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cny 2009: days one to six and fifteen

I feel so guilty that I did not back-up my files before this. Now when my little buddy asks me for previous assignments, I had to borrowed from my coursemates. Lesson learned: BACK-UP your files!


I am going back to Setapak tonight. How fast time passes when one is not studying. But before I go back to school, I want to update my Chinese New Year 2009 post first.

Well, this year's celebration is no different than previous year. I had just one week break, but in that one week, the first six days were kinda busy (with lots of food!).


Venue: Grand uncle's house in PJ
Activity: House-visiting with the family on my late Grandmother's side. After that, movie with cousins.

-photos are taken in my uncle's house, just before we went together to PJ-

-like last year, cousins and me went to catch a movie. This time in Leisure Mall. We watched "All's Well Ends Well 2009". I thought it was really hilarious-


Venue: Grandaunt's house as well as my kau mo's side of the family in Serdang
Activity: House-visiting and lots of mahjong

-photos taken in my house and my uncle's house-

-my uncle and his wife whipped up a scrumptious meal-

-in one of our gambling rounds of blackjack where my cousin Deric is the dealer, all three of us girls (Vivien, Sher Li and myself) ended up with blackjacks and he had to pay double to all 3 of us. Can you imagine that, 3 out of 4 are blackjacks! What are the odds of that happening?-


Venue: Mid Valley
Activity: Watch movie with Mom

-Mid Valley is full of people and CNY decor-

Mom and I had lunch at Dragon-i, finally trying their very famous "siu long bao" and I must say, it was really good. I also tried their "la mian". Although it looks like a small portion, but as they say, looks can be deceiving. I was so full after lunch.

Mom and I took a look at their exhibition because I wanted to take some photos. I was particularly fascinated by the stall vendor selling antiques. The old-school Shanghai-esque advertisement posters were my favourite.

We watched "Bride Wars" movie. I guess I was too hyped up about the movie because it sort of felt under par, in my opinion. I was quite underwhelmed after the movie. I guess, all this wedding dreams and playing tricks on one another seems a little too juvenile and infantile for my liking.


Venue: Hou Hou Mei Curry Fish Head restaurant
Activity: Dinner with family

How we ended here was actually a misunderstanding between myself and Mom's part. You see, Mom wanted to treat the family dinner. Before this, she had tried curry fish head in this restaurant in Setapak and she enjoyed it very much but she could not remember what was the name of the place. And not too long ago, I myself had curry fish head in Setapak. So we both thought it was the same place. But it was not. So we ended up going to the same place I went for my Pharmacy 2nd-year reunion dinner.

-we also had yee sang, my favourite-

-after that, we headed to my uncle's house where I had more mahjong with my cousins-


Venue: Friends' houses and Kang San Ea restaurant for dinner
Activity: House-visiting with BF Classmates and then dinner

Thanks to Ah Len and Phon who planned everything, this year I was able to be part of the BF Classmates CNY celebration. We went house-visiting starting at noon all the way till night when we had dinner in Korean Village.

-kianti, eileen, soo ee, len yi, phon, li ling, waiyin and myself. vincent and phak hoe joined us for dinner afterwards-

So we went to everyone's houses with the exception of eileen's and soo ee's. Lots of angpows. Lol.

-in kianti's house, we entertained ourselves with "jinami" and karaoke-

Wanting to try something different, we had dinner in this Korean BBQ restaurant which serves really authentic Korean cuisine. Brings back memories of my 2005 Korea trip. One day, when I have enough money, I will definitely go back there again.


Venue: My mom's cousin's house in Gombak.
Activity: Dinner that my mom's cousin cooked on her own. She is a splendid cook!

My mom's cousin is a very good cook. I over-stuffed myself with her food. Played some blackjack where I only won RM2 after playing for like, 3 hours!

-Mom and I went purple. Haha-


Venue: My uncle's house.
Activity: Chap Goh Mei dinner

Whilst my housemates went to Tong Jieng restaurant for their own Chap Goh Mei dinner, Mom picked me up to have dinner in my uncle's house.

-the bevy of delightful dishes that my uncle and his wife so wonderfully crafted and decorated-

-and that marks the end of my CNY this year. Cannot wait for next year's!-

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