Thursday, November 22, 2007

love triangle, cake and the eye of malaysia

What better way to launch my blog then to launch it on my birthday....haha...;P

Happy Birthday to Hanson Chu Chun Hong
(My VI ex-classmate)

Happy Birthday to Tan Xiaowen
(My SBU ex-classmate)

Last Tuesday, I stayed for a few extra days at KTSN (my kolej kediaman) because Beng2 and Suzane have asked me to go to Eye Of Msia with them. I was really hesitant at first because I have heard that EOM has not much to offer and they charge RM15.00 for only a few rounds. However it has been an outing we have discussed about since the time when I have just met BB and Suzane, way back during the 3M orientation week and also, BB had finished her exams and was going back to Batu Gajah that week...So, finally, I caved in.

BB and Suzane went out for shopping that day with their coursemates and they said they will 'tapau' KFC for my dinner. So I waited until they came back with my dinner. But halfway when I was eating, BB barged into my room and stopped me and Suzane from eating. She said we have to go to EOM now because she was afraid it was going to rain. She cleared away all the KFC from my desk, chased Suzane back to her own room to change and forced me to change my clothes as well.

After that, the three of us walked to the EOM using the route across Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. Actually, I felt a little strange since we took a longer route than the usual route but BB say the view is nicer across TTT. Once we reached the EOM (with my poor blistered feet, no thanks to my shoes!), Suzane immediately disappeared, saying she wanted to buy some food. BB pulled me towards the bank of the lake, admiring the beautiful watershow lights when suddenly....

The pretty pretty water lights display

..."Look! There is Chu!" BB pointed towards her right side. Sure enough, there was Chun Hong (Hanson) and another guy sitting on the grass between two bushes, overlooking the lake. From far, it really looks like a couple was BB and I went over to say hi to CH and the guy sitting next to him turned out to be Sui Teng, CH's medic coursemate and good friend.

That is when something bizarre happened. ST looked upset when
he saw me and he started to lashed out on me. He asked me weird questions like
why am I always with CH, if i really like CH, if not why am I always with CH,
etc. I was like - "What the-???" Being confused, I told BB we should
leave these two alone but BB pulled me back instead. Only when BB said, "But
I thought you are M1, why are you gay?"
did I understood what was
happening. ST was confessing his feelings to CH and he sees me as a threat in
this bizarre love triangle. At that point, I really did not know what I am
supposed to say so I just looked at CH's face. CH's face had changed from
laughing to dead serious. He signalled me to leave with his
face. So I immediately got up to escape from this akward situation when suddenly
ST pulled me back. That is when I got really freaked out. This was a serious situation, a situation I would never imagined in a
million years that I will be caught in...

Suddenly, a guy jumped out from the bushes holding up a candle-lighted birthday cake. My initial thought was-"Whose birthday is it?" Only when I saw the rest of the medic boys spraying at CH did I understood. CH's medic friends, along with BB and Suzane had planned an early birthday surprise for both me and CH. All ST had said was part of the plan to surprise both of us.


So, this was CH and mine's first bday here at UKM, celebrated at Tmn Tasik Titiwangsa with delicious Secret Recipe's Chocolate Cheesecake (Yummy!). This was also my first time meeting CH's medic friends and his "potato" family. People that I have heard stuff about but have never seen them in person. I must admit they looked like the jovial, happy-go-lucky and crazy gang.

Birthday Boy and Gal

Suzane Mah and Me

BengBeng, Me, Hanson and Suzane

Group pic (Medicine, Pharmacy, Nutrition and Biomedical


After that, the boys left and us girls managed to persuade CH to go to EOM with us. So 4 of us sat on the 'most famous ferris wheel in Malaysia';P We did not get a good view as the windows were wet, a consequence from the rain, so we ended up snapping pics non-stop inside. Before we knew it, our ride is over and there goes our RM15.00. Honestly, there is nothing that special about sitting in the EOM but taking pics of the EOM is very pretty as it changes lights every minute. Too bad I did not get many clear shots that night.

Check out the lovely colours at the right side of the pic

Hanson doing the popular 'teratai' pose

Hanson opening his bday presents inside the gondola of EOM

Hanson's bday present from the guys - can you guess what it is?

The T-shirt around Hanson's neck is the bday present from BB and Suz

With the hornbill mascot

After snapping a bit more pics, we decided to leave and go back to our kolej. It was nearly 11pm when we arrived. We had a little problem at the gates because CH forgot to bring his matric card but finally, the guard let us in.

We call it a night!

Thank you to Beng Beng, Suzane, Sui Teng and the rest of the medic boys for doing this. I and Chun Hong really did have fun that night=)


Moi Outfit~

Top: Souvenir from Kota Kinabalu courtesy of Suzane! Love the cool design!

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