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ten reasons i ♥ david cook (as if we all still need convincing)

'b' can be so damn unreliable sometimes...really dun wan him as a fren anymore...wtf
Oh you have to read this. Apparently there is a gossipgirl wannabe in Kuching who tries to make drama from no drama at all. Who knew, Kuchingites are as famous as New Yorkers? Or so Rumour Chick claims to be.

Classic Michael Johns quote (from Larry King when asked about idol David Hernandez who is gay and used to be a stripper): "If I had a body like that, I would strip too."

Before you continue, let me warn you that I am slightlycompletely obssessed with DavidCook. If you are a fan of DavidArchuleta or cannot stand a celebrity-obssessed girl, pls do not continue.

One day when I looked back on my 102nd post and see how infatuated I am with DavidCook, I am so going to laugh at myself.

DavidCook says thank you to his fans

If anyone is wondering for the lack of updates here, no, it is not because I have been going out.


Yup, I seriously think I have a gigantousobssession with that guy.

I hardly even watched the latest American Idol season at all, actually. Well, cannot help it if you are stuck in the hostel with no TV and tonnes of work that always seem never-ending. So yeah, I have to admit I have not actually been keeping up with AI 7 at all.

Then came that time when I saw the now-so-famous-performance-that-every-blogger-is-talking-about when mydavidcook (I so cannot call him DC because it reminds me of Denise Chin. Lol) sang that version of Mariah Carey's "Always be my baby". That guy totally changed my perception. All along, I thought davidarchuleta would win it all but after that performance, with that sexyhusky power vocals and that handsome face and that soulful gaze in his eyes (did I mentioned I am obssessed with him?), I just look forward to his performance every week.

Mom is a fan of davidarchuleta, anyway. Lol. So I won! Lol. Yeah, my Mom and I were at opposite ends during the season's finale.

But you know what is even better?

In AI 4, I rooted for Bo Bice. And Carrie Underwood won...(I like rockers)
In AI 5, I rooted for Kat McPhee. And Taylor Hicks won...(Lousiest season)
In AI 6, I rooted for Blake Lewis. And Jordin Sparks won...(BL definitely was different)

So yeah, you see, I am not such a so pah sing (bad-luck charm) after all. Lol.

Both Davids guitar hero commercials

So, without further adieu, I present to you the top 10 reasons me love mydavidcook:

#10: Because he has tattoos and tears

Yes, how often do you see a tattooed man who not only gets so into the lyrics but also into his emotions? Freakin' sexy (for me anyways).
#9: Because he has a rockin' sense of fashion style

Hankies in his back pockets? Layered necklaces? Tonnes of bracelets? Custom-made cowboy boots? Need I say more? Don't really approved his style all the time but him in a smart blazer and jeans - the epitome of a "sharp-dressed man". Hey, give credits to the guy for being pretty metrosexual.

#8: Because he is humble and compassionate

This sounds like a pretty cheesy reason but really, when you come from a small town, ready to give up things to pursue music in another state, sing in bars, part-time bartending - you should be humble by the circumstances. Also, a brother who fights brain tumour for as long as you have been in music? And nothing is sweeter than what he did for Lindsey Rose, the little girl afflicted with leukemia, for whom he wears an orange bracelet for.

#7: Because he has freakin' great hair.

You know what, guys should take a cue from him. When your hair/fringe/bangs is as long as your fingers, get a freakin' haircut already. Gosh, sometimes I don't get guys who are so into this long hair thing, and the long fringe. It does not look sexy at all. Men should have short hair, like they are supposed to, not so short until you look like you have been enlisted in the army but not so long like you just joined the la-la slash ah beng army ok? Look at the wonders of snippets did to mydavidcook:)

mydavid cook on VH1's Best Week Ever

#6: Because he knows like, half the words in the dictionary (ok, I may be exaggerating there)

If you are an avid fan of AI7, you might have seen a clip where mydavidcook self-proclaims himself as a word nerd, indulging in word puzzles. So yeah, women are attracted to brains ok? Besides the other obvious reasons.

Been watching his past performances that I missed on youtube. And also been watching some American Idol Extra video clips (blame the holidays for all this free time) and mydavidcook is more than meets the eye. He graduated from college in Graphic Design, even designing the album cover of his first independent solo album, pre-Idol. And yeah, he might talk pretty slow and soft for my liking, but extremely articulate. Plus, intelligent words flow out of him like river (cannot find any better comparisons). All the contestants even voted him "Most Brainy".There is something about smart guys that I find hot.

#5: Because he has a freakin' sense of humour

But what makes him even more attractive to me is that he is absolutely hilarious. He tells all these stupid jokes and make funny but smart comments on the camera. Yeah, you know what they say; Humour is the way to a woman's heart. No, I made that up. Ok ok. The way to MY heart, anyway.

How can you go wrong with a guy who is not afraid to laugh at himself?

mydavidcook funny moments

Oh yeah, davidarchuleta is also pretty funny, in a I-am-not-trying-to-be-funny kind of way. Like, he didn't mean to tell a joke but then it turns out to be funny. Jino-like, I would say. The blur kind of funnyman. Mydavidcook calls it "dry wit".

Random fact: He and davidarchuleta are the only singles in the Top 10. Lol.

#4: Because he is so freakin' talented that American Idol can just wrap up because they will not find anyone better than him

Besides being a freakin' good-looking rocker (it is time for rocker musicians to be acknowledged. Cheers for that), is the fact that he does not let himself become the song, he lets the song become him. We all know he is the usual rocker musician dude and sometimes the crappy themes on the show makes him do these crappy songs. (Sorry but Dolly Parton songs?) What is interesting is the fact that he plays around with the arrangements of these songs to suit his rocker style. And that is a breath of fresh air because who wants to hear all these old classics again (except all the ahem..."much mature" audience) in that same old classic style? This is the reason I think Daughtry got out last time, coz he sang a song which was so not totally him.

He even make me like "Billie Jean" and "Hello" again. Credits to him for that. I have to admit, am not a big fan of classics, esp those back in 80s'. They can get pretty annoying sometimes. I only like the 50s' (the big band element) and Beatles. So yeah, I am quite specific. Lol.

#3: Because he has a great laugh

Ok, can argue this almost same as being funny but you know, some funnymen just don't have that laugh that can brighten up a room...ok, this sounds so like a girly calendar motivational words.

Actually, I saw this clip on youtube and found it absolutely hilarious. Catch mydavidcook's laugh at the very end.

Both Davids on Guilermo's Hollywood Round-up

#2: Because one year ago, he was still singing in a bar to an audience of five people, where four of them are employees

Or so he jokes on Larry King Show but yeah, it kinda gives hope. That a down-to-earth slash grounded family guy slash self-independent musician/vocalist like him can be discovered on a cheesy show like AI 7 and become so famous that little girls are crying for him? (Seriously, why is American Idol always afflicted with crying pubescent girls?)

Some may say he got the votes because he is good-looking but dearies, then why the freakin' hell is Michael Johns voted out then??? Yes, he is one of my favourites too. To sum it up, mydavidcook has the whole package - looks+talent - sends electric shots down the spine of every adolescent girl, single women in thirties, career women, rock and roll junkies, divorcees, spinsters, grandmamas, and gay men. Yes I crapshit you not.

#1: Because he has gorgeous green eyes!!!

Need I say or elaborate anymore?

Freakin' upset right now. If only I was born in the US. If only I was freakin' loaded. If only the new sem does not have to start on July 1st. Otherwise I would buy tickets to USA and watch them on tour. They even have a meet-and-greet fan session. Aaargghh! wtf. What I would do just to see mydavidcook upclose. I know, crapshit that Malaysia is like so damn far. Right now, he is on every kind of talk show there is, and legions of fans following him wherever he goes. Freaking 97.5 million voters and he got 56% ok? Won by 12 million. Like, wow? And that is US alone. Plus, he got a page on wikipedia. Lol.

Ok, clearly this is like the longest post I have ever written...Have I mentioned how obssessed I am with mydavidcook? It just seems no end to what I have to say about my idol.

I think he can just persuade me to work next sem break (I forgot to mention how lazy I am) so I can save enough money to go LA and NY, my two dream destinations in the US of A, and of course ultimately to see him.

Or I can just try to persuade Mom to let me do my Masters in US...(^_^)


Jay Leno: Have you ever run around in your underpants for the camera before?
MyDavidCook: Uhh..never for money, no.


P.S. I know I should be the bigger person here but no, I don't want David to end up with Kimberly Cadwell

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