Thursday, October 02, 2008

mama mia! it's eagle eye!

For those who did (or did not) watch the recent 60th Emmy Awards delayed telecast, here is my favourite part of the event - the showdown between funnymen Ricky Gervais (British "The Office") and Steve Carrell (US "The Office")...I practically laugh my jaw off!!!! LOL!!!

Another youtube vid - Big Bang is Back!!!!! And more gorgeous than everrrrr!!!!


I know I haven't been updating these few days. Holidays are coming to an end, but my assignments are just only getting started. Yup, these are the sad consequences of procrastination. BWA-WAH-WAH!!!T___T !!!! Those freakin' bloody Pharmaco assignments are driving me mad!!!! I simply dunno how to do it. Serves me right for not listening attentively in classes.

Plus, I am so so so devastated because my loyal camera of a hundred and fifty years (sarcasm here) is broken! Literally, broken. There is a huge crack across the LCD screen now. BWA_WAH_WAH!!! T___T!!! This makes a good excuse for me not to go shopping anymore. I need to save money to buy a new camera...unless money starts growing or dropping from the skies or okay, I am desperate wtf

Despite not updating about moi, I did update the blog widgets and other miscellanous stuff. I deleted a lot of links since, either because the owner of the blog doesn't update anymore or I myself rarely visit those sites anymore.

This week had been pretty melancholy, what with myself feeling pangs of guilt every time I am tempted to go out. No siree, I am staying at home, finishing my assignments and refraining myself from shopping (I need a new camera T___T)

Btw, Selamat Hari Raya to everyone (eventhough it is kinda late already), regardless if you are Muslim or not. Because even if you are a non-Muslim, you still get a few days' off right? And this calls for a reason to celebrate.

Enough with the ramblings, and on with the updates.

These two days of Raya, I spend by going to the movies with me Mom.

On 1st October 2008, we went to KLCC to watch a movie of Mom's choice, MAMA MIA.

Meryl Streep was incredible as always, although I felt she kinda went too OTT at some parts. This movie ain't really an actual movie since the music conquer pretty much the whole airtime. You get talking for like 30 seconds and then they suddenly break into a 5-minute music scene.

But that it is the point of this musical slash movie right? The characters look like they have a lot of fun and at times you cannot help but enjoy as well when they sing and dance. And the location was absolutely breathtaking, especially the ocean.

Other than the fun singing and dancing routines, pretty much everything else is kinda crap. Sorry. Especially the storyline. Really, one more time I hear this poor son/daughter looking for his/her long-lost father/mother storyline, it is a just a bitching post awaiting. That has got to be the most overused storyline I have ever known in the world of movies and television.

Not all single-parent children are like that, mind you. I should know. Why bother searching for someone who has been missing for so long? Bygones should be bygones, y'know. I think the parent should be the one looking for their long-lost children. And why not? If the parent had any sense of responsibility, he/she should go search, not the other way around. Which is why you will not see me doing this absurd thing.

Speaking of absurdity, really, the costumes? Definitely out of this world. Too much, I tell you.

Other than all that, the cast not bad. Julie Walters, wow, she was in "Educating Rita" the movie, which is also the title of one of the novels I had to study for my SPM English Lit. That definitely brings back memories.

Lunch was at Manhattan Fish Market. Mom's surgery had sparked a new healthy eating regime in my family. Non-oily food, and grilled fish preferably. Y'know what they say, once bitten, twice shy.

My Hot Cappucino

Mom's catch of the day with rice (that is the actual name of this dish) - Magnifique!

My King Norwegian Grilled Salmon Fish (or something like that lar) with chips - I LOVE salmon!

At Marks & Spencer

Mom had been nagging me about not wearing some of the clothes I bought. So I pulled out this dress (from Harajuku @ Jusco MV) that I last wore during CNY. Hehe, yeah, I don't wear much dresses.

Bag and shoes were also bought for CNY. I go especially crazy during CNY shopping. The wedges are cute but it's about two inches high and gawd knows, I walk horrendously in heels. Wedges are like the training shoes for heels. Lol. Go figure. The sporty bag I got from Maple @ BTS. I only pulled it out now because last week waiyin asked me why she haven't seen me using that bag before (I bought it during one of our shopping outings together). Earrings from Momoe.

And the jacket I have owned since prehistoric times. Being sarcastic since I am lazy and cannot remember where I got it from. I think me Mom bought it for me.


And on 2nd October 2008, we went to watch Eagle Eye!!! Yay, finally, the movie I had been waiting for. But Mom and I were kinda lazy that day so we just went nearby, to Leisure Mall.

I am not really an action flick chick. But this movie had a great storyline, plus a hottie like Shia LaBeouf, really, why not?

Now I know why half of the female population is in love with this guy. No I did not watch Disturbia, or Transformers or Indiana Jones. In fact the last time I saw anything with Shia in it is probably Even Stevens, oh, and a small cameo in Charlie's Angels II.

Yes, I used to watch Even Stevens on Disney. Back then, Shia played the vexing little brother part very well. His prebuscent character, always in bermudas and oversized hawaiian shirt, plus his curly hair. How that geek had blossom into such a regal heartthrob!

Okay, back to the movie. Absolutely mind-blowing!!! I love this flick! I was practically in suspense most of the time and could not take my eyes off the screen. It really, "keeps you sitting on the edge of the seat". Literally.

The only thing I would complain is that the plot is pretty obscure in the beginning, because of all the politics and military elements. But as the movie progresses, I start to understand and everything falls into place. My mom still don't get the story though. Lol.

And the effects, especially the car-chase will leave you in awe, and a little dizzy. Amazing what technology can do to us, in more ways than one.

Plus, Shia was absolutely amazing. He is just waiting to get an Oscar nod. Not only does he do great being deadpan serious most of the time but the guy got humour and emotions. Kudos man. He makes Jerry Damon Shaw so believable.

Okay, I am done promoting. And I am not even getting paid for it. But seriously, this is one suspense action thriller you don't want to miss.

My Lamb Stew @ Delifrance's for dinner

So I guess that is all my updates for now. Back to my assignments;)

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