Friday, November 21, 2008

i got a butterfly

Pls excuse any English problems I will be having in my upcoming posts. I have abandoned my fiction books reading because of exams and now I am having frequent writer's blocks...*sigh*

Okay, since I don't have much time to blog anymore, I will keep this short and sweet;)

Thanks so much Rebecca! So awfully sweeettt of you!!!
"7. FionaFiona!! You kena this also, wanna know why? I love your colorful blog full of pictures!! I love how you mix and match the fonts of your blog, very interesting!"
Ceh, tak sangka still got people so nice puji my blog eventhough I write lots of crap.
Once accepting this award, the rules are as follow:
1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Nominate 10 other blogs.
4. Add links to those blogs on yours.
So here are 10 blogs of my comrades that I enjoyed reading very much. Although this award obviously carries no prizes, but I think it is a great way to acknowledge and show appreciation to these bloggers. Keep writing people!!!
1. Becky
I know many may think I put her blog because she nominated me but actually if she did not, I still would have put her blog inside this list. She is a schoolmate from SBU and VI. The reason I really read her blog is because of her interesting time studying Nursing at Gleneagles. Also, she is a very pious Christian and is very open and emo when it comes to her posts.

2. Mel
A schoolmate from SBU and then later a classmate in Form 6 BF, I have always enjoyed Melody's writings. Simple and very much straight to the point. Now studying to be a teacher in Jitra, she also gives a short glimpse of her life there. But she mainly writes about current issues and it is always interesting to see her point of views.

One of my good friends from BF and on his way to becoming a doctor right here at UKM. A fresh blogger (although he did contribute a few hilarious posts in BF blog) he always say he doesn't write well but on the contrary, I think he does, albeit a few grammar mistakes here and there. Already his first post has got me laughing:D

4. Nyrac
I have not actually met her in person. She is Chun Hong's buddy, a third year UKM Medic student now in HUKM. She writes very well and I enjoy reading her simple but interesting posts. A good insight into Medic life as well.

5. Siedne
A classmate from BF as well. Don't play play with her great command of English. Her blog opens up like a magazine, with numerous articles and sometimes it really feels like a literary novel whenever you read her blog. A very good writer. I believe she is doing Mass Com now.

6. Suz M
My roommate who is also a new blogger. A Biomedical Science student who came all the way to KL from KK, she has tonnes of photos on her blog. No surprise there since she loves to cam-whore. Seriously, LOVES cam-whoring.

7. Jino
A BFClassmate...Stupidly funny...and so gay wei...lolz. I like Jino's very direct posts, so direct sometimes it is just stupidly funny. But his last post kinda freaked me out. Let's just say Jino is a special of a kind...

8. WeiPing
Terev is a Pharmacy UKM coursemate who is also a fresh blogger. Visting his blog is like opening up his personal photo album. This "fashionable" guy really knows how to pose and he does something to all his pictures so everyone looks good in it. Ya lar, "something" which I don't really know how to describe because obviously I don't know how to do it.

9. Clara
My housemate and coursemate. Also a fresh blogger, her posts are short but very cute. She complains that her laptop only allows her to write in English (because there are no Chinese characters) so it is more difficult to express herself. But I think otherwise. And there are tonnes of photos as well in her blog.

10. BF BLOG!!!
Of course I must save the best for last. Maybe many will not understand this blog since it is really the place that links all my ex-Form 6 classmates, the best class that I ever had! I frequent this blog the most to check out announcements and my friends' updates. Seeing this blog makes me miss them even more. I also miss those times, well, except the torturous and stressful studying part. I am so glad this blog even survived more than a year, thanks to all the support from everyone!


Siedne said...

awww thanks for the recognition! feels great to know people read my stuff, hehe ;) and happy belated birthday!

Suzane Mah said...

wa, so cute,tak sangka u owez hina n pijak my blog oso u rela gv me d award,thanx o hahaha

FIFIONA said...

thanks denise;)

dear suzane, it's bcoz i had not much choices...haha;D



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