Tuesday, December 04, 2007

spring cleaning, vegetables, crazy noises and friendster!

Haven't been blogging for past few days. Everything has been tame lately in "fionaworld" so nothing interesting to blog about:(

Oh, I have been making use of my holidays to cleaned up my study room and most importantly, my closet. Ever since my hols started, I have dumped all books, notes and files in the study room and this is driving me mom crazeee!!!! As for me, I really don't see a problem with it. But of course, we all know WHO always win:(

So yesterday, I sorted out all books, arranged all notes into their respective files and decide which notes and books that I want to bring back for my 2nd semester. While cleaning up, I found this:

It is my letter of admission into UKM. I did not know what to do with it but later, I decided to just keep it for nostalgic reasons. It is not always one gets a university admission letter. LOL. Looking back at my 1st sem, I guess it was bittersweet.

It was sweet because Pharmacy has always been something I wanted to do since after SPM. I applied for it during my application for the JPA scholarship and although I made it for the group interviews, I did not get the scholarship. After that, my hopes to study Pharmacy seems to slowly diminished since it was a very expensive course to study either in overseas or in private unis. I opted to do STPM so that I can do Pharmacy in public unis. However, I was told that STPM students stand a lesser chance of entering public unis and getting the course of their choice, more so if you are Chinese. Besides Pharmacy, I also applied for Chemical Engineering. I really thought I would be doing that until...I received that letter. Ok, wait! Not letter. Times has changed. It should be...until I received that sms...from Hanson. LOL. Ok, let me clear that up. I was so nervous when they announced that the results from university applications were released that I dare not check for mine. You know how it is, every time you are about to know "life-altering decisions" - butterflies in stomach, scared, etc. So I checked for Hanson's one first (it helps that his IC no is quite similiar to mine's) and after I sms-ed to him, he sms-ed back and told me I got Pharmacy in UKM, which is my second choice (First is in UM).

Bitter was because of my one week of orientation. One word to describe it - HELL. Lack of sleep, sucky food, boring activities and half the time I wanted to curse those seniors who were having a hell of a time shouting at us. Most difficult of all, I have to admit was the language barrier. In KTSN, there was only Hanson that I know and it does not help that he is in another faculty so that means I really do not know anyone at all (unlike all those matriculation students, who knew a lot of their own matric people that gained entry into UKM as well). So I have to make new friends, right? It is not bad until I found out that most Chinese do not speak ENGLISH! I know, sad:( They all spoke MANDARIN. And my Mandarin is as good as...umm...OK, IT SUCKS! My Mandarin sucks. I have never spoken a word of Mandarin in my whole entire life. I only picked up Cantonese in Form 1. Sigh...so you know how life was for me during 3M orientation week...But it was not ALL bad. I met an English-speaking Chinese girl from Dietetics who was really nice, maybe because she knows how much I struggle with Mandarin. There was also my own coursemate who is of Dusun ethnicity. And another Chinese girl from Kelantan studying PDR who speaks English well. These were the few people I stuck with during orientation week. I am not saying everyone is unfriendly or anything. Everyone that I met was friendly and nice. It is just that I am not able to hold a conversation in Mandarin. It will eventually break up because one, I do not know how to say it in Mandarin and two, I do not know what the other person is saying.


So, I have finally cleared off my closet as well. It is time to get rid of all those clothes that I have never wore. If y'all didn't know, yours truly is a bit of a shopaholic so for a 20-years-old student, I do have TOO many clothes. Did not know it will be this difficult packing those clothes that I am planning to give away. All those memories...*sigh*


In other unrelated things, I did a makeover on my Friendster profile! Ok, lame, I know but I have too much free time already. Check it out here. But if you are not in my friends' list, you will not be able to see. So what are you waiting for? Add me-lah! LOL~


Books that I am still trying to finish before the end of my holidays:

1) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
2) Foundations of Microbiology
3) Organic Chemistry

Now all I wish is for that @#$%^&* construction work at my neighbour's house to be over as soon as possible because the noise is driving me CRAZEEEEE!!!!!


And here are some pics of a vegetable my mom bought in the market.

It looks cool, ok? Like some corals under the ocean, just like those I saw during my Lang Tengah trip. So I cannot help but snap some pics of it before it becomes my Mom's dinner. It's pretty expensive too. Costs RM3.80 just for that small thing. The grocer says that it is a delicacy in China wor. Hmm...


More random pics from Suz M that she mms-ed to me:

I know Suz M won't be reading this but thanks ya for all those cute pics!

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