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program khidmas experience / deepavali at mv

As some may know, I broke my camera's LCD screen. When I took it back to the shop for repair, they estimated it would take about RM200 for repairs. After giving me a lecture on responsibility, Mom reluctantly bought a new camera for me. I would have been more overjoyed minus the lecturing...

Last weekend, for three days I was stuck in a lecture hall at KTSN because of this:

Nowhere to run, but with plenty of food to eat.

This semester, I took an extra one credit subject, Khidmat Masyarakat. I am supposed to take this for my fifth semester, in third year but since this sem, I don't have much credit and taking this will give me more time in third year, what the heck right? Might as well do it and get it over with.

50% (don't play play) of our overall marks come from this projek simulasi.

For two days, I tested my strength, both physically and emotionally, just to accomplished the task given. Never had I felt so tired, so drained out that on the last day, my hips and thighs were killing me because I sat for too long on that damn concrete floor.

Before I continue, let me explain the task given.

It was simple enough. My 26-members group were supposed to organize a make-believe event from scratch. From all the paperwork needed, to banners and decorations, and finally a presentation at the very end. The presentation is basically an acting presentation. Either majlis perasmian, majlis penutup or a sketch of one of the activities involved.

In this simulasi, us pharmacy girls work together with PDR as well as 3 girls from JPD.

Carolyn, MeiChieng and YanXia

Friday was just a brief introduction and meeting between the members. It was Saturday when the real work begin. Luckily, we had seniors' previous work to use as sample, otherwise we will never have enough time to finish everything.

In the beginning, I was only in charge of writing the pengarah program's speech but after I finished that, I went to helped the publicity department by helping them to draw the PMFSKB's logo. Then I cut the letterings for the banner. Then I helped to arrange and stick all the letters for the banner. Then erase all the pencil markings on the banner. Then practice for our sketch. Then go to juniors' rooms to borrow props for sketch. Then practice again. Then help to check the paperwork before printing them. Then print everything on my laptop (but not my printer)And finally had to drive everyone back to Setapak.

Phew! What a day!

Back row (L-R): Me, YanXia, KweeSze, Janice
Front row (L-R): Carolyn I, WeiWei, MeiChieng, TzeIm and Carolyn II

Of course, I was not the only one doing all the work. Everyone helped to chipped in. We were all so tired that I am sure, if given a chance, all of us would have fall asleep there and then. But there were hardly any time for breaks in between. Everyone spend every minute trying to finish up all the work.

There was only one thing I was pretty much upset with and that is the fact that for some of our group members who live in KTSN, they managed to find time to go bathe and rest whilst the rest of us work 24/7 without any bath or rest. I feel that is unfair. Just because you live in KT does not mean you have special privileges than the rest of us. Also I detest the fact that some of them did work very slowly. The problem when you do work in such a slow pace is that when someone else gives you something to do, you will give the excuse, "Oh, but I have not finish my work yet." The question is, "When will you ever finish it?"

I dunno, I just find it odd that eventhough we have so many members, some of us still did so much work, more than others. Oh, and I don't like it when people say, "Oh, but that is so-and-so's department's work, not mine." Please-lah. My job was only to do the speech and yet I contributed to other departments as well. When time is running short, why still be so calculative?

The banner that I helped to contribute. I drew the orange letters without any measurements, which explain why there were not enough space on the banner - letterings were too big!

Our group, Khidmas did a sketch with our group leader, our pengarah program, Lee Wei as the main character.

Our group's make-believe event was a program lawatan ke rumah orang kurang upaya. So we did a sketch about how a blind man overcome all odds to become a famous musician.

I played a minor role as one of the naughty kids bullying him. Lolz.

The second part of the sketch was about organizing a drawing competition for the disabled. Some of our group members act as the disabled without any hands or legs. Ah Wei was horrible because she made me laughed so much^^

This is the Biomed 3rd year's group which was so funny because they did a kungfu-esque performance but they did not have any music so they just sang, "jeng-jeng-jeeeng..." (try and imagine the wong fei hung's song but with jeng as the lyrics).

I took this pic to show my housemate MeiChen what her buddy did. Her buddy is the one on the extreme right.

Pharmacy 2nd-years were divided into two groups. And my roommate, BengBeng was in the 2nd group. Here she is, playing one-half of the walking banner. We laughed because when the show was over, both of them walked off the stage, still holding the banner so it looks like the banner walked away on its four legs.

Also in the second group, WeiPing was part of the performance. Here he is "menyembah" the broomstick...ROFL!

The girl in red is my other coursemate, Stephanie who did some mean steps jumping in and out of the sticks. Later, Sze Wei joined her.

The group that was awarded the best performance was the Medic first-years. Surprise, no? Looks like medic students were not so skematic after all. But they def deserved it because they were so damn funny ok? They were so not afraid to make up spontaneous jokes along the way.

I still remember an excerpt from one of their unscripted dialogues:
Doctor: Tengok, di sinilah mereka dapat check blood pressure mereka. Do you
know apa itu blood pressure?
POA (Penghulu Org Asli): No
Doctor: Oh, you can speak English?
POA: Tak.

WTF??? LMAO!!!

Ta-daaa!!! Our make-believe buku cenderamata! And our make-believe departments. Can you spot me?

Here I am! Looking like crap;(

Here is our multimedia show done by PDR's Ten Yong. The sad part was that the hall did not have a projector so we had to play it over a laptop. But kudos to this cool video!

All in all, although it was a very tiring experience, I do enjoyed it. Makes me realized that planning an event is not easy and requires lots of work and support from everyone. At least now when I actually have to plan an actual event, I won't be so blur blur and actually have a rough idea of what needs to be done.

And that concludes my post on Khidmat Masyarakat.


On 22/10/08, followed Mom to her dentist and then pick up my mp3 player at Panasonic before having lunch at MidValley. Wanted to go home as soon as possible since still in my study week (guilt)...

Lunch - yummy japanese food i love japanese food wth

MidValley having bazaar for Deepavali

All decked out in Deepavali spirit

Lotsa deepavali decorations here

Stacks of colourful and all types of nuts

This is the lady from whom I bought indian sweets from. Like the candy, she has quite a sweet mouth

Me and Mom - Lolz I know me Mom looks like the part of Deepavali (and she did not even plan on it) and I look like a mess. Ya lah, have to rush off early in morning mah so I just grabbed first thing I saw and wore lor...T____T

Was at Jusco supermarket when I saw this inside the wine and liquor section - "Last year's hero could be this year's goat." LMAO

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