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This sem we have something called an "attachment" whereby we go to our campus pharmacy and have the pharmacist there explain to us the type of medicines there are and how to dispense them the correct method. Recently, our topic has been "Skin" and an important fact I learned is that if you wash your face many times in a day or for a long time, it doesn't make the face any cleaner, just drier. And dry skin makes it more sensitive and prone to allergies. Huh, bet you did not know that...

Lately, there have not been much events / gatherings going on, which explains the amount of food and restaurant and dining pics in this blog. Well, it's just because they are all new food / places that I have not tried before so got-lah some cam-whoring pics to remember them. Whatever-lar, is it my fault my life now is filled with culinary temptations?

Date: 13th August 2008
Mission I: Celebrate the blogger's mom's birthday by treating her to dinner
Venue of her choice: Ozeki, opposite KLCC
Rating: Raw fish are so heavenly
Price: Outrageous :s

Yup, so every year, during the blogger's Mom's bday or during Mother's day, the blogger's present for her mom is to treat her to a meal at anywhere of her choice bcoz it is always so difficult to choose a present for her mom. If the blogger's mom likes something, she will get it on her own, no need to wait till her bday for the blogger to get it for her. She is a woman of fast action, ok?. Likes something, she gets it immediately. And besides, which M'sian doesn't like to eat food? Food makes the people come together, y'know? So this is the best present from the blogger to her mom.

This time around, the blogger's mom has started a new healthy regime so she decided on a place that serves basically, much healthier food in smaller portions. It took a while for both the blogger and her mom to decide, but finally the blogger's Mom decided to have her free meal at Ozeki Tokyo Cuisine.

For those who frequent KLCC might have seen the place (or not). Anyways, this is not the blogger's first time here as the last time she came here was with Suz C, back when they both worked at Reliance, and Suz C's dad treated both the girls for lunch here.

The blogger still remembered the fresh sashimi...(mouth watering as she thinks about it).

The restaurant from the outside view

The appetizer before the actual meal comes. Sorry for the bad quality pics:(

The absolutely colourful & beautiful menu...sigh, the blogger wishes she can order every single thing inside the menu

Yours truly, the blogger

The bday girl - the blogger's Mom

The pretty & relaxing interior inside the place, next to the blogger's table

Blogger's Mom's order - Inada sashimi. Guess how much it costs? is RM55 for just 5 pieces! But each piece is cut really thick. A word of caution here: their sashimi has no pics in the menu so both the blogger and her Mom didn't know it would be in such small portion. Okay, so that felt a little short of expectation

Blogger's dinner set (RM49) that was too large a portion, so lucky both people shared

Yummy yummy unagi - lurve the sweet sauce!

Fresh salmon slices - yum yum!

A last pic before calling it a night


Date:16th August 2008
Mission II: Have brunch with Waikuan, fellow coursemate

Venue of choice: Old Town Kopitiam, Setapak

Rating: Good (but maybe coz both people were absolutely famished)
Price: Ok-lar

This is just a short update. So after Khidmat Masyarakat Class on Saturday morning, the blogger had brunch with her cute and pretty coursemate, Waikuan who stays just one floor above her at Plaza Prima.

Waikuan had the Javanese Mee, the blogger had Nasi Lemak Rendang and they both shared the French Toast. Didja noticed the cute kid sitting next to our table?


Date: 27th August 2008
Mission III: Have dinner with
Ah Wei, fellow coursemate and housemate
Venue of choice: Little Eastern, Setapak
Rating: Dee-li-cious
Price: Affordable

Okay, so actually the pic shows a combo of two places but lazy-lah want to explain twice.

The first place is Little Eastern / Xiaodongfang. Ah Wei had the sweet & sour fish rice whilst the blogger had Black Pepper Fried Udon (which is just simply good). Also, the blogger had white coffee to last her thru the night as the exams were not over yet. Actually, the next day, the blogger had the Open Book Law Paper to sit for.

The second place in the pic is Ice Ice World. Ah Wei and the blogger ordered Honeydew Boat Ice and Sotong Balls. This was to commemorate the end of exams. The remaining three people at the table - Meichieng, Ai Li and Janice did not joined us indulging in sweet dessert.

All five people chatted until midnight that day. So exhausting ok?

KFC pics coming up next...

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