Friday, December 21, 2007

back and ready to rumble!

Just got back from Melaka today and can't wait to start blogging about it. Our BF Class 2nd Annual Class Trip is an awesome success thanks largely to Ben and Valerie.
But that post has got to wait coz I am too exhausted right now.


However, this won't stop me from blogging about my shopping trip with Suz C on the eve of our trip to Melaka. I picked up Suz C from KLCC (thanks to Mom's directions!) and then later we head on to Times Square.

Did some shopping. Suz C got a cute blouse from MNG. Gosh, MNG has got some awesomely damn gorgeous clothes but the prices are way off my budget. I can splurge on it if I want, but my Mom will 'effing kill me, unless I can find up some great excuse to give her on why Fiona wants to get some beautiful MNG pieces for CNY....Hmm...I should start cracking my brains now-_-

Anyways, yours truly did not buy anything at all. Surprisingly, no? It was hard to control myself from spending but I don't want to have an overflooding of clothes in my closet. I did helped WY to buy another Ed&Ed T-shirt that she so desperately lusts for. Hehe^_^

Btw, maybe all those regular shopaholics have already seen it, but in Times Square, right in front of Lazo Diamonds shop at Concourse level, there is an exhibition of Barbie Dolls in wedding outfits. So prettttttyyyyy!!!!

Ok, I ain't gonna lie but I USED to play Barbies when I was a kid. I still keep most of them now. Just don't have the heart to give it away to me cousins. But they are all on display. I DON'T play them anymore. Back then, I like dressing them up. Y'all might not believe this but when I was a kid (with ah lian hairstyle), I wanted to be a fashion designer or an artist. Yup, I was an artistic child growing up but dunno how I ended up in the science field now. Just proves that things are never what is seems to be.

So freakin' pretty

After eating lunch at Secret Recipe, we head back to my house. Suz C was staying overnight at my house because she doesn't have transport to Pudu Bus Station the next morn'. We were really tired so we had a nap. Mom took us out to dinner later and for the rest of the night, it was watching HOUSE and chatting online. I think I only hit the pillow at 2am.

WY and I just cannot get enough of these super cute T-shirts

Anyways, I have yet to receive any photos from Jin-O and WY so my "next episode" will have to wait. Meanwhile, feast your eyes on more photos never-been-seen-before during my Ipoh Trip last week*o*

Moi cam-whoring in Kampar hotel room

Babi Hanson placed his wet hands on my bed in Ipoh hotel so I took revenge on his bed - Looks like he wet his bed! LOL

More gay pics of Jin-O and Babi Hanson

Hanson trying to do the "mermaid pose" at UTAR campus but instead "chau kong" already coz his pants was too loose

P.S. Hanson told me he made it on the Dean's List with his results. Babi sial! Berani he told me he THOUGHT he did not do well at all for his exams. *Sigh* Made me depressed only thinking about my own upcoming exam results...

P.S.S. Christmas is not even here but already I am almost finishing my CNY shopping list. Still left are:
  1. A U-collared tunic/dress (saw some gorgeous ones in Malacca but so damn overpriced)
  2. A pretty pretty gorgeous gorgeous beautiful beautiful lovely lovely casual/cocktail dress
  3. Long blouses that can cover my hips

Still wanna do more shopping!!!!

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