Friday, November 30, 2007

christmas shopping makes me tired but satisfied

It feels like I have been sailin' around KL yesterday. Went to lots of places. Got back home dead tired. But I still managed to spare 5 hours to chat online. Though I was really exhausted, but it feels good to get out of the house sometimes, since I am practically hibernating at home, with me having my final sem break.


Mom took leave yesterday. So we did some errands around town and then later - shopping. We went to several places so I decided to just summed it up.

Within 24 hours, we went to:

  • MMA (Malaysian Medical Association) where I did my annual eye check-up. I found out that because I have 'high power', I am more prone to retina tear:(
  • UKM Library to see if I can borrow any books to read during the break. The library was awfully quiet with only a few Dentistry students visible.
  • Sungei Wang Plaza to do my fixed deposit, have lunch and do some shopping. Mom was still looking for her Red outfit for her annual dinner next week.
  • Wisma Cosway, near my Mom's office. We went to a vintage looking boutique called Avril Couture, where they sell a lot of formal-like clothings. Mom finally found a pretty Red blouse and copped another blouse as well.
  • Wisma Lim Foo Yong because I wanted to see if there are any nice bags at Magic Room.
  • Niichi Fashion City. Mom wanted to see if there were any other Red options there but there was not really anything nice in store.

The MMA building, which is behind my campus, near UKM's Dental Clinic

We had lunch at Shakey's Pizza, BB Plaza

Creamy Mushroom Pasta

Mom was having the Shakey's Snack Plate, which tastes and looks like the familiar KFC we all know

Random pics of Kay-Elle while I was in the car:

There was actually a mini demonstration at Bukit Bintang yesterday but I don't know what was the reason behind it

I don't know why but this red-walled hotel at BB kind of caught my attention

Couldn't resist taking this pic of the fountain in front of Crowne Plaza Hotel, Jln Raja Chulan

The picture of the weather yesterday through a blue filter on Mom's car window

Felt a little guilty about shopping a lot lately. I should try and control myself. Haihz...

* I always go to Chamelon every time I go to Sg Wang. I really like the cute headband. I don't normally wear headbands but this might just changed my mind.
* I went to Scholl @ Sg Wang to buy my "comfort shoes". The design of Scholl shoes are not attractive at all but they are damn comfortable. The most comfortable shoes I have ever wore and they last for a long time eventhough I wear them very often. I am not much of a sneakers person so sandals are my favourite shopping shoes.
* I was hesitant to buy this colourful cropped cover-up but the colours are so striking that I decided last minute to get it. Hopefully I won't regret my decision.
* Niichi Fashion City at Sg Besi is a huge warehouse filled with lotsa clothes. I am not really fond of going there but me Mom likes it because they sell clothes of her taste but with affordable prices. But Niichi is a good place to get dresses because they sell them in reasonable prices, mostly under RM100.

I know it's TOO early but...


Top: Be+Be
Jeans: VJ Jeans
Shoes: Scholl
Bag: Magic Room
Accessories: Slim headband and earrings.

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