Sunday, March 21, 2010

in the mood for a change

this week has been, pretty much a crap week. so much stuff to ponder about, feels so depressed almost every day. i had to rushed to do my literature review this week. told myself to set a deadline to hand it in on monday, but instead handed it on friday. did my lit review until 2AM almost every day, once even at 3AM. and then came the dreaded clinical attachment day. interviewing patients, i wouldn't say is my forte, but finding the right patient is a huge headache to me. for my last clinical, i found a patient with much difficult cases, this time i found one with a case that i felt is too simple, which makes it so much harder to write a report on. thurs and friday were days spend looking for patients to fill in my questionnaires. can you believe i took 3 days just to complete my pilot study? my progress is so so slow. to top it all off, i had to settle some personal problems. money, to me is not the problem here. it is the people. sometimes people around me hurt me more than other stuff. i guess, sometimes we all have our breaking point. i really wished one of these days, i don't have to deal with people anymore. every day, i am seeing the ugly and selfish side of people and it hurts me.

thank you for those who were kind enough to listen to my problems this week. honestly, i really don't want to complain about things that are happening to me, because i feel like those are my problems and that i should handled them myself, instead of dragging people down with me. but after telling everything, i feel a lot better. which is why when a friend approached me with problems this week, i listened to that person and hopefully that person also felt better. what is the use of friends, if not to make our lives easier for one another?

i learned something this week, which is not to get myself all worked up over things i cannot control. what people think of me, how other people feel about me, those are things i cannot control. but what i can control is how i respond to the situation. i guess life is a learning process after all.

it's been a while for me to write something so reflective here. i guess i am feeling a little melancholic after watching God Of Study K-drama. i always get so caught up in TV shows and movies.

sorry for all the wrong punctuation marks. i am just not in the mood to edit everything;)


Ultraman Jino said...

i cannot imagine you listening to me if i come to you with my problems. so not like you, you will say "jino you are so blur!"

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

FIFIONA said...

hey i never say i was a good listener...hehehe...i think i can be a good listener if i feel like i had experienced that problem before, just like my friend's more relevant to me...but i think everyone thinks that way too no?



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