Friday, June 19, 2009

sarawak act IX: swans in sibu, seahorses in miri…

And so, Day 5 arrives after a good night’s sleep at Ngiik Ling’s house. Kesian Suzane who had to sleep on the floor…so I gave her my blanket…

In the morning, we followed Ngiik Ling’s mother to markets. Yes, markets with a “S”. First stop is a humongous outdoor market, selling all kinds of meat and vegetables here.


I cannot believe that they wrapped up the live chickens with newspapers. No wondered Wei2 told me she was surprised that the chicken meat sold in KL are all slaughtered. I was so surprise to hear her say that. Since I was small, I saw mostly slaughtered chicken for sale in markets. Now I finally understood what she meant.

There were some oddly-shaped pumpkins and er, some kind of veggie as well (shapes just like a wulou, very auspicious I would think)

a1 a2

And then the 2nd market is another gargantuan indoor market. Here, we bought some snacks for our long bus trip to Miri later.

a3 a4

First photo is the City Hall of Sibu. I heard that S.H.E. came here to perform before. Second photo is the kolo mee which costs so cheap. Seriously, the food here is really cheap. Noodles only costs RM2.00. I have not seen that in KL for awhile now.

After breakfast, we packed our bags and left for the bus station, where we were to take our bus journey to Miri, hometown of Mei Chen.

a5 a6

Suzane with our bus. It was a bus that made stops along the journey to Miri, stopping at Bintulu and Batu Niah as well. Second shot taken at Bintulu bus station, one of our stops.

Needless to say, the bus journey is not exactly anything to rave about. It was about a 7-8 hours bus ride, and the bus is a little run-down. And the roads are not exactly smooth-flowing as well.

However, I have been through worst. The 14-hour bus ride to Lang Tengah was really awful. And then my 6-hour bus ride from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap with really really bad dirt roads in Cambodia. Besides, I slept throughout the journey to Miri, so no, it was not that bad for me.


Wild-looking trees in Miri

Once we reached Miri, Mei Chen wasted no time to be our tour guide. After dropping our belongings in her house, she drove us to two beaches.


Okay, actually I knew the name of this beach but since I am only blogging about it now, it has totally slipped my mind. Sorry MC! >.<

a8 a9

Moi enjoying the lovely beach view


Group photo. The number of people has significantly reduced since Kuching. Haha. Because NL did not follow us to Miri.

a10 a12

I LOVE the amazing sunset view in the beach. Too bad I did not have Benjamin’s RM3,000++ SLR camera to shoot this amazing scenery with. Had to depend on my Canon digital camera. Second photo is of people playing kites. It was a warm breezy evening, that day.

a14 Little crabs made these bead-like structures in the sand


Is this not a view worth dying for? It was even more beautiful in real life. The fiery sunset against the rushing waves…

a16 a17

First pic is taken of a gigantic mansion built near the beach. Does it not looked like a fairytale castle in the horizon? It is not very clear because I had to zoomed quite a lot. Second photo is an absolutely beautiful mansion, one of many here in Miri. Not only is the architecture and the enormity of it simply amazing but so is the pinkish blue sky that evening, being the backdrop of the “casa”. Ai Li, I saw so many “GU JUNPYOS” here. If Miri was more “happening” like KL, I would consider being married off to one of these mansion owners here. HAHAHAHA.


When we reached the 2nd beach, sunset became even more apparent here as darkness starts to loom over the beach.


The fiery orange streak of the sun is slowly fading into the ocean…

a19 a22

Roommates enjoying ourselves in Miri.

a21 a20

Haha. This photo I took of Suzane jumping looked a little eerie. 2nd photo is the lookout pier, with the huge rocks underneath. The sounds of the waves crashing against the rocks can be so wonderfully soothing.


There are many many gardens here in Miri. This is the first we went to, somewhere near the public library.


It is called Fan Garden because it is shaped like a fan.


Random shots of the garden.


Two seahorses making out in the middle of the pond


But we went to disturb them and then took pictures at another Chinese gate.


The library and me with the “readers”, logo of libraries…

-more in next posts-



Aili said...

haha... Gu Jun Pyo again... Dream up living in those mansion and married someone like Gu one day.... hmmmmm...

FIFIONA said...

how great if it was a dream that will actually come true....haha...

Nelson said...

Those tycoons enjoy themselves elsewhere in gold coasts, europe, north america etc which is nicer than the forever traffic jammed KL. Well, you can take daily flights from MIRI to KL if you want to savour ur J co. Donuts. =)

One cannot compare a town in Malaysia to KL, KL was founded earlier and KL was chosen as our national capital thus the development that follows.



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