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visiting malacca: episode IV: tired, sick, history and not feeling christmassy

Hohoho..Christmas is almost over tonight. Dentistry is starting their new semester today. *Sigh* All this so reminds me of going back to uni soon...

Anyways, I really want to finish what I started...So here goes...


When we walked back towards the Stadhuys, I thought we will be going back to the hotel because I was so damn exhausted, hot, sweaty, sticky...you get the gist. But nope, instead we went to Christ Church, which is among the Stadhuys buildings.

(Clockwise L-R): The Dutch Church; Going inside to view the interior of the church; Looking at the beautifully-written signs outside the church; Suz C looking "surprised"

Christ Church
=> If one looked closely, one will be able to see the handmade pews and ceiling beams that had been well-constructed without joints. Other exquisite features include the Brass Bible, the tombstone written in Armenian and the glazed tiles of "The Last Supper". It was built in 1753.

No pics were allowed inside, btw. This church was nice but I liked the previous one better.

If you are in Stadhuys or lives near Stadhuys, you will not missed this overly-decorated trishaw-like transport. Some were decorated in blooming plastic flowers, some even had music blaring from it. However, it is quite expensive to go on a ride in one of these so we did not try any. Watch out for each one as each has its own mind of creativity.

The Christ Church & The fountain just in front of it

Later, we made our way to the Museum of History and Ethnography. Everyone was "pancit" by now - dead tired. But it is not everyday one gets to go Malacca so we all sucked it up and continued our sightseeing.

The entrance to the Museum - I think the fee was RM5? I can't remember

Some of the exhibitions on History of Malacca
Above pictures are from the Dutch section - a room filled with Western artifacts; Below pictures are models of a traditional "Mamak" stall, a Dutch bread-making factory and "Kopitiam"

I like old paintings!

The section about traditional Malay houses and agriculture back then

Upstairs was exhibitions on the conquest of Malacca by the Portugese, Dutch, British and then the Japanese.

Outside, we met Admiral Cheng Ho!

View of the courtyard of the museum as seen from above

Museum of History and Ethnography
=> Built in 1982, this is a great place to learn about the History of Malacca. Through the artifacts and historical drawings, you will be transported back from the times of the Portugese, Dutch, British and Japanese, to the period of Malaysia's independence.

I think this place would have been more enjoyable had it not been I was too tired to see the rest of the exhibitions that the museum has to offered.

After that, we were supposed to go the Maritime Museum (as seen in my previous post) but beacuse we were all too reluctant to walk too far anymore, we decided to hike up St Paul's Hill to see A Famosa instead. St Paul's hill was right behind the museum.

This pic of our hotel was snapped as we went up the hill

St Paul's Church
=> Built by a Portugese captain, the church was transformed into a burial place for the noble by the Dutch. The church, which was called "Our Lady Of The Hill" by the Portugese, was renamed as St Paul's Church after the Dutch took over Malacca.

Our Lady Of The Hill
Benjamin and his camera antics - That boy is a pro photog, going to all lengths to get a good pic, including climbing up a ladder!

Ok, then we saw the famous ruins of A Famosa, the fort built to protect Malacca from foreign armies...

(Clockwise L-R): Mel and Moi; KT and his "mushroom" hairstyle - rest assured, he only did it for Ben's camera shot; Laushu; Wai Yin

Random shots of how A Famosa looks like inside - Love the drawings on the tombstones/plates

More random pics of the exterior of the old fort plus a Dutch graveyard nearby

The inscription on the fort - not very clear, though

(Clockwise L-R): Suz C resting on a rock; Jino and pH resting on the grass; Ah Len ventured around and rested on a cannon; KT posed this photo for us - the tree at the back makes him look like a peacock!; KT performing a handstand; Us girls resting on a bench

As you can see, we are all very tired - except Ben and Val, of coz, who went scouting for more places to take photos. Out of boredom, us girls asked Kian Tin to amused us and perform something to cheer us up. Then that boy did a breakdance! Who knew KT had a secret talent like that! I guess you learn something new about a person every day. I wish I had recorded his first rendition - it was so cool. But I did managed to record his handstand.

So, presenting our Big Boss, ex-Class monitor of BF class, ex-Chairman of The Board Of Monitors, ex-Chairman of the Board Of Chairmen and now doing Pharmacy in IMU;)

So we finally make our way back to the Hotel - *Phew!*

Along the way, we passed by more historical architectural buildings that I cannot resist snapping.



How did y'all spend your Christmas? Mine was pretty mellow this year. Went to Stephanie's house for lunch, just like every year. Met Lalijah, who is super bubbly and cheerful as always. She is doing Medicine in IMU, btw. Still as naughty as ever, slapping my butt! Hehe...and she says I am the cheeky one! LOL.

Went home for a while to take a nap before going to Val's house. Saw Li-Shia, Kah Loong, Tsu Wern, Eileen and Ben! Val showed us the movie clip she did of our Form 6 years, including, yes, our famous Chem teacher, Mr Kali, plus our Lang Tengah trip. Later when Ben arrived, he showed us the photos of our Malacca trip. But I couldn't see all the photos as I had to leave for my neighbour's house.

My neighbour from across my house invited my Mom and I for Christmas dinner. Met as usual, Nadia and co. Stayed for a while after dinner but my eyes really hurt, probably coz of my flu or something so I excused myself and went back home.

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