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visiting malacca: episode II: the night when we all went wild

So, continuing from where I stopped at my previous post...We all were dead exhausted and returned to our rooms. Us girls took a bath before Val asked us if we want to go soak our feet in the hotel jacuzzi.

(Clockwise L-R): On our way back to Aldy Hotel; Me trying to pull WY up because she got stuck in the gap between the two beds (LOL); The girls' room No. 201; The boys' room is No.101; Me and Suz C; Us three with our very cute slogan T-shirts; Me and laushu; The map that shows all the tourist attractions around Aldy Hotel; (Inset) An artist sketch of our hotel

The Aldy Hotel is a low building, btw. At the rooftop, there is a party area on one end and a jacuzzi on the other end. When us girls arrived at the jacuzzi, we saw some "mat sallehs" there soaking inside so we had to wait until they were done at the lounge/party area. Whilst there, we did some cam-whoring.

The girls

When we went back to the jacuzzi area, the boys were already inside soaking. Honestly, I have never been in a jacuzzi before. I had seen a few but never tried them. Soaking my sore feet in the bubbles was fun but wish the water was warmer.

(Clockwise L-R): Me at the rooftop; Girls soaking feet in jacuzzi; Me acting cute (LOL); Suz C on my lap; Me attempting a jump-in-the-air shot (which took lots of attempts!); Me at the porch near the jacuzzi area.

The larger shot version of my jump-in-the-air shot - Cool heh?

The boys haven't had their bath yet so they could all soaked themselves into the jacuzzi:(

(Clockwise L-R): Phon, KT, Ben and pH all attempting to strike a pose by touching their feets together; The freezing cold KT and smiley Ben; Ben striking a lovely pose with Phon

Notice anyone missing? Yes, it is the sleeping beauty cum Snow White - Jino! He was fast asleep in the room so he did not joined us. That boy is an awesome sleeper, someone should sign him up in a competition. Wonder who is better in sleeping 24/7 - Li Fah or Jino?

Since the boys get to soak in the jacuzzi and us girls cannot because we had already bathe, we decided to do more cam-whoring.

Thanks to Val for this photo and pose!

The boys decided to copied us (LOL) and attempted the same pose, but underwater instead

Thanks to Mel for this photo!

I like this picture! The writings on Suz C's T-shirt suits her pose. Haha. Yoga makes me flexible, calm, peaceful, and a great poser!

WY and Suz C goofing around trying to give each others piggyback rides...Felt kesian for Suz C in the 2nd photo. Hahaha...

This picture turned out great but you do not know how many attempts it took to get it right. I could not feel my legs anymore after finishing this shot (lol)

When it was getting late, we retired to our respective rooms...
Our cam-whoring did not stopped at the rooftop area. We brought it back to our room. Hahaha. Here is more of our cam-whoring pics...

The roses (girls) in the garden (room)

I looked so 'posey' in this pic!

After waiting for the guys to get ready (which we did a lot in this trip! Haih...Boys will be boys!), we made our way on foot in search of dinner.

Stadhuys at night time

In case one forgot where we were (duh!)

During our quest for food (pH will understand this! LOL), we passed by the Maritime Museum and we did not missed the chance to snap more pics! How many ships do you get to see in a middle of the town? (Ok, minus The Ship restaurant in KL!)

The Ship Museum (Not restaurant!)

The Maritime Museum
=> Constructed after the Portugese ship, "Flor De La Mar", it is a place where one will find indepth knowledge on Melaka, from the 14th Century to present time.

This pic looks so "photoshop" but it is totally genuine - Laushu in front of the bright ship

Finally, we all decided to eat at Culture Food Village, a huge food court area just down the road from the museum, and in close proximity of Mahkota Parade and the Dataran Pahlawan Megamall.

(Clockwise L-R): The Culture Food Village; Inside is a huge food court area; Tomyam seafood; Jino ate yong tau foo, chee cheong fun, char kuay teow and drank coconut juice! That boy hibernated for SO long he was SO hungry. LOL!

Suz C and her pigtails - But she is a Monkey!

Later, we went towards Mahkota Parade because we saw a night market nearby there. As we were posing for Ben's camera nearby the shopping mall, a lady suddenly came up to us and asked us to help her with something. Turns out she wanted us to write and draw out a sign on a manila card for her. We were hesitant at first because we did not know who she was or what did she really want but in the end, we agreed to help her.

Mahkota Parade decked out for Christmas

The lady took us to a stationery shop to get manila cards, marker pens, eraser and pencils. Then, later we followed her into a bowling alley so we can sit down and start writing out the signboard for her.

She wanted a giant heart on the manila card and some words about a Christmas event or something. Suz C helped to draw out the words and heart but honestly, that lady gave her quite a hard time because she had some specific requests on how the signboard was supposed to look like. The rest of us, meanwhile, just stood there waiting,

When Suz C had finish drawing everything and outlining them with marker, the lady wanted her to coloured the words as well. We had already spend almost three hours in the bowling alley waiting so we declined her request. All the shops were almost closing and we wasted one night without sightseeing in Malacca. The lady was upset we wanted to leave but we had no choice. As much as we would like to help her, she picked the wrong people and the wrong time.

Santa's little helper

We almost did not managed to leave Mahkota Parade because almost all the entrances were closed. Luckily, we followed a small crowd of people and left just as the gate to the main entrance was about to shut.

Outside, we took more pics for Ben's camera. I took this of Jino looking like a mermaid on the rocks waiting for his lover to appeared. Hahahaha:D

Ben recommended a cafe/pub at Jonker Street so we headed back there again. The place is called Geographer Cafe.

The pub we went for our late night outing

(Clockwise L-R); Jonker Walk at night; The miniature Christmas tree in the cafe; Most of us ordered and shared a bottle of Shiraz Red Wine; Suz C had Shirley Temple; WY had Blue Curacao

(Clockwise L-R): pH and Laushu shared the apple pie with ice-cream; WY downing pH's Heineken beer; Phon at the bartender's counter; Ben with Jino's favourite drink - iced water (That boy ordered iced water in a pub *Sweat*); Suz C with the Blue Curacao

Here is yours truly with my glass of wine

Ok, so I am not a good drinker but I don't mind the occasional alcohol once in a while. The red wine was nice but I was already too sleepy and tired that I was not in a drinking mood. I only had one glass of wine:(

(Clockwise L-R): WY at a pretty spot in the cafe; Us leaving the cafe as they closed at 1am; The empty streets of Jonker Walk as we make our way back to our hotel


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