Thursday, June 26, 2008

any ukm kkl questions?

My aunt thinks I should have went to work this hols...wth? haih, so sad and pathetic life working from 8am-5pm but the money will be so freakin' fabulous. wtf, I am so damn broke right now:(

Recently i realized that i have been getting many questions about my campus UKM KKL, esp since i posted about it last year.

i have no problems with questions because i wished that i had someone to enquire when i was first admitted into UKM KKL.

so here is an open invitation, if you have any ques about my campus or if you know anyone who had been accepted into UKM KKL, pls feel free to ask, either by leaving comments in this post or in my chatbox because i will answer all of them in this post, for further reference by other juniors.

pls spread the word around to others as well, who might not know this blog exists so that they are all welcomed to ask anything about the campus.

just am glad to help:)

meanwhile, here are some FAQs i received:

1) How is the dress code in UKM?

The dress code is pretty much the same as in any other public unis. Collared T-shirts, nothing too skimpy and jeans are only not allowed during exams.

here is a warning for orientation week, the 3M week, there are only 3 dress codes available and nothing else. A dark blue baju kurung, a KTSN T-shirt (that they will give) and a traditional outfit (safest, just stick to baju kurung).

during my orientation week, i brought 3 baju kurungs because at the end of the day you will be too exhausted to wash any clothes and trust me, you have to wash the clothes because you are running under the hot sun most of the time.

you won't be wearing any other dress codes during 3M.

2) Are there drinking water?

There is a water cooler in every block, i believe. Well, there is one in J block, my block. Which is clearly not that hygenic. Most people buy water from the osmosis water refilling machine downstairs, or else they have an electric kettle.

3) Any air-con?

No air-con rooms in hostel. In fact, hot as hell inside. Seriously. One of my coursemates brought an electric fan from home. I think 4th floor is the hottest. The only air-con room available in UKM hostel is the library slash study room.

But all classrooms and lecture halls are well-equipped with air-cons.

4) Can request for preferred rooms?

As for roommates of the same race, not to say exactly same race because my roommate is Dusun whilst I am Chinese. They sort by Muslims and non-Muslims. Although initially there were a lot of glitches in terms of roommates, but if you want to change your room, do it quickly. I did have a coursemate who requested to change her room due to allergy problems but if you do not have a good excuse, i dont think they will layan you.

5) Can go out or go home every weekend?

The answer is yes. KTSN is not that strict about these things. As long as you don't break curfew, which is midnight, then you can go anywhere you pleased. But getting public transport from the hostel, KTSN is very difficult. We always go out after classes back in the faculty, which is easier. Nearby the hostel is Taman Tasik Titiwangsa where I used to go jogging with friends as well.

But there is no nearby food outside the hostel, except McDonalds which is really far. Can walk-lah but still quite far. I walked, like twice before only. There are more food outside the faculty though, especially in Chow Kit and opposite HKL. I always frequented the Chinese food stalls there. I am sure the Chinese seniors will bring the juniors there.

6) How is the bathrooms?

Well, there is a common bathroom and toilets on every floor, but half of the showers are not working. Things get pretty hectic esp after classes, coz there will be lots of people waiting to bathe (hate waiting). The bathrooms are pretty clean except during weekends, coz that is when the cleaners don't come.

The worse mess I have seen in the bathroom was when a cat came and shit in there. OMG, so freakin' stinky. Yeah, cats are of abundance in the hostel. Dunno who the damn owners are.

7) Any dobi?

Nope, but there are washing-machines. None in my block but there is one in Block G and H. I know there is a dobi opposite our faculty in Chow Kit but no one goes there to do their laundry. I dunno why.

8) Any internet connection?

Well, there is a cyber cafe in the hostel but seriously, the computers there are pretty corrupted with viruses and really slow. Printing is also available but kinda expensive.

Yes, there is wifi in KTSN but really, the signal is always so damn low in the rooms. Most people get stronger signals downstairs, near the cafe.

Also, I heard some people are not able to use the wifi line, maybe if it is Windows Vista.

But all laptops must first be registered at the Pusat Komputer UKM in the faculty.

9) About PTPTN.

I take the loan too and it is a total nightmare. I heard they have changed the system since but when I did mine, it was hell. I waited for hours before it was my turn to process the application.

UKM will tell you what to do and inform you when the officer is coming. But all the application details have to be done yourself. Seriously, so damn strict. I think mine got rejected three times. So just listen carefully to the instructions.

Anyways, if you are a Pharmacy, Medicine or Dental student, you get JPA scholarship automatically.

So that is all I have so far. Will update more tomorrow =)

Extra tips: If you are Chinese, make sure you speak good Mandarin. Chinese seniors will approach you in the first week of classes to get to know you better. STPM students always have a hard time. I know. Most of my friends are STPM. But somehow you will be too busy studying to realize it.


Anonymous said...

what do u mean by stpm students will have a hard time??

FIFIONA said...

well, because being a stpm student (and I also quote from my other friends), this is why:

1) we are not used to staying in hostel like the matriculation students are.
2) STPM are a minority here. There are 41 Chinese students in my course and only 11 are from STPM. well, let's just say we are always getting mistaken by lecturers.
3) basically, the system is different from STPM, like classes are from 8am to 5pm, unlike back then.
4) Because STPM students are a minority, it also means we know less seniors. Most of the seniors are matriculation and somehow, they will root to help their own juniors more.
5) Like me, I am the only person from my school who got transferred to this faculty, so when I first got here, I did not know anyone at all, unlike all the matriculation students who seemed to know everyone. Which is true, considering, a huge majority students are from matriculation. So, it is hard when everyone seems to know everyone but you don't know anyone.

Of course anything is hard in the beginning. I am not saying that STPM students will get bullied or anything.Puh-leese. This is not primary school, so don't misunderstand k?

Ielane said...

Thanks for the info! Again! =p
FYI, I'm a STPM student too. Hopefully I can adjust myself to the life there~
Thanks! =)

Anonymous said...

hi fiona..i wish to ask a few questions..
1)do we have to pack all the things bk the end of every semester?
2)is the washing-machine free to use?=D
3)for the first two weeks of orientation ,are we going bk to ktsn to stay?

FIFIONA said...

hi anonymous...

1) yes u have to, because the rooms in ktsn are rented to other students during hols, so it is x safe to keep ur things there, although for some of my swak frens, they say ktsn will provide a common room for some of their luggage...

2) no it is not. i have never used it before but i heard from my fren that u have to pay. also, not every block has one.

3) for 1st week of orientation, u will stay at bangi but at the end of the orientation week, will be located back to ktsn and stay there from then onwards...

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info...btw ,is portable air conditioner allowed there since it is scorching hot there??

FIFIONA said...

er....i have not heard of that is it like?

Anonymous said...

oh is ok..air condi which is movable=D



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