mean, does she think she is the only one in the whole wide world that has Facebook? Wrong move there and all the seniors will now remember her for the bad reasons. She did apologized, so be it.

Yes, and now we come to yesterday, Saturday. It was Hari Interaksi Farmasi. The last one for me. Every year, I never fail to attend it although at times it can be really boring. I got transferred to sports house Amaranth from Indigo this year.

We found some face paint and started having fun with it. Can you guess whose hands are mine?

Anyway, I am really glad Amaranth came up as overall champions. Finally, after 4 years, I am in the winning sports house. Kekekeke, although I did nothing to contribute except screaming at the top of my lungs cheering.

"Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration" - Thomas Alva Edison


yS said...

why Lucifer??? i think u are the lucifer btw~ = =

FIFIONA said...

ceh...i didn't really think of the meaning when i typed was just a name of a song that came across my mind...

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