Friday, September 12, 2008

of birthdays and hopefully many more to come...

arrgghhh...i need to lose weight! wtf

First off, I came back early today to pick up my Mom from Gleneagles. Yup, she just underwent surgery to remove her gall bladder bcoz the doctor found some small stones inside. Since it is inside the bladder and not the duct, they have to removed her whole bladder instead. She is doing fine, already. So fine that she is complaining that the doctor gave her a too long medical leave. Until Wednesday. She says it will be boring. Lolz.

Her colleagues came to visit bringing huge basket of flowers and fruits and a card;)

Date: 7th September 2008
Event: Cherh Yun's 20th birthday
Verdict: Great atmosphere and the food

So here is a first look at my buddy family here in UKM, well, minus my 4th year senior, Eng Wee. In UKM KKL, we have a buddy system. When we become second-year seniors, we each will select a junior or juniors to whom we will be taking care of to ensure they adapt well to their new life here on campus. This is a way for seniors to interact with the juniors. Of course, we will also be lending them our notes and books, but time and time again, we are reminded that the buddy system is not just for that. I think this is one of the special traits that UKM KKL have, and I am glad to be part of it.
Before dinner - the hugeeee portion of food

I haven't spoken much about my buddy in here. My buddy is the one in the middle, Cherh Yun and he is from Alor Setar, Kedah but studied in KM Melaka. And yes, he is younger than me, by one year, although he is already a 3rd-year. Is it not obvious? Lolz.

So on his bday, we had a small dinner at Cannes Tea House with just the three of us plus Suz M, bcoz she has not tried the food there before either.

During dinner - yummy

Since I was not very hungry that day, Suz M and I shared this cheese-baked pork fillet rice. Very yummy btw and so filling. Lucky we shared.

I dunno why my buddy choose me to be his small buddy and I don't think I would want to know either. All I know is that I am glad he chose me, considering the fact that I am a "banana" and I am an awfully quiet person. Luckily he is total opposite, as in he is friendly and very chatty.

So thanks for being a great big buddy and Happy 20th Birthday again!

After dinner - together with the small present

The other boy is my small buddy, Chye Teck, who is from Tanjung Dawai, Kedah (his house overlooks the sea. Cool huh?) but studied in KM Perak.

Lolz. My buddy line is all Kedah people. No-lah, my grandbuddy is from S'gor.

I also dunno why I chose him. I think Fate kua and he is a nice kid also. But the funny thing is that when during the time us seniors revealed who our little buddies are going to be, he guessed me correctly. Well, hopefully it is not bcoz he received any tips. It is surprising considering the fact that he forgot my name during the McD gathering. (-.-!!)

Date: 6th September 2008
Event: Valerie's 21st Birthday party
Verdict: Lurve the food, especially the sushi bar and great to see everyone again!

But before that, a little cam-whoring session of moi shopping for Val's bday present.

Am wearing my new blouse and new shoes! Shoes from Jusco ( i lurve shoes!) Bag from Cambodia and skirt from Guilin, China.

It is great to see everyone again in Val's house. Btw, she had such great food. Love love love the sushi bar and pasta and so much other food that I just could not eat anymore. Not many pics since all of us were busy catching up and talking crap and playing some silly games. More pics *here*

I missed my Form 6 Classmates. Hehe. Oh, and Laushu called from Singapore too;)

The girls - Eileen, Moi, Len, Li Ling, Val, Yinching and Denise

The boys - Jino, Chu, Ben, Val, Phakhoe, Jinyu and Phon. Squatting down: Kah Loong, Vincent and Kian Ti

IMU Pharmacy Boys - Kah Loong (KKL) and Kian Ti (bIg Boss but looks like small boy)

The Pinks - Len, Chu and Eileen. Notice Chu's swelling left earlobe? Scary ok?

The Birthday brownie from Secret Recipe. She had two. Lolz.

Jino from UTAR had exams coming up so he brought his notes along. (=.=!!!)

Random shot of Ben, Phakhoe and Denise chatting

Phon looking blur while holding the flowers, a bday present for Val

Close-up of the very cute rabbits&flowers bouquet

Lolz. Ah Len looked so blur in here

Me and the bday girl. Don't our outfits looked almost the same? Like her dress;)

The two boys with Val

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