Saturday, February 21, 2009

the comeback: i was on a nineteen days hiatus

Recently my Mom went to a fortune-teller who said that I was not right for this science-based Pharmacy course as I was more inclined towards Arts. My opinion: I am a Scienart. Why can't we all get along now?

Yessss, I am finally back in front of my laptop and blogging. Have been itching to do so for such a very long time, not that there were much going on in my life during my short hiatus away from blogging.

After the one week Chinese New Year break, it finally hit me that I had an enormous amount of notes yet to be dissected and that is when I made a drastic move to not go back home for the upcoming weeks until my mid-semester exams are over. Bye bye television, bye bye radio, bye bye my internet line and bye bye my comfy bed. Hello to lots of coffee/caffeine every night, and sleep deprived nights. Yes, that was basically my student life, preparing for exams and trust me, I was not the only one.

I made a conscious decision at the beginning of this year that I would do my very best to improve my grades. No more procrastination and definitely no more last-minute studies. It was way too stressful last semester when I had to cramped everything in. Not to mention the fact that everyone else seemed so well-prepared except yours truly.

Hence, I did not blog ever since I returned to Setapak. Just finish my exams yesterday. Still a bit groggy from all the lack of sleep but cannot resist, have to blog!

Mid-sems was a killer. Very very very difficult, hands down. Period. No need any more elaboration. Now all I can think about is to really give in more effort for my finals in May.

Yeahhh...finally I finish uploading all my CNY photos. Will blog about it soon. Best thing about CNY? Getting to wear new clothes!!! I kinda set a record among my friends for the amount of brand-new CNY clothes, but it is only because I went on a shopping trip to Bangkok. Ok-lar, I admit I have quite a fetish for shopping. But so do most of the female population ok?

I realized there were some photos in my handphone that I had wanted to post but kinda forgotten. The collage above are taken in Setapak's Old Town Kopitiam. I think it was the Friday just before the Chinese New Year break. Out of the seven of us, only four of us remained in Setapak that day, yet to return home. MeiChieng, AiLi, WeiWei and myself. So we decided to give ourselves a treat that night and had dinner in Old Town. The girls didn't want to take pics because they said they were not dressed in nice attire. Just basic T-shirt and shorts, lol.

This was taken at the Plaza Prima carpark (except the photo on bottom left). When we returned home one day, Ah wei and I saw this newlyweds car with such a cute snoopy decor in the front. So what we do? Take photo with it lar, of course. The other photo was taken when ah wei secretly, without all of us knowing, went and dyed her hair. Gave me a shock when she came back. Last sem, she permed her hair. This sem, she dyed her hair. I wondered what she will do next sem. Only Tze Im and I remained as the "natural hair" duo, as we aptly called ourselves. We have never done any hair straightening, perming or any dye jobs as of yet.

Now, taking about carparks, it makes a really depressing topic for me. You see, during this three weeks time of absence from this blog, I encountered lots of problems regarding my car park in Plaza. The worst thing was the fact that the people involved were my very own coursemates. It is sad that sometimes, the most difficult thing in this world is sadly, not exams, but PEOPLE. Negotiating with people is definitely not my biggest trait. But thanks to Wai Kuan, Ah Wei, my roommates, BB and Suzane, who helped me fight for what I feel is my right, now everything is settled.

I hope those people I am referring to, do not read my blog. I am sorry to KS and her housemates. I know I said I wanted to rent their carpark at first but they were being so unreasonable and difficult to talk to that I think it was wise to not rent from them because I do not want any more akwardness with my own coursemates. I hope they understand and do not hold any grudge against me.

But I am definitely not sorry for YX and her Physio housemates. I am so sorely disappointed in these people for backing out on their words and making me go through such a troublesome ordeal for something that was obviously not my fault. All I can say is one is one, and two is two. Once you make a deal with someone who gives you profit every month, you just cannot back out on your words once you start the business deal. If you have anything to say, just say it before I give you money. How can you start coming up with all this terms and conditions after you took someone else's money. You guys may not be fat physically, but really fat liars.

But I am all over it already. I am glad they finally caved in, which I think they should have done right from the very beginning. If they did not, I would probably boycott them and blacklist them. It is people like this that makes my life so miserable. Thank you very much to Wai Kuan, my good friend who stood for me during this entire ordeal. I really feel guilty for putting her thru this.

Okay, now that I have vent out my anger, here is something totally on another note:


And by george, James McAvoy is so freakin' hot. I have wanted to watch this movie ever since I found out that James is in it. Then, Jagdeesh, my good friend, who is also a huge "Pride and Prejudice" fan (of the book, not the movie) highly recommended me to watch this movie. Tried to download it but took forever, Speedy don't have it so finally I just bought the pirated DVD.

Based on the life of Jane Austen, it tells of her own romantic love story, and the events leading to her writing one of the most well-known literary novels of all time, "Pride and Prejudice". This movie makes me want to pick up my own copy and re-read it again.

I absolutely lurve the whole English setting of this movie as well as the quirky dialogues and the original storyline. It also gives a sense of women empowerment as Jane was very outspoken and rebellious despite women during her time were condemned to be meek and obedient.

Right, one last thing. I finally changed my blog's layout and header!!! Yup, have to make my comeback somehow more memorable. But really, I would prefer to do an original layout like Denise but now is not really the time, as I am still very busy. Maybe during the holidays, I will finally take some time to go learn to design a layout.

Thanks to Ah Wei, the A-5-5 bloggers have caught the Picasa bug. I decided to start doing photo collages to minimised the length of my posts. Although it can be quite tedious, I am happy with the outcome. Me is satisfied;)


Suzane Mah said...

wa,i din rmbr so many stuffs happened ovr these past few weeks...hehe but u still gt over it ma haha...gambateh again lor next exams!!!!

FIFIONA said...

haih...i never want to go thru it again...ya c ya 2nite;)



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