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sarawak act IV: paradise at damai beach

I am working at my mom’s office right now so updates will be scarce. Working life is boring life. If not for the money…


DAY TWO – 13th MAY 2009

Day 2 starts with all of us waking up really late in the morning. We had a brunch of delicious Sarawak curry laksa, courtesy of Lelia and her mom. After that, it was time to hit the beach!

a1 In the morning, before brunch, Suz and I wanted to hit the jacuzzi but failed. Here is the girl who did not bring any slippers and had to wear her lovely roommates’ ones. Hehe.

a2 After brunch, yes, we went to eat LUNCH. Haha. It is no wonder I put on weight in Sarawak as well. Lelia’s mom was so generous when it comes to feeding us. Haha.

DAY 2 (KUCHING) What we had for lunch – cooling ais kacang, rojak sotong, rojak fruits and belacan mihun. Very yummy but I was too full to fully enjoy lunch.

a3 I was told this is Santubong mountain. I dunno if true or not. It was a long long journey to the beach. So nice of Lelia’s mom to take us all the way there.

a4 The Damai beach resort. It was here that we saw the first group of UKM mates, those that we saw in the plane and airport yesterday. They were staying at this resort.

a5 a6

Group photos of the beach-goers, although it looks like we did not dressed for the beach (except BB). Lol.


The All-Blacks – Mei Chen, myself and Ngiik Ling.

a12 a7

Taking photos with the chalets. It was a little too hot so we decided to wait it out near the chalets until it was more “shady”.


The five “monkeys” with coconut trees.

a14 a16

The chalet houses in the resort and BB, the explorer who picked up everything she saw in the beach. Haha.


See, we are so popular that we got snapped up by paparazzi. LOL. In the 2nd pic, we spotted the paparazzi already =)

Four of us went barefooted to the beach. Except MC and NL, so both of them took paparazzi shots of us.

paparazzi shot

Paparazzi shots, courtesy of MC and NL.

a17 Caught the 2 paparazzis in action, hiding under the shade of trees.

a18 a19

BB, myself, Lelia and Suz ventured out into the waves to take photographs!

a20 a21

Having fun with our shadows. It was a really hot day. The first two attempts kinda failed because there was no cohesion at all in our poses.


Third attempt, finally jadi. Me like this photo – saranghaeyo =)

a23 a24

The sceneries of the beach to my right (first photo) and to my left. What differences.


Finally MC and NL decided to join in the fun by coming down to the beach.

a25 Group shot! Yay damai beach!

a26 We failed miserably in doing the famous “jumping pose”. I picked this as my favourite pic because at least, our feet are off the ground, although mine slightly exaggerated.

how to do the best jump

A collage of our attempts in doing the “jumping pose”. I know most did not jadi, but I had so much fun being part of it. Should have seen our silliness in orchestrating it.

us at damai beach

This is a really funny video. The two essential things the very high-maintenance bimbo-like Datin Suzane must bring before hitting the beach – her lalat sunglasses and dermatologica sunblock…

*youtube link*

a27 Silhouette of MC against the sunlight.

a28 a29

NL the brave one, the only one who jumped across the small stream to the other side. Pics of her attempt and success. LOL.


BB and me enjoying it for the rocks.

a31 Dipping our feet into the cold water of a nearby pond slash paya.

behind the scenes More behind the scenes pics of our trip to the beach. Very enjoyable.

to be continued…


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shoot la u post up dvideo,btw,it's dermalogica hahaha...i mispronounced it ma..yo~
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