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episode I: arriving in penang island

KRIS ALLEN won AI 2009…I actually thought ADAM LAMBERT would win. Anyhow, they both were my favourites so it doesn’t matter both ways =)


9th MAY 2009

On the 8th was my last paper and then the next day, I went to Penang with my Pharmacy coursemates. Carolyn Lee and Carolyn Teo went to Penang earlier on the 8th with Carolyn Lee’s dad. I took the Plusliner bus together with Tze Im and her younger bro (who are going back to hometown), Mei Chieng (first time to Penang) as well as Janice. Plusliner buses take off from the Old KL Sentral, the KTM station near Masjid Negara. I think it is much better than the hustle-bustle and “shady” Puduraya.

penang1 -We took the 10am morning bus-

penang2 -Tze Im and MC aboard our 4 and a half-hours bus ride to Penang Island-

penang3 -Everytime I passed the Penang bridge, I always try to take good photos of the bridge but always fail. Perhaps it is difficult in a moving vehicle. This is the best from the bunch-

penang4 penang5

-Some of the better photos taken of the sights across the Penang bridge. Sky was clear with fluffy clouds and on the right is the island’s island (LOL)-

Last May, I went to Penang together with my roommates, BB and Suz M but at that time, we took the bus to Butterworth and stopped at Bukit Mertajam, where we stayed with Grace, BB’s Nutrition coursemate. This time around, Tze Im and Jia Ying lives on the island, so we stopped at Nibong Tebal.

As soon as we arrived, Jia Ying’s father was there to picked us up. Our first stop: shopping mall!


Since we arrive late afternoon, the 8 of us had lunch at Queensbay. Why 8? There was of course myself, Tze Im, MC, Janice, Jia Ying, and Ai Li. Jia Ying’s younger sis Carrin as well as her cousin decided to join us as well.

Carrin looked so alike with Jia Ying. One would have thought they are twins! Even the way they talked are so similiar! Of course we can never be mistaken who is who because Carrin has short boyish haircut whilst Jia Ying has long permed hair. Look for Carrin’s photo in my next post ;)


-MC and Tze Im trying out wacky knitted hats in Forever 21-

We didn’t really do much in Queensbay. Just walking around and chatting non-stop. It was good to release stress after our finals. Queensbay was also really packed that day, I noticed. Many shows and performances going on. Probably because it was the weekends.

For dinner, Jia Ying’s father took us to a stretch of road covered in lots of various food hawker stalls. That is the good thing having locals as tour guides. They know where are the best hawker stalls around.


I dunno what is the name of these food because it was in Hokkien and my Hokkien is bad (practically non-existent) but it is something like char kuetiau and chow lok pak gou (in Cantonese). I thought they were really good because they were dry and not oily. I hate those fried oily food in some KL hawker stalls. Reminds me of how I am killing my arteries and my heart every time I consumed them.

Later that night, Jia Ying’s father then treated us to Coffee Island for some drinks. It is situated on Gurney Drive. Initially, Jia Ying was our driver slash tour guide but because there were so many of us and Jia Ying don’t dare to drive the huge MPV, her father drove us around. Really nice of her father and very funny too although most of the time I could not understand what he said since he spoke Hokkien. Lol.


-We ordered drinks from the Italian Soda series: Purple Island, Green Island and Blue Island. Tze Im had Carrot juice and Ai Li had something Chocolate. Yummy ;)-

Because we were all quite tired, after that we went back home. Ai Li and myself stayed at Jia Ying’s place whilst MC and Janice in Tze Im’s. I think myself, Ai Li, Jia Ying and her sis slept at about 2am watching Boys Over Flowers. Haha. Initially, Ai Li and I was into BOF (or BBF). Now Jia Ying and her sis are great fans too. How to not resist those good-looking guys? My favourite is JunPyo (haha), Ai Li likes JiHu whilst Jia Ying thinks YiJeong is so cute.

to be continued…

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