Monday, March 16, 2009

within 24 hours: this is what happened I

Boo-hoo, I am so so so unlucky that it is not funny at all anymore…


-I am writing this at 15th March 2009. Time now is 8am-

Last night after midnight, I walked back with a group of people who live in Plaza Prima. We had just came back from Pharmacy dinner, an event held in Prince Hotel & Residence. I was walking specifically with my housemate Wei Wei and my coursemate Wai Kuan. I guess you could say we were kinda walking at the back of the pack because we were exhausted and I could not walk really fast with my high heels on.

And then out of nowhere, someone grabbed me from behind. Before I knew what was happening, I noticed the hands were grabbing my clutch. I screamed and held on tightly to my clutch. However, the guy’s hold was too strong and he managed to snatched my camera away. Previously, I took out my camera in the bus and look at the photos and after that, my fault, I forgot to placed it back into my bag.

And so, after taking my camera away forcibly, I lost my balance (because I was wearing heels) and fell on my knees. I quickly got up and tried running after him but I saw him running towards a motorcycle, got onto it and sped off.

Fuck the bloody asshole. I hoped he ends up fucking dead in the street. Fuck fuck fuck him.


Very very upset – that was how I felt. My camera, the most expensive thing I had on, was stolen and what is left are cuts and bruises on my fingers and especially my knees (which now has swollen).

My coursemates who live in Plaza all saw me injured and frantic, told me to go back home first and wash up as they wait for the two guys who helped me chased after the perpetrator.

I got home, still very much upset. Luckily my housemates and roommates, who were more rational than me at that time, helped me wash my cuts and apply antiseptic, remove my makeup, and told me it was okay, and that better for an object to be taken away than me.

Alas, my coursemates came back and told me they waited a long time for the guys to come back but no one arrived. It was okay, I knew deep inside, they cannot get back my camera anymore.

I wrote this actually, firstly, as a warning that one should never ever let his or her guard down, doesn’t matter if you were walking in a group or you were right in front one of the busiest corners in Setapak – the mamak shop. Sometimes it is when you are least cautious, that is when something like this strikes. Let what happened to me be a warning sign to everyone. I don’t mind news about me and this incident spread across UKM KKL, as long as everyone becomes more careful after this. I would never wish for something like this to happen to anyone I know, and I hope it never will.

Also, this is a post of gratitude. I am so eternally grateful for caring people around me. Thank you very much to my roommates Suz M and BengBeng, as well as housemates Wei Wei, Mei Chen and Ngiik Ling who ordered me around and told me what to do as soon as I came back home, as well as going down in the dead of the night, to see if anyone returned with my camera. I could not sleep after what had happened and my roommates accompanied me, chatting with me until I got tired (or actually, Suzane got tired. Hehe).

I guess BB is right. After something awful like this happened, you know who your real friends are. Kah Hang called me to see how I was, just shortly after what had happened, Chye Teck messaged as well (I don’t know how the news spread so fast to KTSN), Yan Ying also messaged me later as well, and a call from Wai Kuan, who not only helped me when I got back home, accompanied me, but also called me at 1.10am to see how I was doing, even though I knew she was equally tired.

Kah Hang also messaged me much much later at 2am, as I tried my best to fall asleep but failed miserably:

“…hey fren hang in there oh, jus a cmera being grabbed away, nt d life…Don get upset by those god damned guy. mst get tougher than thm oh!”

Thank you. It is friends like all of these people that makes me humble in life. There is a lesson I learned before – to never expect anything in return from your friends. And for all of them to be so kind to me, I am eternally grateful and touched.

So that is all. My mom say to get my insurance claim on the camera, I need to lodged a police report, so later I will be heading to Setapak police station. Updates later.


Cherh Yun said...

Girl, you should thanks to the karma for teaching you a precious lesson but not taking your life away from the frightening lesson...
Every single happening is definitely a good lesson to learn...
Hopefully this would be vividly reminding you about taking good care of your valuables.

Let the snatch thief face his bad karma by one day..."Stay tuned" and see how he ends behind the bars~~~

FIFIONA said...

thanks for your support;)

Ice God UltraJino said...

usually they will stab u 3x b4 running away to make sure u cant chase them. next time kful lor.

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

FIFIONA said...

*sweat* jino i dunno wanna cry or smile at ur comment but thanks ya...

Soo Ee said...

Hey Fi, just read your blog... i'm sure you should be alright by now. It's true what your friend has said it's only a 'thing' that has been taken away not life... but becareful of yourself though... how's your knee now?

your friend

FIFIONA said...

my knees still under the process of healing...finish my analgesics but still feel the's ok though, I am used to the pain d...thanks for asking ya;)



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