Monday, June 16, 2008

it's spring cleaning time in life

I have a lot of unfinished fictional novels but I am still craving for more. My shopaholic self has released itself again. Shit.
Anyways, here is an interesting blog by a gay guy from Ipoh. It seems not many bloggers ever talk about being gay before.

Very rarely a book classified under chick lit makes me ponder about my own life. But "Frenemies", this book I am currently still reading (4 chapters more...I know, I am such a slow reader, wth) by Megan Crane has really got me inspired.

Have you ever have one of those days when everything in life is just so messed-up and that things just never seem to be right? One of those days you wished you never get out of bed and it feels like the whole world is judging you and waiting for you to crumble?

Well, I finally realized why I feel so miserable...because I am so damn immature. Yes, it actually took a book for me to realized this. Darn.

Because I feel like I am spinning out of control on my life now, I have decided to do some therapeutic thing like the protagonist in the book is doing - spring-cleaning. Maybe when I finally got rid of all these junk in the house, then I can freakin' get rid of all the crap in my head as well.

I guess I should really learn to grow up and stop traumatizing over things that are so not worth it. I think something is seriously wrong with my persona if some of the people I keep meeting are jerks. Not all okay? I just think some people can be so damn rude sometimes.

So, after 1 and a half-months of hibernating at home for the holidays, I decided to finally clear up all my books and notes to be given to my future "small buddy". So "wonderful" this thought only occurred to me when in about 2 weeks' time, I will be returning as a 2nd-year SENIOR sharing with 2 people in a room which is even smaller than my own bedroom. Haih...

But first let me show some before-pics:

The table where we eat during formal dinners, otherwise it is always in front of the TV. Since no formal dinners lately, hence the mess.
The table which was supposedly my study table but since it is always so crammed-up and humid in the storeroom, I decided to study in the dining room. Hence, the unused space here.

This, unfortunately, were the bags which are still unpacked ever since I brought them back from my hostel. It was like, yeah, 1 and a half-months ago.
Only a portion of the messy storeroom.

The storeroom is like the most freakishly hellish place in the entire house. It is so damn scary I try my hardest not to go in. It has mountains of crap and junk everywhere. Whenever we dunno where to keep something, it gets dumped in the storeroom. There are notes all the way dating from 2004 during my SPM era. Okay, so my outright slovenliness and languid interest in housekeeping is revealed here. I know I can be lackadaisical, but hey, I am really trying hard to change ok? So don't judge me.

Anyways, after 3 hours, this is what goes to the bin:

I know, so damn little right? It's so shit that I cannot bring myself to throw away those SPM-era notes. Someone pls convince me to get rid of them!

Remember the before pic of my dinner table? Well, here is the after-pic:

Lol. I know, so much messier right, wth? Okay okay, I was sorting the stuff according to UKM notes and various other miscellanous notes. I ran out of space in the conjusted storeroom so I had to moved them outside.
See! See! I actually had a table underneath all those books and notes!

You know, I would want nothing more than to show the "finished product" here, but sadly it is still not done yet! I want so badly for everything to be spic and span soon but just too tired already. Worry not for I am still very fervent and keen on this idea of spring-cleaning. But maybe, like everything else, things do not have to be done so fast and so soon, instead needs to be done according to my own time. I hope this is not an excuse for procrastination though. Huh.

But I am serious about changing my mentality and perspective (or is it perceptive? english sucks) on life. Things just seem like a mess right now because I never took any responsibilities on making it better. It just seems like the best time to learn a little control, otherwise I feel like I am stuck in this same rut again and again.

Or maybe I should just shut up and grow up. And it does not help that I am turning 21 in about, 6 months time.

Before that, let me show you my fugly face. Yes, those shitty pimples are still freakin' there but it had gotten a lot better since I took the medicine prescribed by my dermatologist. I know, it took some swelling on my cheeks to finally convinced me to visit my dear old friend, Dr. Rueben again.

I only put this pic because I like how browwwnnn my eyes are. wth

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