Sunday, March 08, 2009

my A-5-5 housemates (^-^)

I turn my head to the east, I don't see nobody by my side,
I turn my head to the west, still nobody in sight,
So I turn my head to the north, swallow that pill that they call pride,
The old me's dead and gone, but the new me will be alright...

(“Dead and Gone” – T.I. feat Justin Timberlake)


Being in an experimental mode: The previous post’s pics were posted via Picasa 3. And now I am using Windows Live Writer to blog this post.


In A-5-5, my Setapak home, I am not the only blogger. My housemate Clara Sia and roommate Suzane Mah also blogs, although they are relatively new. Previously, they have blogged about “A-5-5 housemates” and now I have decided to copycat follow in their footsteps.


my housemates (12)

HAMSTER My name is Hamster and this is my narrative about my housemates.

A-5-5These are all my housemates. As you can see, we come from all different paths of life – We looked different, we come in different sizes, colours and species.

my housemates (10)

SUZANE JR. Suz JR. is the stylista of the house. Although sometimes she looks more like a “fashion don’t” rather than a “fashion-do”.

my housemates (9)

She is also really lazy. Always want people to carry her around. I have told her relentlessly that she needs to exercise and go on diets but alas, my words has had no effect upon her.

my housemates (6)

Secretly, though, between you and me, I think she has a crush on me.

my housemates (5)

PROFFESIR He is the genius of the house, although sometimes he can be very stressed out by exams. I always see him wearing his graduation robes so sometimes I wondered when is he ever going to graduate?

my housemates (11)

Due to his stress, he gets his studying energy from drinking ginseng. The way he drinks is kinda funny, maybe coz he has really short arms. Shhh…don’t tell him I said that.

my housemates (2)

LITTLE J @ KAPO He is the smallest among my housemates. Always very cheerful, I have never ever seen him sad or angry at all. Literally. Loves to drink milo. Looks like he is doing an ad here right?

my housemates (13)

See? Even as he is getting hanged, he is still forever happy. So annoying sometimes (=.=!!)

my housemates (4)

JAY CHOU Then there is our rapper wannabe, Jay. Other than practising his vocals and choreography, he also likes to read. I caught this photo of him as he looks through my Pharmalink magazine.

BACON She is very camera-shy so I have hardly any pics of her. I like Bacon although sometimes Fiona likes to throw her at Suz M. Well, cannot blame Fiona-lar. Bacon always gets thrown to Fiona’s side when she sleeps. Bacon reminds me of a flying pig (with wings!) whenever she gets thrown around.

my housemates (17) my housemates (8) my housemates (7)

My housemates and myself are such computer addicts. Always glued in front of our laptops. Luckily I am such a great multi-tasker, thanks to my 8 handy hands. Suz JR likes to chat online whilst Jay is always looking for music ideas online.

my housemates (15) Meetings and discussions are an integral part of this house. Often, we have to discussed many things to keep the house running or if we want to have birthday celebrations or etc. Although sometimes we have disputes, we always managed to keep our meetings running smoothly.

my housemates (16) See? We are a happy household. Suz JR is seen here patting our Little J. So cute (^_^)

my housemates But sometimes Little J also gets bully-lar. What to do, he is the smallest. Jay Chou very bad here, he don’t let Little J see the magazine with him and Proffesir.

my housemates (3)

This pic taken when I found a packet of Lexus biscuits lying around. Everyone were kinda hungry so we had a hard time deciding who should take it.

my housemates (1)This photo looks like Suz JR is dead right? No-lar, she is just sleeping. But I dunno why we were all so wuliao that day, observing her as she is sleeping. Fiona says that it looks like we were attending Suz JR’s burial.

my housemates (14)

Eventhough we all do not always get along but it is nice to know that we can all still live in harmony together. What can I say? We are just one big family, I guess. Now, as the exams approaches, I hope that we can all work together and study hard. Gambateh everyone!



  • Models: Hamster (Fiona’s), Suz JR and Jay Chou (BB’s), Bacon (Suz M’s), Proffesir (Ah Wei’s) and Little J (Ngiik Ling’s).
  • Photographer: Suz M
  • Stylists: Wei Wei. Mei Chen and Fiona
  • Location: Suz M, BB and Fiona’s room, A-5-5.


Suzane Mah said...

good job!ha...nw i cn link this post in my blog haha save my energy!!!!thanx o~
p/s:wey so cute la d dolls haha..especially my bacon *wink*

mel said...

fiona! this is such a cute post!

cLaRa said...

childish but kinda creative.. u really humuor.. haha

FIFIONA said...

suzane> hehe, glad u like it...but so little pics of ur bacon-lar

mel> thanks...i think the photos r kinda cute;)

clara> hehe thanks, but i dun think it is dat funny wor;)

Cherh yun said...

Although i'm a man (mmm, more accurately, a boy), yet i love this childish post very much!
Well done, Fiona!

FIFIONA said...

tq cherh yun but i think the photos did more of the story-telling than me^o^



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