Tuesday, November 25, 2008

wedding dinner@imperial china

So far during my 2 days hols, I have blogged and watched "Transformers". I am so lazy that my room and parts of the house looks like crap.
And I have not even packed for Bangkok yet.

On Sunday night, 23rd November, I attended my late grandmother's brother's son's wedding.

I did that to confused you guys wtf.

It was in Imperial China Chinese Restaurant, in Petaling Jaya.

We were late to the place because my Aunt Wendy somehow managed to spend time looking for every single thing just when we wanted to leave, thus delaying our time. Plus, it was raining heavily that night so yeah, chaos follows.

Lesson learnt: Always be well-prepared. Do not do things last minute. Somehow, I feel like I have listened to that many times before.

Anyways, like every Chinese wedding, they never start on time. So eventhough we were late, the event has yet to start.

The place was definitely well-decorated. Well, a little tacky for my taste, but nevertheless, it was a good ambience to look at as the wedding dinner proceeds.

Kind of a western influence there

One of the interesting things was definitely the slide show projecting lots of beautiful photos of the newlyweds. I wondered how much that costs wtf.

Later in the night, they showed a video of how the groom picked up the bride and all the torments the groom's entourage had to endure from the bride's entourage. Very funny;D

All of us were dressed to the nines

Mom wore her new jacket slash trenchcoat

Mom and me (not marley and me wtf lame jokessss)

Our table was right next to the stage so we could see what was happening most of the time. It is also a good spot to take pics. Of course, the best spot would be right in front of the stage but that was taken by the bride's and groom's families.

Obviously, I cannot complain right?

Cousins dressed mostly in black. Deric did not come because he wanted to study for STPM

The menu for the night

Finally the dinner started with all the waiters and waitresses carrying the first dish in a lights and laser opening act

#1: Special four hot & cold dish combination

#2: braised shark fin's soup with crab meat and scallops treasure

Halfway thru dinner, these 3 kids did a performance to one of Jay Chou's song. Puts me to shame with their cool moves

#3: steamed pomfret fish with king soy sauce

#4: traditional roast style suckling pig

This dish I did not enjoyed much. Sorry but solid&saturated fats and me do not get along very well. I watched Dr Oz on Oprah.

The newlyweds pouring out champagne for the inevitable wedding toast

#5: baked tiger prawns in two varieties

I like prawns but I hate trying to take out their shells.

#6: stewed "lingzhi" mushrooms with pacific clams and vegetables

#7: traditional fried rice wrapped in lotus leaves

The rice def taste great. Very yummylicious.

As with every wedding dinner, there is always a karaoke set to keep people entertained. Here my Uncle MF is giving it a shot

#8: Sea coconut with longan tongsui and desserts

Oh, and one funny thing that happened during the dinner was that the whole bottom part of my left black wedge came out. What a malfunction. Lucky for the straps on the shoe, otherwise I could not even walk.

Dinner ended quite fast actually, only 2 hours...

I finished uploading my birthday video, the first video I ever made. It will premiere tomorrow morning, or tonight if I am up to it:)

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