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mini update: clothes i like (part I)

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I know I have not really been updating this blog with what I have been up to lately. Truth is, I am just too tired after working every day to wanna blog. I do go online to play Pet Society @ Facebook, read some blogs, watch TV and then straight to bed. Yup, it is pretty much a routine life like that every day for me.

Although it sounds very mundane and sombre, I actually don't mind this kind of life. First off, I enjoyed the fact that I am actually WORKING this holidays. Yes, I am working at my mother's company AGAIN this holidays for one month only. But this time around I am working in my mother's department and since my mother is the Head of Department, technically she is my boss.

No, I do not get any special treatment at all, considering everyone is under my mom. First of all, my mom works in Claims department, which is the largest department (with over 50+ people!!!) and then, I am transferred to the Third Party Claims section, which is the least important section, right at the far opposite end of my mom's desk. Hahaha.

I really like my job because it is so not stressful at all. Unlike my previous stint at Marine Underwriting dept where I had to learn to use the company's integrated system to key in marine policies. It was so so difficult and confusing, I made so many mistakes ok?

But now, all day long I just typed letters. Yes, letters to third party claimants, to lawyers, claim consultants and also to other insurance companies. Even though it is just letters, but there are many types of letters. And you cannot believe how many letters that needed to be typed!!! My mom needed extra help because the 2 typists are on maternity leaves so the Third Party Claims section is very far behind in terms of replying letters.

I can go on and on about my job here. I am glad that at least now, I have some knowledge regarding motor claim insurance, i.e. what I should do if my car gets knocked by another vehicle. I think this is really important since I have to drive a lot in Setapak and at least without my mom around there, I have a pretty clear idea of how to handle the situation and how to get my compensation. Of course, I hope I never have to encounter that situation, though.

Anyway, on a brighter note...another thing I like about working life is DRESSING UP. Yes, I know how bimbo that sounded but truth is I am such a shopaholic! There are clothes that I have bought so many months ago that I have yet to worn. So before my mom starts nagging me again, I pulled out all of those new clothes and wear each of them to work. But of course, I also wore a lot of those clothes that I have only worn once or twice as well.

It has been about 14 days of work and every day I wear something DIFFERENT to work. Seriously, 14 different outfits and none of them is like T-shirt or very casual stuff (because it is after all, a corporate company).

So, this is a collection of my morning pre-working cam-whoring photos:

-Week One-

#1: Pink and black skirt I love the material!!!! I bought it for CNY but now only first time wearing it!
#2: Purple rose skirt I absolutely love the rose print on this skirt. Also first time wearing it. Bought it during study week.
#3: Black vintage-like pinafore This one is second-hand...from my Mom. Lol. She bought it from Niichi but never wore it. It was a little too big so Mom altered it for me. 2nd time wearing it.
#4: Silver shift dress I really like sleeved shift dresses and this one is really cute, albeit a little baggy. 2nd time wearing it.
#5: Lavender tunic Bought it for CNY, wore for first day of CNY and now is the 2nd time. I really like the colour a lot and the sleeves is so cute!!!

-Week Two-

#1: Flowery Kimono I had this for a while now. I think kimonos are so flattering for any figure and this one is def my favourite!
#2: Gold-coloured tunic I bought this ages ago. Wore it for CNY and now 2nd time wearing it. I love the trenchcoat style, kinda reminds me of my favourite show, Gossip Girl.
#3: Blue dual-tone dress + black blazer OMG, I saw this in so many blogshops. This dress is so cute!!! I really like it a lot. I got it for only RM30 in the flea market. I have a thing for dual-tone dresses and when I saw this one, it really caught my eye (probably because of the colour) but problem is the skirt is a little too poufy. The black blazer is my current obsession. I just love the cut and it fits me well. I got it for only RM15 at the market as well!!! So cheap right? I wanted to buy all the three colours but Mom was there. Lol. I think it is reject stock but whatever, I am a slave to great bargains!
#4: Pink cropped jacket + black skirt The jacket I love, I think I bought it last year. The skirt is new though, my mom's second-hand again. Hahaha. It was a little too short for her liking so I became the new owner. (^^)

Besides working, I also went out during the weekends. The weekend before I started work, I went out with my mom and my aunt Wendy, who wanted to do some shopping before leaving for a 3-week holiday to USA. (Too bad she booked the tickets at the height of the swine flu alert right now). Other than shopping, I also finally had a haircut in 3 months!!! I didn't go to the saloon I normally go to, i.e. at Plaza Berjaya because it was closed. So I tried this new saloon called "Kimarie" at Sungei Wang. My hairstylist was very friendly. Keeps speaking to me in Mandarin. Hahahahaha. I guess my Mandarin must be kind of okay for her to talk to me so much. Lol.

#1: White halter-top Wore for the 1st time. I like this top a lot and apparently, so did my senior, who wore the exact same top (different colour) to Pharmacy Night. Lol.
#2: Yellow halter top + Grey sweater The top is from Bangkok, love the pop of colour. Sweater is 2nd hand from who else, but my Mom again. Hahaha. She never wears it, so I just took it from her closet. I love this kind of baggy-style sweaters.
#3: Wanted to show off my canvas bag that I bought in Miri. A bit la-la, but the print is so so so cute I cannot resist it ;) Also lurve the rose clincher I got from Bangkok. I really like clinchers a lot - black, red, light brown, dark brown, pink, white, purple - all also I have!!!

Last weekend, I finally had the chance to meet up with "Dr. Jessmine", before she returns to Kelantan for her 3rd year (USM). We did a little shopping for some formal clothes so she can wear for her clinicals but could not find any suitable ones. After that we went to catch a movie. OMG, can you believe, me, a KL native, who live here her whole life, got lost not only ONCE but TWICE in Times Square?

First was looking for Secret Recipe. I swear I know it was hidden somewhere but I forgot which freakin' floor it was on. Then I got us lost to the cinema. Instead of taking the escalator down, we took the one going up, looking for the cinema. Wtf right? I have went to watch movies at Times Square umpteenth of times and I freakin' got lost. So thanks to me, we were late for 15 mins, but luckily it is a Malaysian cinema, so when we got there, the movie has not started yet.

The movie is so damn funny!!!
  • I love Amy Adams. So preeeettttyyyyy (>.<)
  • Ben Stiller is actually kind of good-looking (~.<)
  • The monkeys/capuchins are so so so cute, esp the hugging poses
  • I laugh my ass of at the Darth Vader scene. Wtf? He called Darth Vader asthmatic??? LMAO!!!
  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Einstein boggleheads. HAHAHAHAHA SO FREAKIN" FUNNY!!!!
Yes, I really enjoyed myself in the movie but most of all, getting to chat with Jessmine. We talk non-stop...haha, especially about the kiasu people in our unis. I really had so much fun =)

-We had lunch at Penang Village : I had the Nasi Lemak-

-After lunch + shopping, we had some cakes in Secret Recipe-

Okay, before I end this really long post already, here are some random crap I just cannot get enough of:

2NE1: New girl band from Korea, touted as Female Big Bang (my favourite boyband in the world). I love listening to "Fire" all over and over again. Their style is so much fun to look at, although I will never have the guts to wear it.

Studded heels : I first saw the ZARA ones on and then I saw TheKookyThing selling a replica for RM89!!! So expensive!!! But I really really like these heels a lot ^^ (No I did not purchase them anywhere...still on the lookout for one...)

Zipper dresses : These dresses are a rage in blogshops everywhere but I cannot seem to find one in offline stores. I really like zipper details, this one is from Bunnynoo for RM59. Tell me, where can I find one?? I really want one!!!

-All links are on the sidebar-

This is such a bimbo post. Just count how many times I used the words "love" and "like"...*sweat*

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