Sunday, September 07, 2008

tis' has been a busy week

Wtf is wrong with Thailand? Now my originally-planned Bangkok trip with the girls have to take two steps backward. So damn frustrating! wtf

Indeed, it has been a busy week for the blogger. But unfortunately, she is not busy because of her studies but busy with the post-exam stress-releasing activities...although the blogger has clearly de-stress herself, but her wallet has also "de-weight" itself as well. Get it? With the "de-'s"? Ok ok whateverrr, that was kinda lame.

Date: 5th Sept 08
Activity I: Watch movie and eat dinner with our little buddies.
Verdict: Movie sucks but juniors are cute and funny:)

In an effort to know our juniors better, in particular our little buddies, the blogger and her other 6 pretty coursemates invited our little buddies to go to Times Square for a movie and later dinner. Poor Ah Wei, both her little buddies, Ooi Tche and Sharon could not come. What to do? Her littles are soooo active, haha, so unlike her. Also, Meichieng's small, Mee Sieng did not come as well.

Movie sucks. I bet people would like to know which movie it is. Ok ok, it is "Zohan". In fact, it is so bad I am not going to write any review on it. Just don't watch it. Period.

After that, we had dinner at the food court in BTS bcoz we had a large amount of people and it seems that place was much suitable to accommodate all of us. Two words: Food sucks (as well).

It was afterwards, after dinner I mean, while waiting for Aili, Jiaying and Meichieng to return from Low Yat that we played games with the boys, in which we all had lots of fun. The games, a rage now in UKM, is about "looking out of the box". Anyway, it is pretty hard to explain here. Next time you see the blogger, remind her to explain the games to you.

And because of that Friday, 2 of our juniors now earned new nicknames - Ban Lim is now known as "Babylon" whils Teck Peng is "tiang", which is by right, since they two were the loudest and noisiest among the others.

Group pic taken by Teck Peng. Haha, we bully him bcoz his big buddy is not here. We saw him in the lib and dunno why he started following us (or maybe Ban Lim) so we invited him to go out with us as well.

I think we made a grave mistake by taking group pic at the end of the outing because everyone looked so tired and forlorn. Ya la, looks like we did not enjoyed ourselves. The blogger did, dunno about the rest.

The little juniors that came out with us. We took such good care of them until we help to halt taxis for them to make sure they reached KTSN safely. See see, we so good seniors hor?

Behind (L-R): Joanna, Chye Teck and Ban Lim
Front (L-R): The semangat PT gang; Teck Peng, Say Li and Sock Sien

All in all, the blogger is glad for this opportunity to get to know the juniors better. Like they say, "No man is an island", despite all the segregration that still persists, it is comforting to know the fact that if you do make an effort, you can reap the gains. In this case, the effort is asking the juniors out and the gain is a better understanding between juniors and seniors.

Ok, now that the main highlight is over, we go on with what else the blogger had been up to:

Date: 3rd Sept 08
Activity II: Watch movie with Waikuan, Ah Hang, and Weihan.
Verdict: Movie is ok and the boys are so useless.

So the blogger has never went out with the two boys before so it was another good chance to know them better but they are so useless. Bcoz of hunger, the boys went ahead without us girls and eat first. Ya la, ya la, this is Pharmacy boys people:(

But they are also quite nice lah because they "belanja" us popcorn during the movie. We watched "The Luckiest Man" which is quite funny and meaningful but pretty generic actually.

Due to shortage of time, hence the lack of pics.

Waikuan and the blogger had lunch at Food&Tea.

The blogger's spaghetti with minced beef.

Date: Forgot
Activity III: On a quest for delctable delights in Setapak
Verdict: Who can ever object to food?

Our first stop is Ice Ice World. The blogger came here before, first with her roommate and then another time with Ah Wei but we only tried the dessert, never the food.

I put this pic up to show the world Ah Wei's new permed hair. Hoho:P

The blogger
Ah Wei's rice in soup with fish

My curry rice

So yesterday, we went to Ming Tea House because Ah Wei has never been here before.

Our order that came
My "Happy Rice"

Valerie's 21st bday party updates next time. Have to rush back to Setapak:P


TCY said...

oh fion....
How sad i am not to follow u guys strolling here and there...Yet fortunate enough to escape the "sucking" meal and movies....ahahahaha

FIFIONA said...

ya lor, haih regretted my money spend on the movie and dinner...dun worry still got many chances;)



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