Friday, November 23, 2007

former gay couple reunites while singing a passionate duet

I am trying to make each of my post title to sound like headlines of a newspaper...

After much hesitation, I have finally decided to join the boys for a karaoke sing-out session at Green Box @ Jusco Cheras Selatan. This is my 2nd time going to a karaoke joint. I am not a big fan of singing out loud while in a room with friends, singing to the lyrics that is flashing across a television screen...just not my niche. However, Hanson has been persuading me to 'sing k' with him for like, a million and one times, so I decided to make him happy, just this time anyways. (Lol...Is there something wrong with me? I am being such a softie these days. Or am I always like that? Hmm...)

The wrist tag that we have to wear

Anyways, it was really kind of Mok to fetch me to and fro Cheras Selatan, eventhough he, Jino and myself got lost going there. Worst thing was, Hanson, Jino and Mok's phones were all konked off - no battery! So my phone was the main survival tool that night...haha.

So I did have a fun time although I was clearly the banana-of-the-night, with my limited knowledge of Chinese characters and the lyrics of several Mandarin songs. But anyhow, thanks to Mok for the transport and thanks to Jino for the 'atmos famosa' (BF-ians should know what is that;P) and thanks to Hanson for the b'day present. And I hope you also like the present I and Wai Yin got for you;)

Highlights of the night:

The future male version of SHE?

The 3 'hengtais' that lurrrvess to 'sing k'
Me trying to test my vocal
Someone clearly wanted to 'amplify' his voice and did not want anyone hogging his moment
Our karaoke box - I personally do not like the interior design of the room, looks pretty tacky and outdated, like from a classic 90s' HK movie

We had an all-you-can-eat buffet dinner for, I think, RM28.00++ per person
My plate of buffet offerings - I was famished by the time we reached Jusco Cheras Selatan because we got lost on the way there

Warning: The following photos are of material deemed unsuitable for certain audience. Watch it at your own risk;P

Breaking news: Lol...Jino has been insanely jealous lately because Hanson has been spending time with Sui Teng more than him. Jino has also feelings of insecurities since he felt that Sui Teng was better than him (umm...clearly ST is much better than Blur King Jino) and was going to snatch Hanson from him. So Jino sees this karaoke session as a way to win back Hanson's heart. Did he manage to do that? Only Hanson knows the answer...

Holding hands while singing the Gary Chao duet "Romeo&Juliet"
Here they are playing some friendly wrestling hugs
A close-up - Awww...So sweet...
Jino spend every moment of the night trying to woo Hanson back, including giving him a b'day serenade and kiss
"Come more healthy are getting too fat already!"
My 2nd time in a karaoke joint;)
The b'day boy who was clearly having a blast that night
Wai Yin and mine's shared b'day present for Hanson - a sling bag from Body Glove


When I reached home, I had a little private celebaration with Mom, who bought my favourite Tiramisu cake from Mon Cherry.
Haihz...I have finally hit the big 2-0...No longer '-teens'

Top: Sungei Wang
Dress: Saturdays Flea Market
Bag: Magic Room @ Wisma Lim Foo Yong
Accessories: Bangle and earrings

I really like this bag a lot. Magic Room has lots of cute bags:)

Note: "...Someone once told me that photo frames is not a good present as it is cheap, tacky and thoughtless. It shows how little thought you put into choosing a b'day present when you get a photo frame, especially for someone who means a lot for you. Next time, try thinking of what that person would like, instead of what you will like..." - Anonymous

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