Tuesday, December 11, 2007

shit! i overspend damn much already! and ee-puoh is tomorrow!

I have been a pai kah lui these days. I had 2 consecutive days of shopping. Sorry not much pics this time around. I forgot to bring my camera when I went out. Also, I am leaving for Ipoh tomorrow!


My mom went back to Tanjong Malim with her friends so Wai Yin had a sleepover at my house for one night.

Wai Yin's bags and the red one was the bag I originally packed for Ipoh

We picked her up from the lrt station and had lunch. Then, back to my house to discuss about out itinerary for the Ipoh trip. After my Mom left for her friend's house, we decided to go out to Leisure Mall since the renovation was still going on at my neighbour's house.

Our Ipoh map. We circled the places we are planning to go. The red marks are the bus station and the hotel we are planning to stay at Ipoh.

Hanson joined us later for dinner (for him, it was tea time since he was going to eat dinner at home). We ate at Chan Char Teng. I had the mediterranean curry udon which was huge and the "yin yong" tea. Then, we went shopping at Leisure Mall.

At Baleno, WY and I had a shock. Let me explain first: Hanson Chu is the typical guy's guy. He thinks shopping is a waste of time and even a RM20 T-shirt he will criticize the price and make lots of noise. Who can forget his favourite saying: "Ceh, pasar malam also got sell this shirt-lah! 3 for 10 dollars plus they give extra 3 more shirts somemore!" LOL. He was exaggerating but it just shows that he does not believe in spending a lot of money on clothes. So imagine our shock when after Hanson bought a RM41.40 collared T-shirt from Baleno, he exclaimed, "Good, finally I bought a shirt. So CHEAP somemore." LOL. Is this the same Hanson we knew of? The one who makes endless noise when us girls go shopping for clothes? The one who criticizes any clothes that we buy? Who has taken the real Hanson Chu and replaced him with a style-conscious shopping savvy clone?

Anyways, after our little endeavour, we left. Wai Yin was not feeling well so she slept early. This was the first time that I have a friend over for the night without any adult supervision. (Not to say that WY and I are not ADULTS!) Just 2 girls in the house kind of freak me out a little because I don't exactly live in a 100% crime-free neighbourhood. Also, that night I was discussing with Hanson online about where we were going to stay when we reach Ipoh. Canning Gardens where Suz C's godparents stayed or Hotel Excelsior, which is in the city? I did not sleep well yesterday night...

*My current obsession: Headbands!
*My another obsession: Earrings! I have waaaaay too many already.
*The T-shirt that I bought at Baleno. It was on sale with 30% disc but if you buy 2 from the assorted choices, you get 40% disc. So Hanson and I each bought a collared T-shirt and we got the 40% disc as well as a gift box. I love the little heart-shaped buttons!


...Which explains why I woke up with a swollen eye the next morning. I could not open my right eye. I actually took a pic of my different-shaped eyes but because I look damn ugly in the morning, I decided to "save my image" and not post it here. Also, WY was having a bad sore throat and dry coughs so I decided not to go for the movie gathering at Mid Valley after all. *Sigh* I REALLY wanted to watch the movie "Golden Compass" with Valerie and Ben and the others. I am so sorry Valerie!:(

Instead, after breakfast, I took WY to the clinic near my house. She hesitated at first, saying she will recover soon but because our trip to Ipoh is tomorrow, she succumbed and agreed that I take her to see a doctor. Turns out she has a slight fever and throat infection.

After taking her medicine, she slept. When she finally woke up, we went for lunch at HK Food & Tea (I had ham-shredded tomato sauce baked spaghetti and yummy mango-yam tong sui) and did a little shopping afterwards before I send her to Sri Petaling for her work. Haih...she is still going to work despite being having such "sexy" vocals. I hope she gets better tomorrow:(

*My another current obsession: (Haih...I am so obsessive-compulsive) T-shirts with cute wordings on them!
*More headbands!
*Love the butterfly and purple is my fave colour!

These 2 days I have been overspending. I am going for my Ipoh trip and then the week after, the Melaka trip. Plus, I am also planning to get a new handphone. Haih...why can't money grow on trees? Why can't there be a brilliant scientist who creates a formula to create a never-ending flow of money? Ok, I am talking gibberish. Probably because I am too sleepy after 2 hectic days of shopping.

And now I have to repacked my bag again because we have decided that all of us should use backpacks for the trip. Darn it! I don't even have a backpack so I am using my university-bag (schoolbag sounds a bit...inappropriate?). Everytime I packed, I always bring lots of extra stuff. The last time I went to Lang Tengah for just 3 days 2 nights, I ended up being the one with the largest bag that I myself could not even managed to carry. Had to ask the kind and nice boys to help me:P

Hopefully everything go as planned! Already we have experienced so many glitches along the way...*sigh*...Wish me luck!!! *fingers crossed*

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