Sunday, November 25, 2007

zoo escapees found in shopping mall

ALERT: A Monkey, a Fly (Lalat) and a Pig were spotted in One Utama Shopping Center, indulging in sweet desserts and going on a frantic shopping spree!

LOL...Ok, not really zoo animals. It was just me and my zhi muis having a get-together after not seeing each other for a loooooooooong time!:D


I went to my orthodontist appointment in the morning. They made me wait for 30mins when my check-up only took 10mins!!!


Afterwards, Mom and I picked Wai Yin up. Mom was sending me and WY to One Utama (Thanks Mom for the ride!) to meet Suzanne Cheng. On the way there, we got caught in a massive jam that took us one and a half hours before we finally reached our destination!


LOL....Anyway, it has been months since I last saw Suz C because of the exams and the fact that she lives on the 'other side of the world'. It is nice to see us VI zhimuis getting together again;) It was funny when WY and I had just arrived at One U and Suz C asked us where we are. WY and I looked at each other and then, at signboards nearby. We were so blur!!!

The traffic jam that we got caught in. It was so slow-moving...zzzzz....

BAKERZIN at One Utama ~

We had lunch at Bakerzin, as recommended by Suz C since WY and I are so lost in One U. We don't really go there Anyways, lunch was great. We were really hungry since it was quite late in the afternoon when we arrived. The place was really dope. It had a really nice and warm environment with modern interior design. The service was not bad although it was difficult to call one of the waiters when we wanted to pay the bill. I really wanted one slice of the yummy cakes that they had displayed at the front of the restaurant but I was really full after lunch and it was no point to take-away the cakes as it needs to be refridgerated immediately. Suz C likes the place so much she even applied for a membership card:)

Wai Yin and Suzanne at Bakerzin

Me and Wai Yin
Our three tapas - Pistachio Creme Brulee, Chocolate Fondue and Rasberry something (I forgot!)

Our cream cheese ice-cream. Dee-lee-cious!!! A must-order!!!

"Yoga keeps me flexible."

Really good pasta!!!

There were a lot of people in One U that day. Partly because they were having a televison live event - The Breakfast Show by NTV7. I just snapped some pics and later we left as there really were not any interesting things to see. I think one of the hosts was TV personality Sharifah Aleya.

After lunch, we went...what else? Shopping, of course! Suz C was looking for some handmade cards material but had no luck finding any (Sorry Suz, looks like you are not meant to do handmade cards during your hols!) but she bought a bundle of earrings (Ok, 5 to be exact). WY pulak, she bought a tank top and a blouse from FOS. And as for yours truly, I bought 2 pairs of earrings and a FOS tank top - combination of both of them...LOL!

I also bought seventeenmag and Penyiasat Remaja comic book;D

Earrings - 4 for RM10.oo & 3 for RM10.00. Me split with Suz C!

From FOS - 1 for RM9.90, 2 for RM16.oo. Me split with WY!

Suz C really went crazy with earrings...Haha:D She has the same white earrings as me and another pair with the same design in brown. WY has the same tank top as me too, but in white instead.

Thanks to Suz C's mother for giving WY and me a lift to the KTM station where we took the train back to our areas. First time me taking KTM from Kepong Sentral. 10 stations and moving at about 4okm/h makes me and WY very

Me and WY enjoying some sushis while waiting for our train


I finally gave WY her little gift. She has been quite crazy about these bears for a long time. Every time we go to Times Sq or Sg Wang, she will stopped and check them out. I always make fun of her as I did not see anything interesting about the bears and then she will merajuk at me for making fun of her. Haha:D
Suz M actually helped me picked this out. The DR symbol stands for Medicine (as in DR = abbreviation for Doctor) and the RX is actually the symbol for Pharmacy, in case anyone did not know. I didn't know before this until we studied History of Pharmacy in our Introduction to Pharmacy classes.

This way, whenever WY looks at the bear, she will remember Hanson Chu (Medic student) and Moi (Pharm student) who are studying at UKM KKL!


I received my b'day present - a really cool T-shirt that I had wanted to get since WY and I first saw it in Times Sq. At that time when I wanted to buy it, WY told me not to get it. Now I know I REALLY like it. It is so cheeky. LOL;D

Thanks to Wai Yin, Suzanne and Jino;)

Bukan sahaja cun tetapi pandai jugak!

Thanks WY! Feel very 'gan dong' pulak! *Sniff*


Outfit #4

Shirt: Giordano
Long beads necklace: Gift from my aunt, from The Curve
Denim vest: Nichii Fashion City
Black mini skirt: VJ Jeans

I bought this vest early this year for CNY but dunno why have only worn it for a few times. I think it is cute but hard to match!!!

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