Sunday, June 22, 2008

two movies back-to-back

I don't even remember the last time I actually watched a movie, must been some ages ago. Oh whatever-lah, it's not like I am such a fervent fan of movies. Just when I thought I probably will never be into the "movie crowd" anymore, I watched 2 movies for 2 consecutive days.


I actually went out with the SBU people today. Yes, some of whom I have never even seen since after SPM, I think, close to about 4 years ago! szukee, wainey, xiaowen, xianglin, khairun, jessmine and myself went to Times Square to catch a movie. nicole came much later.

Yes, it was good seeing them all again, and to realize the fact that so many people are doing Accounting and Medicine. LOL.

I have to admit, I really hardly take the initiative to keep in touch with the SBU people. Does that make me hostile? Gosh. Well, of coz, except those who continued Form 6 with me, them I still make a point to see during hols.

Jessmine is crazeeee....ROFL!

Also, it was good seeing Jessmine again. I haven't seen her since post-STPM, I think. Btw, she is doing Medicine in USM, in case anyone is wondering. The downside is that the health campus is in Kelantan, though, and she doesn't have any inter-semester breaks, so I hardly get to see her. And she lost weight. *envy* Well, not that she wanted to. Because of her constant diarrhea in her hostel, she had to switched to being a vegetarian there.

After the movie, I send Jessmine back and dropped by her house. And we had a nice chat and reminisce about her house, which used to be our English Literature tuition place. Yes, we were all ex-students of Miss Leela, who taught us English Lit for SPM.

Those were the days.

Crap, I just realized how oldddddd I am.


So, all of us in solidarity decided to watch "Get Smart", an action-flick-cum-comedy starring funnyman Steve Carell, "princess" Anne Hathaway and Dwayne Johnson, The Rock.

If you heard of this movie, you would probably know that it pokes fun about the secret spies agent stories. Seriously, have no expectations for this movie and you will be bawling your asses off. The whole audience in the cinema kept laughing out most of the time.

There are a couple of lame stupid jokes but overall, it is quite good actually (note my surprise tone?). Thank gawd, coz I was so afraid it was going to be those horrible Jim Carrey movies which had such distasteful jokes. This one is definitely thumbs-up for me.

But I do think Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway together is so wrong. Do not expect any romance factor here because obviously, the chemistry between the two leads are so blah, so bland. Oh, and do listen to some of the witty lines. OMFG, so damn funny!


Supposed to go to my new place at Setapak to await the new furniture but due to unforeseen circumstances, namely the lorry got itself lost during delivery to Cheras...(=_=) Mom and I have to go kill time in KLCC.

You know how sometimes when you go to a frequently-visited restaurant, you tend to order the same thing you always have? Like, if I go Madam Kwan's, I always ordered the Nasi Bojari? Or if it was McD's, I almost always get the Filet-O-Fish...

Anyways, if I ever go to KLCC Food Court, I always find myself walking towards the Kyros Kebab booth, regardless of all the other scrumptious options around. I dunno why, once I see that red-and-white booth with that lamb face, nothing else seems to catch my eye. Or maybe it's because I am lazy to make a choice.

As usual, I have the Kyros Kebab Black Pepper Spaghetti with Chicken
Mom ordered something from Yoshinoya
And as a remedy for sweet tooth, ice-cream from Gelato Fruity. Strawberry Yoghurt is so freakin' yummylicious!

So, to kill the time, we watched the chick flick romantic comedy genre (not necessarily in the correct order) "Made of Honor".

Yes, the very cheesy and generic love story where best friends fall in love with one another. Guy doesn't realized what he had till she's gone and yadda, yadda.

You must think I am such a Patrick Dempsey fan because well, I did watch "Enchanted" twice. And now again, I am supporting Patrick Dempsey's movie by forking out money buying tickets to his movie, which eventually will be contributed to the amount of gross earnings this movie achieved worldwide.

The answer is no: I am not an avid fan of Mr McDreamy. Although I do like "Grey's Anatomy" (Seriously, how can you hate that show?) but I really really do not think Patrick is that ruggedly handsome as everyone makes him out to be. He is good-looking, yeah, but gorgeous...uhm...nope, not in my dictionary of the definition of gorgeous.

But I will give him credit for being a good actor. Yes, the guy can act. He is funny and man, he is a great juggler! (You have to watch the movie to see it). Well, I wouldn't really recommend this movie though. So typical and the overused storyline really does not make this movie stand out. The only twist in the movie is probably the reversal of gender roles in terms of being bridesmaid. Other than that, yeah, pretty much the same.

For once, I would like to see a movie where the two best friends / childhood friends / lifelong buddies DO NOT end up together. Hmmm, I wonder why the society perceive a friendship between man and woman as something impossible? I dunno, could it be the overflow of these fictional storylines? *rolls eyes*

And for the record, not being cynical here, just honest. (Ha-ha, some ppl must be vomiting when they heard the last word)

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