Monday, November 24, 2008

bangsar with roomies


Guess where did roomies and and the blogger went to post-exams?


Fiona is exhilarated because she has never went to Bangsar before (ok once, because her Mom got lost) and this is such a breath of fresh air than the usual Times Square and Sungei Wang. Seriously, the blogger is bored of those Bukit Bintang places, eventhough the stuff there are dirt-cheap (and of poor quality).

On 20th November 2008, Fiona and roomies took a monorail to KL Sentral before embarking on a RM10 taxi ride to Bangsar. The blogger wondered if they got rip off or not since she did not ask anyone about taxi fares prior to this trip.

Posing in front of Bangsar Village I. See their excited faces? Lolz

The unique ceiling centerpiece made from recycled plastic bottles

There were not much options to eat inside the shopping mall so they decided to go to Bangsar Telawi

After walking for a while, finally they settled on...La Bodega!

La Bodega Deli

Since the blogger wasn't hungry, they ordered just two dishes and shared. They had pasta and sandwich for quite a hefty price

After lunch, the three of them decided to check out the shopping scene in Bangsar Telawi since they heard there were many boutiques there

Walked in and out of many boutiques for about 3 hours but came out empty-handed. Haha. The stuff there were pretty expensive and they did not find any reason to want to buy any new threads. Some of the shops the blogger remembered going into were Oopsie Daisie, Gossips, Little Black Book, Six Penze, Rooso/EnvyMie, Mocha, Tea&Sympathy, Cats' Whiskers, Mooie and so so many more!

Before they left, they had to check out Bangsar Village II so they crossed the skybridge to the other side

So so many Christmas decor. Can you believe Christmas is just a month's away?

Roomies Suz M, the blogger and BB

They decided to have dinner before they go back to Setapak. Settled on this place called Chocolate Lounge. I know, weird choice for dinner;)

Inside the chic eating place

So many wonderfully-shaped chocolates for sale!

They ordered Chocolate fondue and smoked salmon crepe

Chocolate fondue was so so heavenly ok?

Enjoying ourselves with the sinfully delicious chocolate

Finally we had to make a move because the blogger had to go for practice...*le sigh*

(ok i dunno why but i just feel like putting *le sigh*)

The building decorated like a wrapped-up gift. Cute.

At Strudel's

The 3 of them were supposed to be leaving but then they spotted this cafe called "Strudel's" just across the road and since they did not get a chance to eat strudels for the first time back at Chocolate Lounge, they compensated by coming here.

Gingerbread house cake. Reminds me of Hansel & Gretel.

Their blueberry and mango strudels

A last trio photo - I like how our faces expressions are different - the blogger is happy&corny, Suz M is trying to be cute/sad and BB is seductive and cheeky

Finally they rushed back by taxi and then by lrt. The blogger's feet were so sore afterwards but still she had to go practice. Boo-hoo= (

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