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3 kl blurs first time buy bus tickets

The only time I had ever went on a holiday with friends without any supervision or chaperones was during my Form 6 class trip when we went to Pulau Lang Tengah, Terengganu (a small island off Pulau Redang) in June 2007. This month, my Form 6 class is again organising a trip to Melaka, which I am joining as well. But a week before the Melaka trip, I am going to visit another state, this time in the North - Perak Darul Ridzuan.

I am going to Ipoh! The idea came because Wai Yin wanted to go to Kampar to check out her new campus. She is going to study at UTAR taking Quantity Survey (QS). Since Hanson is not able to join the class trip to Melaka, WY suggested that we go to Ipoh with Hanson instead. It was really just an idea and we did not plan much until the eleventh hour. The main problem that arise was definitely the dates. Hanson has only one week of holiday, WY is still working twice a week at Kumon, Jino is working at Wisma Genting during his sem break and Suz C (who initially wanted to follow us back to KL) also has her own plans to meet her husband. But finally, we finalise the dates and there is no changing of dates anymore!


I met up with WY and Hanson today to discuss further about the trip as well as to purchase our bus tickets at the Pudu bus station. I picked up WY first at the lrt station and then later we went to visit Hanson at KTSN, our hostel, since he stayed overnight there. I was surprised to see some FSKB students there, who are busy with the shengxue activities (So semangat!). Other than some of those students in the DSG foyer, the rest of the hostel area was really quiet.
Whilst waiting for Hanson, I acted as the tour guide to show WY around KTSN although there was really nothing impressive to show as KTSN is old, small and so-so only in terms of cleanliness. When I went up to my block, I saw many clothes hanging on the clothesline. It means the hostel management has already rented out our rooms to other people during our final semester break.

The 3 of us chatted at the cafe about our trip. There was a sense of nostalgia as I was walking around KTSN and sitting at the cafe. I am not planning to stay at the hostel starting from my 2nd year. I wonder if I will miss it?

Dear Form 6 Victorians - Recognise this place?

Walking down the familiar road to Petaling Street

Since it was troublesome to have 2 cars, I drove the 3 of us to Petaling Street. I was so blur about the directions there but luckily, we all reached there in one piece (*sweat*). It was so long since I came back to Petaling St. I used to come here very often back in Form 6 because I had so many tuitions in PST then (4 times a week!). I had Physics tuition at Kita, PA at Yakin and Biology at Kasturi. Sigh...those were the days...

I took a lot of random pics in PST today. WY and Hanson laughed at me for being so tourist-like. LOL. It is just I have not been to PST for a long time mah;(

Chinatown of Malaysia

Walking down memory lane

Kota Raya and the S&M Shopping Arcade

We intially wanted to eat the "famous" Hakka Mee at one of our favourite eating stalls but they were closed. So we revert to S&M Shopping Arcade where we ate at Uncle John's Kopitiam instead.

Check out the fancy lights at the ceiling of the mall

Wai Yin and the very bitter guilinggao

Hanson with his iced lemon tea

My meal - Special Egg Toast! Really tastes good!
"Cham" coffee and tea - So bitter!!!

Me being SS (Syok sendiri)

Wai Yin and Hanson had the special set meal

After lunch, we went to Pudu Bus Station to enquire about the bus tickets to Ipoh. This was the first time the 3 of us ever buy bus tickets before. LOL~ We did not even know where to start enquiring. WY suggested we ask reliable and established bus companies like KKKL, Konsortium and Transnasional. We started at KKKL. But when I asked the lady if they had buses to Ipoh, she said no. And you know what? They had a big sign at the front of the counter that said "Ipoh." LOL. If don't have buses to Ipoh, then don't put misleading signs-lah! Wasted our time lining up. We chose KKKL first because we saw so many people lining up. Haihz...

So, next we decided to try our luck at Konsortium. This time, there was no misunderstanding. They do have buses to Ipoh as according to the SIGNBOARDS (lol!) But we wanted to check the prices of other buses as well so we then proceed to Transnasional. Luckily, I had followed my coursemates, Carolyn and Yu Siang to Pudu bus station previously when they wanted to refund their tickets so I knew there was a bigger counter for Transnasional. They offered tickets to Ipoh at a slightly cheaper price so we bought our bus tickets there and then.

Paiseh! Me and WY acting so tourist-like!

While waiting for Hanson who went to KFC toilet, WY and I went to our favourite stickers-selling shop which was decked out in Christmas decorations.

Couldn't resist taking pic with this cool giant robotic Santa Claus

An unsuspecting Wai Yin in front of the shop

The interior of the shop was filled with Christmas decorations

Wishin' all a Jolly Good Christmas!

There was nothing else left to do so we left. The weather was scorching hot so that probably made us want to go back home. I send Hanson back to KTSN and he gave WY a ride home.

The two passengers posing with my car

S&M Shopping Arcade was having sale today. We went to Hot Market and copped some stuff. Wish I could copped more accessories but I had to control myself. A lot of accessories were on sale. I copped an anklet (which originally costs RM3.00 but had 50% discount!) and 2 sets of similiar earrings but in different colours. Before that, in the morning, I bought a pair of leggings at the flea market near my house.

T-shirt: From Guilin, China
Denim skirt: Imbi Flea Market
Accessories: Headband and earrings
Shoes: Scholl

If there is one thing that I learn today is that it is okay to be out of my comfort zone once in a while. I have never bought bus tickets before and I have never went on a free & easy (non-tour) trip with just 4 friends. I am really glad for all this experience and to have friends to share it with:)


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