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my shopping habits 101

Final exams results are out but I just cannot bring myself to check it yet...I guess I am just delaying the inevitable...again...


My loot from Taiwan
My Taiwan trip is not bad. Although some places are a bit dull. I like Taipei the best, maybe because I grew up in a city. Anyways, shopping in Taiwan is awesome although Bangkok is still my tops. Too bad I was on a budget so I cannot get all the stuff I wanted. The style in Taiwan is a lot girlier than my preferences but I still managed to copped some really pretty stuff.

Hopefully I will find the time to blog about my Taiwan trip...:)

Anyway, feel like posting some selca pics. I don't normally do it in this blog since I am not really some kind of avid fashionista. I cannot afford to buy branded goodies as much as I would want to. But I like eclectic, quirky and one-of-a-kind clothes and accessories. Oh, and I love vintage stuff too. There is something so beautiful and classic about retro stuff. 

caged blouse, vintage bag: sg Wang | tutu skirt, vintage shoes: times sq  
Really like this blouse a lot. Must have worn it the most out of all my new clothes. There is this new area opened at Sg Wang 2nd floor called, "Fashion Runway". Prices are higher than the other shops but their clothes are totally in-trend. Another place I frequent is Sg Wang 6th floor, "T-Hop Zone" because they are also selling really unique and trendy items, like this bright peach and blue vintage bag. The best thing about this bag is the lock which is super cute.

cardigan: mom's | dress: Mango+Orangie | cincher: bangkok | quilted bag: hk |  flats: vincci | pearl bracelet: f21
I do online shopping a lot. And I mean, a lot. Sometimes I go overboard with it. One of my favourite items that I purchased online a while back ago was this pale pink dress because I simply like the design of the skirt. I initially saw it on another site but it was sold out. So when I saw it again on Mango+Orangie, I was ecstatic but a bit upset that it was at a higher price. But I still bought it anyways:) lol.

mustard yellow cardigan: jusco | toga top: Dressy Dresser | silver rosette skirt: diy | vintage shoes: times sq | vintage brooch: mom's
I had to post this pic of my new skirt which I absolutely love. Ever since I saw these H&M inspired rosette skirts selling online, I had my heart set on them but they were selling at exorbitant prices. By chance, I saw a pillow case cover with gorgeous rosette details on them selling at Jusco. So I bought it and thanks to my mom's great tailoring skills, she helped me sew the pillow case cover onto an old skirt. Ta-da! Not bad, no? Saved me a bomb and I love it:) Also love my mustard coloured cardi. Been searching high and low for one and so happy I found one!

Suzane the shopping queen
My roommate, Suzane Mah came and stayed over at my house for a week pre-Taiwan trip and we both have been on a shopping spree. Well, she mostly, as she wanted to get a brand new wardrobe of working outfits as she starts working next week. I am also surprised at the amount of clothes she got in this one week as she normally is the frugal type. Psst, really dig her blue dress and pink floral top:)

Lol. I am so excited about my Taiwan goodies I cannot wait to wear them soon!
  1. Assorted snacks: various places (mochi, dried mangos, sweet potato chips, green tea cookies)
  2. Black-and-white cardigan: Fong Jia, Taichung
  3. Polka dot dress: Shihlin, Taipei
  4. Camera pouch: Dream Mall, Kaohsiung
  5. Pink blazer (my fave!): Shihlin, Taipei
  6. Stamp with my Chinese name: Jiu Fen, Taipei
  7. Green jacket: Fong Jia, Taichung
  8. Pink hooded top: Taoyuan
  9. Purple vintage shoes: Fong Jia, Taichung
  10. My Beauty Diary masks: Dream Mall, Kaohsiung
  11. Bag (for my aunt): Fong Jia, Taichung
  12. Mirror (for my mom): Dream Mall, Kaohsiung
  13. Keychain: Dream Mall, Kaohsiung 
  14. Postcards: Dream Mall, Kaohsiung (I went crazy at the cute stuff selling in this shop
  15. Topshop-inspired heart stockings: Shihlin, Taipei
  16. Earrings (for my mom): Shihlin, Taipei
  17. Cute pocket purse: Dream Mall, Kaohsiung
  18. Coffee: 7-11, Ximending, Taipei (I just love their packaging haha)
P.S. There is also another shopping area called Wufenpu at Taipei that we went but I didn't see anything I like there. Still a must-visit if you are on a shopping trip:)

Closer look at my pouch (no.4) and keychains (no.13)
This was my Taiwan roommate, Clara Sia's loot - even more than mine haha!
I have been shopping a bit too much lately. Running out of money and also closet space so I am going to stop this obsession of mine for a while now. Found a lot of great bargains lately since I have been shopping on a very tight budget. Luckily in KL, there are a lot of options and great bargains if you take the time to hunt:)

1. Flats: Vincci (they were having sale! only rm25 per pair)
2. Stripes jacket: thrifted (only rm15 such a bargain)
3. Blue dress: sg wang (really like the colour)
4. Oxford flats: sg wang (in love with them)
5. Colourblock dress: times sq (only rm10)

6. Black blazer: thrifted (I have just too many blazers)
7. Pleated dress: thrifted (best bargain ever only rm8)
8. Black and white dress: thrifted
9. Black and pink bodycon dress: times sq

10. blouse with weaving details: sg wang (because I love the caged blouse so much, I went back to the same shop and bought the other one with similar design lol)
11. black rosette tutu: sg wang
12. grey trenchcoat/dress: leisure mall

New T-shirts from Uniqlo @ KLCC. Love my Big Bang tee!!!
Bright pink flats from Vincci sale
compilation of my latest buys online
  1. Brown printed blouse: Trend Reports
  2. Heart cut-out dress: Ugly Duckling Closet
  3. Pink dress: Mango+Orangie
  4. Necklace: Pretty Chique
  5. Swallows printed top: Wondiferous
  6. Mesh top: actually I bought it from sg wang but saw same one selling at Phat Culture
  7. Green dress: Emmy Cubic
  8. Mesh dress: Phat Culture
  9. Purple blouse: Daily Boutique
  10. Cupcakes dress: Girl About Town
  11. Brown bag (preloved): Jaime's Closet
  12. Scallop top: Seesaw's Playground

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