Saturday, October 04, 2008

damn that mother-chucker

Yes, I could not wait for Season 2 of GossipGirl so I downloaded. But not all coz my freakin' laptop is so freakin' slow! So I saw the first episode and fourth episode. Chuck is effin' hawtt (but so is Shia)

This one is for the girls.

Still fresh from last night's movie, here are some hawtt pics of Shia I found online. Lolz. There are tonnes of sources but I took these from Shia LaBeouf's myspace.

The guy is a Jewish, a smoker, a drinker and has three tattoos. But those green eyes are so damn mesmerizing...dammit! It is guys like Shia that makes me sometimes wish I was born in US of A. I hate to admit this, but I think there is a small part in girls that are particularly attracted to a certain type of male species feebly termed "badboy". Goody-two-shoes kinda guys (no offense, but this is the best term I can come up with that has a clear anatagonistic meaning associated with badboys) are dependable and responsible, but sometimes mundane in contrast with guys like Shia. Every girl wants some little excitement in their lives, whether they will admit it or not. And yes, like it or not, I admit I am particularly fond of rebels, some of my epic crushes have always NOT been the stereotypical prince charming.

I think I have been watching too much GG. I am beginning to imagine GG's voice as I am typing this post. Crap.

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Awww...this pic with megan fox is so cuteeee...*swoons*


Here is a question I have been pondering today: Let say A likes B but B doesn't like A. Would you tell A to give up or keep becoming persistent and continue going after B?

I hate to say this, but if a girl rejected you and you are still pining after her, then you are quite pathetic. Sometimes I just don't get it, all this fairytale romances shit have definitely poisoned some people's mind. Sometimes I just want to screamed "move on and get over this shit, loser" but I hate to give the wrong advice that will lead to unfavorable consequences. Fear has always been a person's worst enemy since prehistoric times. The way I see it, you will only attract a girl's attention if you are having fun and being yourself. But how to have fun if you are being such a pathetic loser?


Okay, emo crapshit aside, I have been doing quite a LOT of shopping. Not proud of it, since I am not the type of girl who has lots of free-flowing cash in her purse. But I just cannot help it. Shopaholicism it is. Hopefully I can save myself from going to therapy or rehab. So these are some of the stuff I bought ever since new term started, about three months ago. I cannot really recall everything I bought so I will just list out some of my very favourites.

Brace yourselves for a bimbo post. (And sometimes I justify myself as not being the girly kind of girl)

Shoes shoes shoes...coz you can never go wrong with shoes (well not always). And all these shoes were for RM20 each. I am such a sucker for bargains

Mom thought I should add more heels to my collection since I am so fond of flats

Bling bling sandals

The new BUM sneakers that I am ecstatic about

Earrings all from Momoe. I lurve earrings!

I got this tee coz it reminded me of the time when I had braces

Cheap tee for only RM15

Cool sweater...because I am a Queen. Lolz. Not a princesssss.

Bought these from a boutique all the way at Sg Long. So far, my fave formal clothes

Wore this to Val's bday party

Wore this to Lunch with wooying

This one I didn't buy. My mom bought it but decided she didn't like it after all. Hey, any hand-me-downs are still good clothes

Cute cardigan

The grey knitted dress that did not look good on the hanger but look cute (on me!...ROFL)

Ever since I got hooked on GG, I have been obsessing after dresses. They have such great-looking ones on set that I simply cannot help myself

Something that looks so manhattan-ish

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