Wednesday, June 29, 2011

i am flying 4 times in 2 months...

Yes, I finally feel energized to blog once more.

I miss blogging wtf. I am such an addict. It has been some crazy weeks so far and I always came back home exhausted every night that blogging is the last thing on my mind.

Ever since I received the letter from SPA, I had to settle my medical check-up at a GOVT hospital wtf. That means HKL and its huge masses of people. Thankfully, I went to HKL bright and early for both days and managed to get everything settled in under 2 hours for both times:)

And to make matters worse, my two weeks training at Guardian was in June too. So after coming back from Taiwan, I had to apply one day leave to settle HKL and then go back to work, and then...wait...yes, I went on another trip again!

This time the destination was Tasik Kenyir, Terengganu. Company? BF Classmates, a name I use to represent my Form 6 Classmates at VI (coz U6BF was our class name). I had to take another 4 days off my training, for which I received severe consequences after I came back from Terengganu =(

Despite that, I had so much fun at Tasik Kenyir. More than I imagined actually. Honest be told, I am a 100% city girl and nature's not really my thing. I don't even know when and why I became like that. I grew up in my primary school days as a tomboy and I went camping every year! Somehow, I just grew out of that phase.

Ok wait, I got distracted from the trip =.=. Anyway, it won't do any justice just telling my trip in this post. I will post up the pics on the blog soon, hopefully tonight:) But facebook friends probably have seen them all. 

I just finished work yesterday and I learned so much, but not enough I guess. Because on my last day, I am STILL struggling to answer customers' enquiries. Sigh. But I learned so much about OTC products (their brands, indications, dosage, active ingredients) and most importantly, I feel, is the ability to deal and to communicate with people. I agree with Valerie: "The one thing they don't teach us at uni is how to deal with people". Honestly, people are the actual challenges with any jobs. Thankfully, most of the customers who come to Mid Valley are educated people who speak fluent English. And I feel most comfortable when it comes to speaking in English:)

Thinking that I will finally be able to rest after finishing my hectic training, in one hours' time I have to drive to Mid Valley to hand in my assignment to Guardian and then meet Suz M for lunch (I am so going to ask her to treat me because she got her first salary wtf). Tomorrow I am going back to school, literally, to UKM to settle my Pharmacy Board letter. And then this weekend another BF gathering (maybe, still in the plans). Oh, and one more week I am flying again! Lol geng le wtf. I am flying solo to KK, Sabah to meet with 7 dwarfs, my good friends from UKM. They will be heading to Kuching first, for which I am skipping as I went there twice already. So, that means I have to fly all by myself from KL to KK. Although I fly quite frequently, this is my first time doing it alone and I am kind of nervous. I will have to ask my sifus Suz M and Clara for preparation info.

Ah well, I have to go get ready now. I have so many new clothes in my closet it is about to burst. 

Have. to. control. shopping.

One of these free days I HAVE to re-organize my closet. 

Better post with photos next time:)

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