Saturday, August 30, 2008

it's been a long

I downloaded Jason Mraz's "We sing, we dance, we steal things" and I have grown to lurveee it! "♫Do you hear me? Talking to you? Across the oceee-an, across the deep blue seee-aaa...♪" - Lucky, a duet with my other favourite singer, Colbie Caillat

I know wtf is such an overused word but I am going to say it anyway. wtf? wtf? wtf? wtf? wtf?

The thing is this, I will try to explain it in simple layman's language since basically, I am computer pak-chee anyways. All this while, I thought everyone was too busy to update their blogs (yes I do blog-stalk, blog-hop, blog-whatever you call it...bite me) but the truth was there was something bloody wrong with my mom's laptop. It is "stuck in a time zone of about two weeks ago" (okay, that is as simple as I can explain it)...Can someone tell me what the bloody matter is for the computer to act so un-computer-like? (omg I sound so bimbo).

So yeah lah, I just brought my laptop home today for the 4 days break as well as to celebrate the fact that I regained my freedom. Six awfully difficult papers (honestly, what exams are not difficult?) in super-hectic five freakin' days! Even Pharmacy Practice, an open Law book exam, also didn't cut us any slack (I have a newfound respect for Law students The questions weren't that hard but super no time lor. Even the first question requires a three-page answer!

Alamak, dunno how I got terpesong, what I was trying to say is that when I came back home today, I realized there had been so so so many posts in my friends' blogs that I didn't know existed until today. So many that I gave up reading some of them halfway because super tired already.

The reason I am writing so freakin' long is the fact that I realized I have not been writing much in my blog lately. So far it has always been a bombardment of pics - pics of myself, of food, and of other people. Clearly, words give a better indication of a person's personality.

Don't get me wrong, I am not feeling obliged to write. It's just that I miss writing and writing craps, all spontaneously without planning. I have not been doing it for so long that it just feels like the right moment is now, after the heavy burden of exams have been lifted off my shoulders.

Anyway, there have been some updates about myself since the last time I posted here. More pics to come, of Mom's bday dinner, KFC dinner with housemates, brunch with Waikuan and my shopping spree! Ya lah, must be the stress getting to me, shopping like damn madwoman already. Just yesterday supposed to go buy bday present only, ended up not only buying present, but a pair of shoes, sweater and T-shirt. And then today, another pair of shoes and pants. The week before, two blouses. 2 weeks before, a pair of shoes and also 2 blouses. Gawd, so freakin' becoming shopaholic already!

Not much happening these weeks besides that. Every second-year has been busy with "buddy" stuff. The usual-lah, give notes, have lunch, introduce the small buddy to the rest of the buddy line. And ya-lah, I had lunch with my entire buddy line, which consists of all guys except me (=.=!!!). My grand, Eng Wee, my buddy, Cherh Yun and now my small buddy, Chye Teck. Really glad that my small came despite the fact he had no classes at all that day. Took a bus all the way from KTSN to fac just to have lunch with us. Ok-lah, he had one class that day but he "ponteng". geng-lah first-years.

Today's mood is very very tired. Send my roommate to lrt station and then afterwards, shopping with me mom for more than 3 hours. And someone made me irritated today as well, which explains why I am not in the best of mood now. I still do not think I was wrong, but whatever-lah. At least I had was the bigger person to talk first. Better than some small gas person.

That's all for now. More updates soon:)

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