Sunday, October 12, 2008

one utama on a thursday

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On Thursday evening, me and roomies embarked an adventure to a place rarely ventured by UKM people...where else but One Utama?

Okay, my intro was kinda exaggerated but it is true, One U is too far and tiring for anyone to want to go although I must admit, it is a fresh change than Sg Wang and Times Square, which are just so so so boring already.

I must admit, I was not in the best of mood that evening. Tired over Immunology classes that ended at 4pm, and in a seriously money-broke condition, my heart was not into shopping at all. But I hardly come to One U and I just could not resist it when my roomies suggested to go there.

Right away it started pouring cats and dogs so three of us wondered if we should still continue with our plans. Alas, I offered to drive to the LRT station since I obviously dunno the way there. In fact, the last time I attempted to drive to One U with waiyin, it ended up with both of us stuck in Kepong for 2 hours, lost and eventually given the right directions by a good samaritan. Imagine the nightmare I had to endured then!

This time around without the comforts of car, we had to use other alternative routes, which I admit is pretty expensive and time-consuming. We started by going to the nearest LRT station, the Titiwangsa (Star Line) and then switched to Putra line at Masjid Jamek. The trip to Kelana Jaya station is by far, the most tiring part because it was so far away. It was difficult enough trying to keep awake and spending so long a time in a train just doesn't help.

Finally we arrived at Kelana Jaya and flagged down a taxi to take us to One U. Being inexperienced, we waited at the wrong place for taxis and almost got conned by this man who said he will take us there for RM15 in taxi fare. Wtf? So damn expensive so we refused. The look of contempt on his face was enough to make me feel upset that this trip has gone off on a bad start.

And if that wasn't enough, we got stuck in a massive traffic jam that rob us of our enthusiasm and time and money. It was upsetting that we wasted about 2 hours coming here and that left us so little time to explore One U before all shops closed at 10pm.

But before any shopping could be done, dinner must first be taken and it was difficult to make any choices in a humongous shopping mall like One U but finally we settled in "Vietnam Kitchen."

Where we had dinner

Ordering from the menu

The atmosphere and decor of the restaurant

Poser Suzane and Beng2 who was talking on the phone

Camwhoring while waiting for our food to arrive

Suzane and her Lemongrass beef vermicelli

Beng2 and her Vietnamese fried rice

The blogger and her stir fried XO sauce vermicelli


A really cute sushi restaurant

Cute mural with lotsa handprints

So relieved we arrive at One U after excruciating trip

Random shots of cute stuff on display

Us as we returned home, taking back the same route

Overall, I did enjoy coming One U because there were so much to see! Only I wished we had MORE time. Although I was okay with not buying anything but just a movie VCD and a bottle of black nail polish, my two roommates were kinda disappointed they returned home empty-handed. Well, maybe better luck next time. Lady Luck was not on our side and hopefully next time, we can reap more gains from One Utama.

Arrived back at Setapak at 2330 dead exhausted...

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