Saturday, December 19, 2009

day 2: i heart hong is a great city

*People should just leave G-Dragon alone!!! The guy is a genius, can they not see that? Just leave the guy alone with his music!!
*2AM comeback next month. Love Jokwon & Seulong!
*Junsu 2PM accidentally singing to "Bo Peep Bo Peep" is hilarious!
*Jaebeom 2PM is he ever coming back? I love that guy....haih...


Honestly, Hong Kong is so far my favourite city in the world. I also love Seoul and Bangkok a lot too.

We had lunch in Macau before going to Hong Kong Ferry Terminal. Nearby our hotel, there are not many eating places. When we walked around, we realized that eating in Macau is not cheap at all. We are talking about those "plain" eating shops, not fancy restaurants and based on their menu, the food is not cheap at all.

There were not much choices, either the very expensive or some eating places that are shabby and really really small. I am talking, like, only 4 tables can fit inside. Finally, we found a place that was not bad and packed with customers. Yes, that is my tip when it comes to looking for a good place to eat. If the locals think it's good, it is probably good.

But it is actually a Taiwanese food place. Haha. I know, I should try Macau food instead of Taiwanese right? But the beef noodles was really really good. And the portion is huge as well. We also had dumplings which was not bad but the beef is so good;)

Finally our bus takes us to the ferry terminal where we are supposed to take the ferry to HK

While waiting for the ferry, I was picked to do a survey. Kekeke...I know, so weird. There were a group of youngsters going around asking questions about tourists. The thing is, in KL, when we do survey, it is usually with paper and pen right? But in Macau, it is by using a PDA okay? So "hi-tech" no? And each youngster had one. I thought it was really cool. In return, I was given a pen. Kekeke. Courtesy of Macao Research Centre.

This is our ferry/hovercraft that is supposed to take us across to HK. Honestly, I don't know if it was a ferry or a hovercraft. Because I thought ferries were supposed to transport both people and vehicles. And hovercraft can go on land and also sea. Yes, I am a bit confused.

Inside is really spacious and comfortable. There are also unisex toilets. But the journey is a blur to me. It was so dizzy travelling by sea. Also, really difficult to move around once the journey starts.

Once we arrived at HK, we were all kind of hungry and got ourselves curry fish balls. They are really hot but not spicy at all.

Finally we are in Hong Kong. Love the sights of the city.

Trams in the city - they still get caught in traffic jam however. Because cars still take over the tram lane.

Although HK is small, the population is really high. Because land is scarce, so living here is really expensive.

The first thing that catches your eyes is definitely the abundance of sky-high buildings here. And they all have really unique designs. Mostly based on fengshui. They really believe fully in that.

Malaysian building in HK...very obvious no?

Our first stop is to a Chinese temple in Repulse Bay

Repulse bay is actually a beach, near the sea

I love the myriad of colours in this temple

Unlike Macau, which had clear blue skies (and terribly hot), HK was a little cloudy that day

Only rich people can afford to live near the sea, as evident by the abundance of beautiful and rich condos here at Repulse Bay

Our next stop is to Bauhinia Square. This Expo Convention building is really famous. I remembered it most because in one HK movie I saw, they said the design of the building is supposed to resemble turtle or something like that. It is fengshui, I don't get it.

The golden bauhinia statue is a gift when HK was returned to China back in 1997

The place is really nice if not because there were so many tourists there that day as well. So it was hard to get a good shot. Finally, I went out near the sea view for a glimpse of beautiful HK scenery

For dinner, we had fried duck which was simply delicious. My mouth waters at the sight of it.

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