Monday, June 13, 2011

hkl medical check-up

Shit happens sometimes.

This week has been my worst nightmare. I can easily blame it on bad luck and all but I know, that it is all because of my own fault. Because of my stupidness and carelessness. Every time I remember that incident, I keep getting angry at myself. How can I be so complacent and forgot what my mom had told me? Alas, what has happened had happened and I only have myself to blame. It is indeed a painful lesson TT___TT...


On another entirely different note, I am dying to watch Glee Season 2 finale tomorrow on Ch711. I know, it has been about 3 weeks since the finale. I missed it when I went to Taiwan and when I came back, I cannot access the online streaming site anymore. Damn. 

I have so many songs that I enjoy on this show. Recently, I remembered this song performed by The Warblers. I did not even like the original song by Keane that much and suddenly after hearing this on an episode of Glee, I am loving it so much. Yes, the power of Glee.


Today I went to Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) to do my medical check-up, part of the routine after receiving the offer letter to work in the government. There are many things that I was confused about so here I am just going to share my experience for those who may want to know beforehand.

Things to bring: Bring your medical report form and a photocopy of your offer letter as they will need one copy. Once you reach HKL, look for Wisma Kayu which is a relatively short orange building as it is where the medical check-up department is situated. If you have trouble locating it, try looking for the pink Maternity Building (Hospital Bersalin) first (Block G). Wisma Kayu is right opposite the pink building. 

The medical check-up department is on the ground floor. You won't miss it. Once you reach there, they will give you so many forms to fill in. One for X-ray, 2 for urine test, etc.

Kind reminder for ladies, if you are having period, you cannot do the urine test. 

Next, they will bring you to do the eye examination first. Today I had a rookie doing it for me and I am slightly upset because he seems so blur. After that, they will ask you to give them two urine samples. One for doping test and another for the biochemical test. For doping, you must hand in one urine sample to the medical check-up department but for the other sample, you must walk all the way back to the main building to the outpatient department (OPD).

At OPD, look for Bahagian A and hand in your sample to the satellite lab. Then go upstairs to the 1st floor to do your X-ray at the PDR department. Because you will need to change to hospital gown to do the X-ray, make sure you keep your belongings in a safe place or with friends and not with any hospital staff (because there was a notice warning the patients).

The only thing HKL won't do is the dental check-up. They will ask you to do at either government or private clinic. I did mine at Klinik Kesihatan Bandar Tun Razak which just took like 5 minutes.

However, for the other check-ups, HKL asked me to come back 10 days later for the doctor's appointment. 

The medical check-up dept opens at 8am and I would advise to come early. Today I came almost 9am due to stupid kl traffic jam and I settle everything within 1 hour. Did not even wait long. And I brought a book and newspapers with me to kill the boredom, which I did not even have the chance to touch.

So, now I have to go again next Thursday which means I have to take another day off from my Guardian attachment. Why so many things have to happen in June?


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