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#200: i love jandi, junpyo, jihoo, yijung and woo bin!!!

I finally "ventured out" and bought stuff online!!! LOL.

First thing I bought was this cute toga top from THE KOOKY THING and a studded belt from SWEET TOOTHSOME!!!


This is post no. #200!!!

It took me longer to reach the 200th post this time around. Maybe because I ran out of ideas to write here or maybe my life is getting more mundane.

Ever since I realized I am nearing the 200th post mark, I have been thinking of something special to write to commemorate this. I thought long and hard and still cannot figure out what is that "something special" that I want to do.

So I looked back at my archives to see what I had previously written for my 100th post!

Well, it was kind of obscure but it was my obsession last holidays - David Cook!

And since my obsession this month is Boys Over Flowers (that is all I did this holidays since returning from Sarawak), I thought why not?

I can go on and on writing about my current infatuation but I don't want to be a bore so I will keep it short and simple...


1) Story

I admit, I have heard about this drama remake a long long time ago. I don't remember if I heard about it first on TV or on a website. Anyway, it did not really stir any interest in me because I have watched the Taiwan version ("Meteor Garden") and the Japanese anime ("Hana Yori Dango") already. I like the Jap anime version better.

So what is the point of watching a drama that I already know the plot and storyline beforehand? One of my housemates had already watched it and had a huge poster of the famous cast on the wall behind her. But still I was not that excited to watch it.

And then came study week. Out of boredom, I decided to watch BOF on KBS (Ch303) and this is how it all started...

Just like my roommate Suz M and coursemate Ai Li (who also started watching during study week), we all like the show very much and started talking a lot about the show, especially about the handsome cast of F4. Lol.

The Korean version of the F4 aristocrats

Comparison between the manga, Taiwan version, Japanese version and now Korean version

The overall cast for BOF

The story is simple enough. Geum Jandi is an ordinary girl whose father owns a dry-cleaning store. Due to a mishap in Shinhwa High, she gets accepted into the "school for the rich kids" on a swimming scholarship.

Right from the very beginning, she hated going to that school but she obeys her parents' wishes and attended it. Then she meets the famous F4, idolised and also feared by the students. On one incident she defended her new friend against the leader of F4, Gu Junpyo and she was the first ever student to do that. This causes her to be the target of bullying as she received the red card from him.

Gu Junpyo thought that she will surely beg him for forgiveness after that incident but instead she comes and delivers her spinning kick to him. And I don't know why but Gu Junpyo misintepret it as a sign that Jandi likes the almighty Gu Junpyo (this part very funny!).

And so begins the whirlwind of Gu Junpyo's courtship towards the unerring and stubborn Jandi, who absolutely detests the guy as she only thinks of Yoon Jihoo as her Prince Charming. Slowly, she makes friends with the F4, making the other students jealous of her. And also slowly, she starts to realize that Gu Junpyo really likes her and is sincere towards her and she herself falls for Gu Junpyo, but not without many obstacles in their paths.

2) Gu Junpyo played by Lee Min-ho

OMG!!! I absolutely fell in love with this guy watching him potrayed the arrogant and self-centered Gu Junpyo. He was so sweeeetttt, the things he did for Jandi but most of all, I admired how determined he was to never give up on Jandi, no matter what happened. And he is so funny whenever he says something wrong but never admitting he is wrong. I especially believed those scenes when he gets seems so real!

I really don't like his curly hair. I know they did it because the original manga character has curly hair. But his permed hair looks so fake. Lucky he is good-looking to be able to carry it off. When his hair gets wet, you can see his natural straight hair, which definitely suits him better.

Good job, Lee Minho! ( he also won Best New Actor in Baeksang Awards).

His fake curly hair. Haha.

He also wears really nice-looking suits...lurve the F4's wardrobe!

3) Yoon Jihoo played by Kim Hyunjoong

He really looks sleepy and in a daze all the time, even in real life! Suits the character well, who sleeps all the time. I originally did not like him because his hairstyle in the beginning is really bad. And the bright colour only exaggerates the bad hairstyle. But he later grew on me because he was always there to protect Jandi, up to the point that I begin questioning Jandi's luck. Lol.

After he cut his hair, I was so happy. Finally! The handsome guy has emerged. Added with his earrings, he was a real knockout and pleasant to look at. It was difficult to not feel for Jihoo when Jandi rejected him.

From the very beginning itself, Jihoo was always there to help Jandi, eventhough he is from F4. So much so that it seems like he is stalking her. Hahaha.

I did find the subplot of Jihoo reuniting with his grandfather a little boring. Took me a while to understand why they lost in contact with one another.

I feel bad that Jihoo did not end up with anyone since he also sacrificed for Jandi. He is really really nice and sweet guy too. But maybe what he offers to Jandi is security and safety but not so much excitement like Junpyo...

4) So Yijung played by Kim Beom

Ah, the cutie pie of the F4 and also the youngest!

It seems he and the girl who plays Ga-eul are actually real-life friends and university mates!

I liked the fact that he also has pierced ears, otherwise it would be a little hard to believe that he is a Casanova womanizer because of his boyish looks. I did not like the fact how he ill-treated Ga-eul in some parts but I am glad later he also starts to like her. I wished there is actually more scenes of this couple because I think they are so cute and funny too! Ga-eul is really pretty =)

I admit, the part about him not getting over his first love, Eun-jae is boring. I wanted to skip those parts haha. (Why is it they all like girls older than themselves?) I really like that part that Ga-eul told Yijung off, saying he is a coward for not wanting to get hurt. So true.

Ah, Kim Beom is such a cutie =P

5) Song Woo Bin played by Kim Jun

And finally, the hyung of F4, the big brother.

He is a rapper for T-max, which explains all his hip-hop slangs - "yo yo, let's go man". Hahaha.

There is not much parts about him here but I like that he is more like a comedian out of the F4. He is so funny with his rapper wannabe style!

BOF in cartoon - so cuteeee!!!! And with Junpyo's trademark fur coat too!!!

The boys during Baeksang Awards - very handsome and they are all good friends in real life too!

More hawt pics of the F4 - Minho is so handsome!!!

6) Geum Jandi played by Ku Hyesun

She is actually the noona here, since she is older than Minho, Hyunjoong and Kim Beom. However, I think that is only right because only with her experience can such a good actress portray the lovable character of Jandi.

She is caught in a love triangle as she becomes the object of affection between the 2 best friends. Although I was a little disappointed that she became so weak towards the end of the show. The spunky and stubborn Jandi seemed to have disappeared towards the end, where she looks so frail and weak. Maybe love does that to someone? I think she is really cute and pretty =)

7) Parts I don't like:

There is one thing I really don't like in any dramas - is the part when the parents get in the way of their children's relationships. I know, this is quite realistic (I think?) but it is so cliche already. It is such a pain watching Madam Kang, Junpyo's mother doing one thing after another to jeopardize Jandi. I have seen this numerous times in many movies and dramas and I hope after this, just give it a break and don't do this kind of storyline already.

8) Parts I like:

Good news is, only that part I really don't like. But there are so many parts I love!!! Here are a few, out of the top of my head right now:

  • When Gu Junpyo misintepreted Jandi likes him. How in the world did he came up with that reason?
  • When Junpyo rescued Jandi from the bullying of other students. Junpyo misunderstood her after being framed by Minji.
  • Jandi rescuing Junpyo from getting hit by a chair as a revenge from Ha Je.
  • Yijung telling Ga-eul that she likes to hear bad news first before the good news because good girls like happy endings. So cuteee!!!
  • Junpyo reasoning with Jandi why it is train's heart and not train's smokestack (after rescuing her). Maybe the translation is a bit off here.
  • Jandi and Jihoo fake wedding photos for a contest and also their car wash scene.
  • Jandi telling Junpyo she likes him and pull his scarf to kiss him.
  • When Jandi throws herself in the swimming pool to revive Junpyo's memories of her.
  • Jandi trying to cover Junpyo's graffiti inside the cable car. Jandi got upset and told Junpyo that is he trying to make her not able to get married? (The graffiti said "first night together") but Junpyo said that she is going to marry him. Who else? Hahahaha.
  • Any parts that Junpyo got angry and sad over Jandi. He would throw things around, kick things or just fall to the ground. Very believable, I like.

Okay-lah, I can write more if I want to but enough already-lah. Hahaha. All in all, I really like this movie. If I wasn't so broke, I would go buy the original DVD but have to be thrifty now, economy not so good. Lol. Maybe I will just go buy the OST instead?

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all korean -.-
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er... isn't korea in asia too?

anyway, my fav part is the fake wedding pics! so sweet. wish they had made more of that part of the story.

and you finally "ventured out"! so have you got them yet? i'm still just stuck at the stage of ogling at the items online but not daring to buy anything yet... there're so many dresses that i'm yearning to get but afraid that they'll end up being the type of dress that i think looks cute on a hanger somewhere in sungei wang but when i touch the material i won't like it... sigh.

FIFIONA said...

jino> *sweat* how asian do you want? koreans are asian lar blur -.-

caryn> well, some websites will write what kind of material it is so can roughly know...but yeah, it is a risk shopping online...which is why so far I only bought two...hehe

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