Saturday, February 28, 2009

of cny eve dinner, jogoya and karaoke no.3

Female artistes' songs I am currently lovin' - "If you seek Amy" (Britney Spears), "Reach Out" (Hilary Duff), "Fly on the Wall" (Miley Cyrus), "Sober" (Pink) and "Single" (Natasha Bedingfield).

Haih...I am so in love with Seungri, the youngest member of Big Bang as he makes his solo debut in an a la Justin Timberlake video.


I was looking through my camera's memory cards and found some photos that I had forgotten to upload into my laptop. These are pics taken with my family on Chinese New Year's Eve, the must-have reunion dinner.

-the array of exquisite home-cooked dishes-

-minus my uncle the chef who took this photo-

Date: 23rd February 2009
Venue: Jogoya StarHill
Activity: Buffet dinner with roommate

A few weeks back, Beng Beng or BB, my roommate, had a BUY ONE FREE ONE meal voucher for Jogoya. Since both of us had never been there and we did not want to waste the voucher, we decided to head on to Jogoya on Monday night, after classes.

It was my first time attempting to drive to the Bukit Bintang area from Setapak. Although I can drive, I am absolutely horrible in remembering roads. Until today, I still do not know the name of roads, except roads that I lived in or where my schools are. Other than that, I am in a complete blur.

So after making a few wrong turns and U-turns, we finally made our way to Starhill and to the Relish floor where Jogoya is situated.

After paying RM114.40 for 2 pax (I was told by BB that it originally costs Rm101 per pax), we made our way inside. Eventhough the name sounds Japanese, I heard it was actually owned by a Taiwanese. And the food there isn't 100% authentically Japanese, as I soon discovered. There were Western-style, and also Chinese-style cuisine. So good news for the non-raw-food eating type.

-snapshots of me and BB throughout the night as we attempted to try all the food-

Good thing about the buffet here is that they do not charged you for leftovers, unlike Sushi Station. BB was so funny because she only like, took one bite of her food and then threw the rest away because she wanted to try all the food. But she only did it in the beginning, and she finished up all the food she took in later helpings.

-these are some of the food we tried. We could not managed to try everything because there were too much and let's face it, we both are not huge eaters-

We originally took the food pics for our other roommate, Suz M, who did not want to join us due to money constraint and her dislike of Japanese dishes.

-dessert! my favourite, yum yum! I once told someone I did not care what food the buffet offers as long as they have varieties of desserts!-

-secretly took this photos of how Jogoya looks like inside. lol-

-other pics of me and BB as we enjoyed ourselves in Jogoya-

We both also stopped by Pavillion to take some photos after we left StarHill.

-Pavillion is celebrating its 1st anniversary-

Needless to say, that night, me and BB ate to our hearts' contents. So much so that we both were feeling a little sick the next day.

Date: 25th February 2009
Venue: Green Box Sungei Wang
Activity: Karaoke session with housemates

My housemates and I had already planned have a karaoke session after the mid-sems week. Luckily, Ah Wei and I had no lab practical that day, so together with our Biomed housemates, we went on our first karaoke outing.

This is my third time going to a karaoke joint despite rejecting numerous invites before this.

-the five of us-

The reasons I seldom visit these singing joints is firstly, those who always invite me are Chinese-ed, meaning they will sing a lot of Mandopop songs, which I don't mind because I listened to them too. The only problem is that I do not know how to read Chinese characters, hence I cannot sing along. Secondly is because, I am so paiseh to want to sing in front of people, because to be honest, singing was never my biggest strength. Yes, I enjoyed giving critiques to those singer wannabes on "American Idol" but in real life, I can barely hold the mic and sing. So I always found my karaoke outings to be quite boring and a little wasting money-lor.

But this time around, I did enjoyed myself. Why? Well, firstly, I was not the only English-ed in the room. Hehe. My roommate, Suz M, is also a banana like me. So that made me feel not so isolated like previously. And then, the night before, Ah Wei helped me to look for pinyin lyrics online so that I would not be left out when they sing those Mandarin songs. Like me, Suz M also had a collection of pinyin lyrics so together, we both could sing almost all the songs they picked that day.

-a collage of our fun time in green box-

From the mesh-up above, you can spot me and Suz M holding up song lyrics. Lol. Then there was the "Sarawak S.H.E.s" -MeiChen, NgiikLing and Wei2; Suz M trying to give those very fake natural poses (she is such a poser =.=!!!) and those funny faces that Ah Wei always gives.

-yay!!! we sang for 3 hours straight!!!-

And so that ends my week filled with activities to relieve those stress after mid-sems. However, it was also a week burdened with so so so many assignments. So many that I keep forgetting who my group members are because we were divided into so many different groups for each assignment we had. Not to mention, those pain-killing lab reports whose results I have to modify type.

If you don't believe me, just go ahead and see the msn. Every of my Pharmacy coursemates will write something with the word "assignment" on their personal message. Haih...

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Ultraman Jino said...

next time if u have extra meal voucher, remember my part ya? thx a lot. doesnt matter jogoya or wat. as long as jap buffet!!!

FIFIONA said...

remember ur part? why le? macam lar u got anything to "yik" me pun

HoNg hOnG said...

i remember u went to sing k with me and tsu wern last time. was that ur first time??

FIFIONA said... u make it sound like a virgin or something

Ice God UltraJino said...

ini panggil kawan la... kawan is like a trade is it? i dun have benefit u wont remember me is it? jk haha

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

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