Sunday, August 03, 2008

fun pharmacology lab day

I enjoy living in Setapak so far. The food is great, my housemates and roommates are fun and best of all, it is NOT HOT like KTSN anymore. But despite everything, I really hoped my studies do not deteriorate because of me living in Setapak

So last Thursday guess what we did?

Here is a photo hint:


Yes, for our Pharmacology lab practical, we had 10 mice that we had to inject and test with. We were supposed to test which route of adminstration is the fastest for a drug to act. There are five routes that day: oral, subcutaneous, intraperitoneum, intravenous and intramuscular.

The lab assistant demonstrating how we were supposed to hold the mouse and how to inject phenobarbitone (a sleeping draught) into it.

Ok, if you know the blogger back in Form 6, you would probably know that the blogger is extremely afraid of rats and mice. I swear, when we had to do the dissection of mice back in Upper 6, the blogger almost fainted.

It is dirty and disgusting ok?

The experiment object and the syringe

Well, the blogger dunno why but she feels less afraid this time around. But her phobia of rats/mice still prevented her from mustering enough courage to actually grab and hold the mice.

The oral route of administering drug

Our group was assigned the oral and subcutaneous methods. The oral method is really cruel ok? Forcing a blunt needle down the mouse's oesophagus. One group managed to kill 4 mice just by using this route. One even had blood dripping on the mouth.

Janice, the blogger and tze im with our little lab mouse fast asleep

Meichieng joined us cam-whoring during the practical

Group photo: (L-R) yusiang, the blogger, janice, tzeim, hockpeng, meichieng, weiwei, aili and weihan

Thank gawd for the guys. Lolz. Some of the girls were pretty freaked out ok? Hockpeng is like practically the star of our group. He played with those mice like he has been doing it for a very long time.

The blogger did contribute despite her fear. hehe. She injected phenobarbitone into a mouse subcutaneously. But her mouse took a long time to fall asleep.

The girlz - all of them were great except maybe weiwei and me. hehe. meichieng even got bitten and aili had super fun with the mice

The mice which still roam around actively despite being injected with the drug. We had to wait for them to fall asleep. The red marks are for us to distinguish the mice from one another.

When they finally fell asleep, we had to lay them down to test their reflex. Lolz. They actually look like satay here (omg why am I so disgusting?)

Hockpeng trying to turn the mice into gays. haha ROFL. All of our lab mice are males.

Despite all our efforts, only 7 mice fell asleep. Dunno what happened with the other three. Just simply refused to sleep. So damn hyperactive.

Hockpeng displaying the sleeping mice. So damn funny when the mice first show signs of falling asleep. They started moving like they were drunk or something.

You can read ah wei's cute account of the practical *here*

Oh ya, one thing I heard from a friend. Regardless of the fact whether you kept your mice alive or not, in the end, all of the mice will be killed.

So cruel hor?

But I had fun wor. (-.-!!)

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