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snapshots: memoirs of miracle

UPDATE: The week just seem to pass faster and faster…tonnes of work to do, plus I am just forever tired, and now I am already starting to panic about finals…


DATE: 14th March 2009

VENUE: Prince Hotel and Residence, KL

EVENT: Annual UKM Pharmacy dinner

So finally I am posting up photos of the very awful “memorable” night – our annual UKM Pharmacy dinner at Prince Hotel and Residence.

Actually I have been waiting for this dinner function because of one thing: I get to wear my new dress…LOL…ya I know…(^^). Bought this dress a long time ago from, actually, a very rude seller. Well I did not know it when I first bought the dress but when I wanted to change it for another size, the seller was so very rude.

Somehow the day just did not go as planned. Initially I thought I only need to do Wei Wei and myself’s makeup so we both planned ahead – 1 hour each for hair and make-up. We did not want to repeat the incident of the previous Course Nite when we were both the slow last ones. But of course, things never go as planned. I guess you could say it was my mistake as well. When Carolyn and Janice came to Plaza, I kinda assumed they only wanted to borrow the make-up products and they were planning to do it themselves. But they wanted me to do their makeup as well!!! So you can believe the panic I had when we only had 2 hours and 4 girls waiting to do make-up!!! I would be lying if I said I wasn’t upset but I don’t want to play the blame game, I just want to express myself here.

Although everything did work out in the end, thanks to my housemates. I did not like my make-up much this time around. I put too little powder and my liquid eyeliner was such a mess…it looks like one big blob of smudge. Imagine my horror when I look into the hotel’s bathroom mirror and saw I had huge panda eyes!!! Maybe this time I have learned my lesson: Ask and don’t assume. If I had knew beforehand so many girls were going for make-up, I would have told them to come earlier and not rushed like that day…I HATE STRESS…haih…


Waiting for our bus to arrive: Fiona, Clara, Carolyn, Sherlyn, Carol, Jan and Jane

And luckily the 4 of us managed to rush to the meeting point on time but OMG! We are the first ones to arrived!!! To make matters worse, our bus was so so so so late. I know it is not anyone’s fault but the bus driver but imagine waiting for 2 hours on high heels, sweating profusely and finally when the bus came, it was raining cats and dogs…sigh…so messy and wet…

So we arrive at our destination shortly after…I thought we were late since we waited so long for our bus to arrive but it turns out that all the Muslim men have gone for their prayers and we have to wait for them to come back before we can start. So yes, another 2 hours gone there, waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting…

Although the opening act was very interesting, much cannot be said for the rest of the night…Actually this theme of fantasy, although creative, seem at times to be a little like child’s play, y’know, like a kid’s birthday party theme. The idea is great but maybe the execution had a little problem.

The performances were, sadly, very boring because I simply did not get it. No siree, I did not understand any of it, and neither did those who sat on the same table as me. Sad but true.

Good things can be said about the food, though. Oysters were a favourite, so were the chocolate cake and lamb. Needless to say, I ate to my heart’s content.

There are not a lot of photos of me posted here because most of the time, I used my own camera, obviously.

When the night is over, imagine my surprise when I found out the bus catered to send students back to Setapak is shared by 2nd, 3rd and also 4th years!!! Wtf? Do they know how many Pharmacy students live in Setapak? I think there is roughly 100 Chinese Pharmacy students living in Setapak! Minus maybe about half who did not attend, can you imagine 60 students packed into one bus? Plus all the girls in high heels? Did they expect girls to be standing during the whole journey back from Prince to Setapak? I really don’t understand how the organisers think?

Also, I am sad to say this but I was a little disappointed with some guys who did not offer seats in the bus to girls who had on high heels. I guess chivalry is really dead and non-existent anymore.

And finally when the bus reached Setapak…well, if you read my previous posts, you will know what happened.

Needless to say, I didn’t enjoy myself at all this time around. Felt like a waste of time and money going for this dinner. And maybe if I did not attend this function, I might still have my camera…


With Terev Dickxon and Kwee Sze


Pic #1: The mafia gang of 2nd year Pharmacy

Pic #2: Janice with flowers and me with none…lol


Part of Table no. 20 girls: Myself, Janice, Lie Jin, Stephanie and Carolyn


Boys vs Girls: Janice, Wai Kuan and myself with Kah Hang, Wei Han and Ka Wei


Standing (L-R): Stephanie, Lie Jin, Carolyn Lee, Ban Lim, Janice and myself

Sitting (L-R): Mei Chieng, Tze Im, Carolyn Teo and Wei Wei


Standing (L-R): Jan Hong, myself, Ying Xiang, Gim Hui, May Yin, Yong Xin, Yu Siang

Sitting (L-R): Carolyn L., Jane Kong, Sherlyn Tze, Carolyn T. and Clara Sia


The notable people who followed the dress-up theme: Vannessa as a cute Jap schoolgirl, Raymelta as Arabian princess and Fidelia as a cute witch

-all photos here, although labelled with my blog url, are courtesy of ©Janice, ©Wei Ping and ©Kwee Sze-

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