Tuesday, June 24, 2008

here in my second home (worrywart)

Many of you know Kenny Sia, but do you know who is Benny Sia?

This is such a short update that I don't even know why I bother. Haih...


My coursemate from Penang, Tze Im, dropped by KL with her younger bro on Monday so they stayed overnight at my place before leaving the next day. And no, they are not here for recreational purposes.

I hope I was a good hostess though. I can sincerely say that my house is a really boring place (or I am a really boring person?). Every night, I either watched TV (which is most of the time), read a book or just go surf the net.

Still, I am glad Tze Im and her bro came. At least there was something to keep me occupied in what are the remaining of my sabbatical holidays.

Can you feel my depressed mode emanating here? So not ready (or don't ever want to be ready) to return to the shenanigans of uni life.


In other delectable news, I finally watched "Kungfu Panda"! Featuring the voices of Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie and other miscellanous stars who had no impression on me as they only spoke a few lines despite their fame. (Yes, Jackie Chan voices the nondescript Monkey).

So what do I think of the movie? Let's start with the best parts first:
  1. The animation was certainly out-of-the-world, in a grrreeeaaaatttt way. I mean, seriously, those fur/hair on the panda and raccoon looked so freakin' real. World-class animation. Mind-blowing. Those graphic artists (or whatever profession they are called) really outdone themselves.
  2. The effects were equally superb. Expect lots of kungfu moves here, some really farce and absurd but nevertheless, very entertaining. Although, I still doubt the fact that a fat (but lovable) panda who only learned kungfu in such a short period of time is able to defeat a leopard who practically defeated an army of 1000 rhinoceroes? Yes, pretty freakin' far-fetched.
  3. The storyline is pretty crap. Very run-of-the-mill sort of story. Undistinguised. And in some ways, pretty incredulous. But it is an animation movie. Kids will probably love 'em anyways. So if you are looking for something different about the movie, don't count on the plot.
  4. The characters are okay-lah. I personally don't like Jack Black that much. I feel like he is trying so hard to be funny that it seems pathetic sometimes. Everything funny thing he attempts, he magnifies it ten times to make it seem ridiculous, but I find it annoying. In this movie, besides the Panda and Master Shifu, all other characters seemed unimportant, like the movie can do equally well without them. The effect they had on the movie is like, next to nothing.

So, do watch the movie for the awesome effects and animation. And, yeah, there are some omnipresent moral lessons thrown inside. However, I do not think of it as comedy fanfare and I think it is a pretty forgettable movie too.


I went again to Setapak on Monday. It seems like I am a frequent visitor there despite me not officially inhabitting the place yet.

Honestly, I admit I am a little freaked out about living off-campus next sem.

No more UKM buses. I have to take public buses.

No more one roommate. I have two roommates now.

No more cheaper accommodation fees. I have to pay an exorbitant amout of money for rent now.

No more wide space. My room is like, only half the space of what my hostel room used to be.

No more communal bathrooms. Cannot complain about that.

No more being lackadiscal about housework.

Yes, I will be lying if I say I am not the least bit scared about staying off-campus. Fortunately, the apartment is clean and spacious and I do have the best 2 roommates (I could ever asked for). But somehow, I guess, we are always afraid of the unknown. Life off-campus is not going to be as convenient as it used to be back in the hostel. And I have to learn to be tolerance and considerate of my other housemates and also, my two sometimes-annoying-sometimes-lovely roommates now.

There are still so much stuff that needs to be refurbished and I have yet to moved my belongings there, as I want to bring as minimal stuff as possible. My room is just filled with my other roommates' things and already, it seems pretty messy.

Just being speculative if I can really survive out there. But I guess, I just have to take it one step at a time. "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift. That is why it is called 'present'!"

And despite myself saying all the bad sides of staying off-campus, I guess it is also equally important to concentrate on the positive aspects of it. How can I be happy if I always see the glass as half-empty right? Maybe it is time that we all learned to see the good things in life.

I watched on the TV once before about how a group of church members took on the challenge of "not complaining". A no-complains policy. If they ever feel like complaining, they just shut their mouth and not voiced it out. And the fact was, they lead a happier life because they changed their focus in life.

If they can do it, I think I can do it too. Start small, maybe?

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