Monday, June 30, 2008

a weekend of birthdays

I know this is old news, I kinda forgotten I wanted to post it here. Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Carina Lau, two great Hong Kong celebrities are finally getting married! They have been together since 1989! Lol. I seriously dunno what to comment.

Can you believe three bday events consecutively? That is what happened when you are born in 1987. Many 21st bday events this year, of course, considering that 21 is the symbolic age of maturity. I get to relish the fact that everyone is getting old, all because I am a November baby, when really, I know that my time will come and it is not that long away. Yes, it is all a camouflage to me, to run away from the fact that I am going to be officially responsible for all my actions. Damn, I think I am having a turning-21-life-crisis.

27th June 2008 ~ #1: RENDEZVOUS

It is Ah Len's bday!!! Yes, her name is len yi won, a girl I met in SBU but only got to know her better in VI because coincidentally, she sits right in front of me. She is currently pursuing Pharmacy @ IMU.

After watching the movie with seen ing, we both met up with soo ee, walk around for a while at Leisure Mall and then we head on to Rendezvous Steak Garden, near Bulatan Kampung Pandan.

Yes, but thanks to clever ol' me, who was the driver slash guide, I got the three of us lost and stuck in KL traffic jam at the worst hour of the day, so we arrived a good one hour late.

For those living in KL area, you must be going "WHAT???!!! WTF????" Because the place is so damn near and gawd knows, how I ended up in the egregrious KL after-work traffic jam. The funny thing was the fact that the place was right next to us and we didn't even realize it.

Well, like I said, we arrive late and what was supposedly a "surprise" bday dinner for Len Yi, unfortch, well you do not need me to go into the details. Phon and Len nicely greeted us when we arrive...(=_=)

The crowd mainly consists of ex-SBU girls, well no surprise there. Reunion between myself, seen ing, soo, wainey, suz C, lip shen, may san, and ah len. Then there were the usual BF-ians, like phon, wai loon, and li ling. And spouses and other victorians (true vics, to be exact) alike.

Now, Rendezvous is a restaurant which has been established for years now. I remember going there as a child (hence, the 'confidence' that I can lead the way). The food is mediocre, good ol' western-style delights.

Unfortunately, dunno what happened to moi that day - brought camera but NO MEMORY CARD! Yes, so bimbo-like. Crap. This is the 2nd time already! (1st time was CAC Nite)

So like it or not, have to give credits lor to the person I steal the photos from. You can read more about this place here but I think many know about this restaurant already.

I had the Cheese Chicken. Very yummy and feeling.

The night was spend doing what we do best - chatting and laughing. Eventhough it sounds boring but I can assured you, time passes so quickly whenever you have the biggest crappers and jokers around:)

You can see the quality of my handphone camera. Haih...

So vexingly, this post is devoid of photos from a great night. Haih...Maybe I will post them up if ever I manage to steal any from those who took photos.


28th June 2008 ~ #2: MUNAKATA

Went to Setapak in the morn' for more unpacking. I never knew staying off-campus can be so taxing and stressful. I guess I was really being naive when I first decided to stay outside. But too late for regrets now. Just forgive me if ever I am being surly and choleric whenever you see me these days. I am such a worrywart, especially over things that has yet to happened.

After Setapak, Mom had to go get something from her office, so we settle for lunch at a Japanese Restaurant just a stone's throw away. Mom highly recommended it since she and her colleagues frequently dine there.

It is called "Munakata" and situated opposite Wisma KFC on Jalan Sultan Ismail, right above TGI Friday's.

Green tea and wet towel
Mom had the California roll, which was absolutely delectable but at a whopping RM15 for one

What makes this roll special was the fact they put mangoes inside too, who knew?

I had the sashimi and unagi set lunch, which I think was quite reasonably priced. I think it was RM40 or RM45.

Just look at all the fresh salmon and sashimi and the huge piece of unagi

All in all, I enjoyed my Jap lunch experience very much. My set lunch was absolutely scrumptious! The place is great too, with ambient interior, air-conditioner lovely service. Definitely a restaurant that I will go again, but not often because I am not filthy rich.

Read more about Munakata from this food blogger *here*.

Oh ya, in case you didn't notice, I didn't mention anything about birthdays here but it was actually the day of wong ai ling's 21st big bday bash. Unfortunately, silly me did not check my mail, so I saw the invitation too late. Oh well, I guess it was not meant to be.


29th June 2008 ~ #3: FUSION HAVEN

Had a small group of BF-ians eating lunch to commemorate yin ching's 21st bday, which was on the 28th. Yinching is a lovely girl from BF that is just so sweet and nice and dear to me. She is doing Chemistry in UM currently. I haven't seen her at all these hols since she did not attend the gatherings so myself and li ling decided to have lunch with her at sri petaling. We also called a few people like phon, len and waiyin.

We went to this place called "Fusion Haven", located at a row of shops behind the "World Of Dim Sum". I hardly ever go to sri petaling to eat because it is not that convenient although I know a good many people staying there.

I found out later from li ling and yinching that the place is owned by the father of one of their old friend. The interior of the place isn't anything to rave about, looks like kopitiam actually, with the marble tables that has so become the trademark of kopitiam.

But the food, I tell you, was wonderful. Yes, right down to the creative presentation of the food. I was really surprised, honest be told. Because we all know how pics in the menu can be so underhand and deceptive that I did not expect my food to come out exactly as it is portrayed in the menu.

I am glad whoever cooked my dish took the initiative to present it in such a way that it looks like a top-notch chef dish. Really, right down to the interesting streaks made by the sauce on my chicken to the cute triangle rice ball.

Once again, I did not bring my camera so terpaksa-lah I steal photos from people again. Here is the lovely blogger I stole the pics from. If you want to see more of the dishes from this place, do visit her blog. I only took the pics of the stuff I ate and other relevant miscellanous.

This is the exact address of the place

I had the Oriental Teriyaki Chicken. The rice ball is hidden beneath the chicken. Only RM12.90.

And for dessert, Li Ling recommended this dish. Only RM3.90. I love the fusion of the hot chocolate inside the cake with the cold flavour of the rasberry ice-cream. A must-try!

The exact location and contact details.

So, here I would like to wish yinching:


There goes my weekends. All about birthdays. depressing you know realizing the fact that one have to grow up. I know I still behave like a child sometimes. Well, when you are an only child with mother who only wants what is best for you, it is pretty inevitable.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the idea of growing up.

To me, growing up means making as many mistakes as possible and realizing that they are just mistakes.

Does it make sense? Never mind, I dunno how to end this post anyway.

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