Monday, June 02, 2008

it's my 100th post, y'all!

DavidArchuleta on The Early Show
The reason I posted this is because it shows a clip of little David back when he won in the Star Search singing competition. You can see that the way he talks then and now are so exactly the same! Seriously! The only thing that is different is that he is a hottie in terms of looks now, unlike that akward kid he looks back then!

Well, it is not technically my 100th post, but the previous one don't count-lah coz it is so short (you can see I am finding excuses here).

So, to commerate my 100 posts in the past 7 and a half months, I have decided to take a stroll down memory lane.
Yesterday night, went out with family to a distant cousin's 21st birthday party. After that, hung out at my uncle's house. It is then my aunt showed me and my cousins some really old photo albums that she uncovered whilst cleaning the storeroom.

So there we were, browsing what seems to be years and years of a collection of memories. Way back from photos of my late grandfather back in secondary school, my late grandparents' wedding, my mom and her siblings growing up, and of course photos of myself and my cousins when we wore diapers.
So here are a few snapshots of "those were the days..."
My mom (middle) and her sisters
My mom blowing the cake alongside her parents and four siblings
Me as a baby - I seriously think I have a massive head. Maybe that is why I also looked like I suffered from hair loss
Finally, as a toddler, I have some hair. Lol. I like this pic because I was actually smiling. I tell you, I hardly smile in most of my toddler photos. I must be some kind of deep and thoughtful thinker back then. At least I can say, don't blame me for not smiling now. I have always been like that

Trying to act cute. I tell you, must be my mom's idea of this cheesy pose. Lol
And so, in keeping with my theme of strolling down memory lane, I have decided to browse through some of my comrades' blogs and visit the post that gave birth to the thing that truly defines them for who they are today. Yes, I am talking about the first ever post they have written.

It is funny too when I looked through my posts. How they have evolved. My blog has been a journey discovering my style of writing and the perspective I had wanted for my blog. What did I want this blog to be about? And I realized that my posts have always been pretty random but one thing stays true - it has always been who I really am, not who I wanted the world to think I am.

I have to admit, some of my posts were also really crappy. When I read through them, I felt like deleting them. What in he world was I thinking, posting that? But then I realized those are the components that made up this blog - all the crappy and good posts. All those flaws are what make up this blog.

And the same goes to life as well. We have made mistakes we are not proud of back in the past, but we are unable to delete them as well because truly, they are what make us who we are today. That is how I feel like as I write this, that a blog is something like our lives as well, with all the perfect flaws thrown in.
The essential thing is perhaps, having a sense of acceptance. Accept the flaws and the mistakes we made. Until we find the courage to accept them, we will never move on.

Ok, so now in random and no particular order, I present to you the list that started it all:

FIFIONA talks about moi surprise birthday celebration at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa.
BF Classmates had an introductory post on the reasons behind starting the blog and all the members. This had to be my fave blog, hands down.
SimianD started with 2 test posts before finally he shared his experience in church camp. 6 months after his first post.
-conRad- gave a quick update about himself.
nyrac talks about a new beginning and updates after spm trials.
siedne just finished camp and is looking forward to her plans for the holidays.
[Jino] chronicles on the sad story of losing his money.
Kelvin posted self-written poem, "Metamorphosis".
LC gave a short intro about moving to her current blog.
Mel gave a book review on "The Chronicles of Narnia".
Effa Mas, my previous public speaking teacher starts by reasoning the name behind her blog.
LSCentral informs of her need to change blogs and links her old blog.
~Becky~ gave an account on how she spend her day with her grandma and her cousin.
Miss Orange reaccounts her passion for taekwondo back in secondary school.
Suzane posted about why she wanted to start a blog and how I fongfeikei her.
Selambakodok aka comedian Afdlin Shauki gave some great pics of himself in spandex and then talks about himself and how truly blessed his life is for being able to do what he wants.
Stickgirl drew what I can interpret as chasing after love and slipping on a banana peel in the process. But that is just how I see it.
Abszynth aka Msian model Jay Logan recollects on why she wanted to blog and traces it back to her Malaysian Dreamgirl experience. (I have never watch that show, seriously)
Everyone's favourite blogger, Kenny, introduces about himself and his blog.
S Kim (whose blog I visit quite frequently because she has a wicked sense of humour) did not fail to disappoint me.
Nicocoa aka Nicole Tan, the first blogger who became a columnist, gave a long elaboration of special diet tips. The word long is emphasized here.
Pinkpau had a emo post, recollecting memories of a certain person and incident.
Retrogurl (my fave fashion blogger) displays Jeremy Scott's "Fast Food" Fall 2006 collection.
Cheesie aka model/blogger Ringo only displayed a few pics of her trip to Korea Day 1.
Kirsten, a David Cook and US pop culture fanatic introduces briefly about her blog.
Sengkor, a self-proclaimed ah beng, discloses terms of a disclosure policy. Lol.
Teenage Lolita aka the teenage prostitute (or so she claims but I have my doubts) posted a long post about reasons she started her blog, the first time she lost her virginity and her fight with her father. Like a drama episode here.
Heather&Jessica, introduces on fugly (funny+ugly) is the new pretty.
Yes, that is enough blog-stalking done in one day...*phew*

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