Monday, March 16, 2009

within 24 hours: this is what happened II

Pls refer to “Within 24 hours: This is What Happened I” first…


-Time now is 9.15p.m., still 15th of March 2009-

This morning, my roommate Beng2, housemates Ngiik Ling and Wei2 as well as Wai Kuan accompanied me to the Setapak police station to lodge a police report. Ok-lor, just basic procedures but a bit frustrated at their poor services. Especially the lady I gave my statement to. I know, my BM is not that good. What do you expect when I have not been speaking much BM since secondary school? She actually fucking LAUGHED at me when I said, “lelaki itu lompat dari motorsikal dan datang dari belakang saya…”. She said, “Lompat ke?…*sniggers*…turun baru betul kut…”. Then I said in a slightly angered tone, “Kan saya dah cakap? Dia datang dari belakang. Mana saya ada nampak?” I hate to say this but, so so so dumb-lar the policewoman.

Then they make me wait to see the seargeant, who was supposed to interview me. This is afterall, classified as a criminal case. Luckily for all my friends there, who helped me explain over and over again the whole incident. So many BM grammar mistakes somemore in the statement he showed me. Anyway, to summed it up, making police report = memang a waste of my precious time!

Also, today more people showed their support. So nice of them all. Wei Han messaged me this morning, after hearing about the incident from Kah Hang. Mei Chieng, Tze Im, Jia Ying, Ai Li and Janice also dropped by just after lunch to see how I was doing (after hearing from Wei Ping). Everyone was really nice.

My Mom came this morning. Saw her at the police station parking there. When we came back to Setapak, she brought me to the clinic to treat the wounds on my knees. Doctor gave me diclofenac sodium (NSAIDS! Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs!), ciprofloxacillin (antibiotic) and others with no name. Haih…also gave me an anti-tetanus shot.

Just now my buddy, Cherh Yun dropped by for a while to see how I was doing. Told him about what happened since he did not know this actually happened in Setapak.

Thank you for all your concern, everyone!;)

Tomorrow I guess when I go back to classes, everyone will probably be asking. I am quite tired of giving the same answer, i.e. I am okay, I am fine, Nothing-lar but honestly, I don’t know what else to say but: Life goes on, I definitely will not let this incident stopped me from going on with my everyday activities. But I have learned my lesson. I will definitely not let my guard down anymore, even if I am walking with a group of friends, or even if I am walking in a busy area.


Sob…I am in the midst of collecting photos of me during the Pharmacy Course Nite. The first to send me one is Terev Dickxon. Hehe. Hopefully more people are able to send me some more;)

UPDATED: Thanks Chun Hong for calling after reading my blog (^-^)...


siedne said...

hey girl, hope you're doing better. you must be quite shaken! take care yah, and walk with guys all around you! make them walk slow slow! :p

FIFIONA said...

haih...too bad my place have shortage of guys...but i will be careful next time...thanks;)



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