Wednesday, May 20, 2009

i am back woo-hoo: short updates about mangoes, suzane's birthday and daniel henney

EMINEM is back!!! I know there is plenty of controversy surrounding this rapper but I think he is really creative and awesome...his songs are so funny=) Check out his latest video, "We Made You" from album "Relapse".

Without looking at the lyrics, I think I recognized Jessica Simpson (spoof from her Daisy Dukes MV) with her current bf Tony Romo (the footballer), Kim Kardashian and her infamous bum, Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson, Ellen Degeneres & her wife Portia, Sarah Pallin (governor of Alaska), Jason Mraz or Jack Johnson (not very sure), Amy Winehouse and husband Blake, Britney Spears (ala her Blackout album) & I think K-Fed in the background there too, Star Trek movie, John Mayer, Jessica Alba?


It has been a while since I last blogged. Have been really stressed out during my study week and exams week. Lots and lots of caffeine, bloodshot eyes, three hours' sleep (sometimes only two), pimples breakout and anxiety. Yes, exams are like the worst thing ever in uni life.

I did not go back home for about 2 weeks during exams because it was too bothersome. So on Labour Day, my mom and aunt came to see me in Setapak. Mom wanted to bring my dirty laundry back home. After that, we had lunch - Curry Fish Head at Chan Sow Lin. My aunt also brought some mangoes for me, which I shared with the rest of my housemates. It was so refreshing to eat sweet cold mangoes, especially during the scorching heat wave here in KL.

Suz M, BB and Ah Wei doing mangoes commercial

Midnight of 7th May, we surprised my roomie Suz M when she was sleeping. It was her 21st birthday. Ah Wei and I could not find any delicious-looking bday cake at Pistachio's so we just bought 4 pieces of different types of cakes and piece them together. That way, we can try 4 different kinds of cake. LOL. Us 9 housemates share to buy her bday present, a mp3 player;) She also blogged about it.

Her nickname in A-5-5 is Maria, because we like to called her our Filipino maid/slave (just a joke, no offense)

Right after my last paper on Friday 8th May, it was like a whirlwind. I rushed to pack all my stuff in Setapak to bring back to my home in Cheras. Spend the night at home before leaving the next morning to KTM station in old KL Sentral. There, Tze Im and her younger bro, Mei Chieng and Janice were waiting for me to take the Plusliner bus to Penang. (More in my upcoming posts!)

Thanks to Jia Ying and Tze Im for allowing us to stay in their houses as well as being excellent tour guides. Also thank q to Jia Ying's father for so willingly driving us around on his off days.

After coming back from Penang with MeiChieng, we stayed a night in Setapak. Mom came over to bring my luggage. Early the next morning, the 6 of us took a taxi to KL Sentral, skybus to LCCT and finally flying AirAsia to Kuching, Sarawak. I also flew to Sibu and after that, took a 7 and a half hours (!) bus to Miri...more in my upcoming posts!

Thanks to Lelia and her mom, Ah Wei and her bf, Janice, MeiChen and NgiikLing for not only providing us with accomodation, but also driving us around sightseeing, being excellent tour guides;)

I landed in KL from Miri late Monday night. BB spend the night in my house and the next day, we went to watched Wolverine: The Origins at Leisure Mall before I dropped her back at Setapak.

The movie practically made my heart beat like mad for about 80% of the time. So "kan cheong" ok?

I admit, I initially wasn't that thrilled to watch this movie. The X-Men saga is ok, not that great fan of it. But this movie is actually quite good. The effects and action scenes especially, very well-choreographed.

I also lurve the eye candy cast - Hugh Jackman (very hot!), Ryan Reynolds (always thought he was good-looking), Dominic Monaghan (cute!) and of course Daniel Henney (very very very handsome ok?). Liev and Taylor

Yes, he is that extremely gorgeous Korean-American actor from my fave drama "MNIKSS"...

Actually, I would have enjoyed the movie more if not for this group of 3 students sitting behind us. OMG...if I did not have any manners, I would have shouted and sweared at them. Not only were they talking ALL THE FREAKIN' TIME throughout the movie, I could also feel people kicking my chair most of the time. WTF? It came to a point where my patience has reached its limit and I told the girl sitting behind me to "stop shaking my chair, thank you." I gave them some dirty looks during and after my movie. Hello? Some of us paid money to watch a good movie ok? So pls be considerate ok? It's not like you paid more than the rest of us. What douchebags...the next time I see them in LM, I will be sure to give them the same dirty looks again...stupid idiots who spoilt my


Suzane Mah said...

lol la hahaha...wa semakin brani o u scold ppl hahaha..i wish i was thr to c d gal's expression haha..yal i oso think d asian-look guy handsome but too bad he's bad side...hugh jackman really man u!

FIFIONA said...

haha eh when r u going 2 update ur blog ah??? fast fast...



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